DA hike by 10% declared for West Bengal Govt. Employees

The Chief Minister of West Bengal declared 10% DA for West Bengal Govt. employees from January 2012. At present West Bengal Govt employees are lagging 23% from Central Govt. employees. No statement regarding arrear pay announced however.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal declared 10% DA for West Bengal Govt. employees from January 2012. At present West Bengal Govt employees are lagging 23% from Central Govt. employees. No statement regarding arrear pay announced however. This increase in DA involves an additional expenditure of 250 crores each month or 3000 crores in a year, she said further.

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  • Raju Mani

    what is next DA for w.b. employer?


    Didi… Para Teacher..der kotodin thakaben..???

  • Ankur Barnwal

    Is there any news for contractual school teachers ?

    • Manash

      Do u know any thing about increment of our salary?

  • bakul

    ANY BODY ??????
    IF YES, PLS REPLY ME (786bakul@gmail.com)

  • Bikram Dutta

    The present Govt. (One-Woman Circus Party) is not only for ‘Maa-Maati-Maanush’ (!!!!) but also working for ‘Rapists’, ‘Gundaas’, ‘Jallaads’, Cholaai Khors’, ‘Vairab Baahinis’, ‘Maoists’, ‘Killers’ etc. etc…. The CM should change her name immediately, as the name ‘MAMATA’ is not appropriate; I think it should be either “KHAMATAA” or “SAAJANO” or “CHAKRANTO”. In the later part of the year 2010, the CM (the then Opposition Party Leader) told at Sonarpur that…. ‘SARKAARI KARMACHAARIRA BAAM AAMOLE SAB DIK DIYE BONCHITO, ERA SAMOY MATO D.A. DEI NAA, ARREAR DEI NAA. HAAZAR TAAKA BONUS? EI TAAKAI KI HOY? RAJYA SARKAARER EI SIDDHANTO HAASYAKAR. AAMRA KHAMOTAI ELE 27 MAASER ARREAR DIYE DEBO, SAMOSTO BOKEYA D.A. DIYE DEBO.’ ….Kothai gelo ei so protishruti? BhaontaBaaji chhara uni aaj kichui bojhen na. Khamataar dambha aaj onaake peye bosechhe. Piprer pakha gojale jaa hoi onaar khetreo taai ghotbe. Maanush porer votei jabaab debe. Chirokaal sobaaike boka baaniye rakhaa jaai naa; ei kathaata onar bojha uchit.
    It is ridiculous that the Govt. is performing as like as ‘UNMAAD’.




    left front er theke aktu valo korun, manus upnar pase thakbe.


    didi amader , para-teacher der sudhui vaota dilen?
    bugdete atleast 35% increment dile valo hoto.

  • s roy

    jakhan tini birodhi netri chilen takhan 75000 p teacher er voter darkar chilo ar amra onake biswas kareo chilam aj tini mukhya mantri oi 75000 p teacherer voter ar darkar nei tai 7425 takay ba 5000 takay ki bhabe sansar chale ta dekhbar ekhon somay kothay ekhon samne panchayet vote ekhon chasider dekhar samay ar drabyamulya hole sabar d.a bare p teacherder barena karan tarato vikkhabritti kare sanssar chalbe satyi tai nei kono andolon sudhui bhikkha patra nie base thaka . onake kintu amrao vote diechilam pran bhare ar hoyto uni bhule gachen sesh bar jatatukui betan baraksetuku bigata sarkari barieche sorry didi apnake anek biswas karechilam

  • brij

    i hope what mamata has said , she will full fill her statement.

  • Gags

    D u just 4get para teachers?

  • Gufran Ahamed

    wb para teachers working in diffarent school.our new CM decleard 03june all para teachers will be absorb phase by phase manner.after 8months is gone but don’t think about para teachers ur new CM.why?

  • Raju Sk

    Plz our honorable CM (Didi)think about para teachers.

  • Unknown

    Who has told that govt has separated GOVT EMPLOYEE & SCHOOL TEACHERS. This is nothing but negetive publicity against our new govt

  • ashish

    para teachers
    leave teaching start drinking

    it has better scope
    after retirement you will get lumpsome 1 lacs
    in other case you will get 2 lacs of compensation.
    Thaks for our Didi

  • Unknown

    how long will the para teachers of west bengal be deceived by the govt.? what do you think? dont we have enough capability? we are sitting on the same chair, working not less than a permanent teacher. then why are every government cheating the para teachers? they should be ashamed of this falsehood. They took our votes and left us. such change was never expected…

  • sridhar

    Unlike the left front govt,this govt seem to have separated govt employees and school teachers of aided schools which is very bad and hurt the sentiments of those effected.


    The Govt. should declare automatic DA hike formula with the central govt. as in Gujrat, Jharkhand etc.What abt 30% hra as promised which the previous left govt. denied?

  • Admin

    29: I will do a new post in detail, please wait.

  • Amitavaa Datta

    What is the current Para Teacher's service rule?
    What is the maximum no of days they would attend in a week in school?
    How many days they would go to the field work in a week?


    what about contractual employee those also are financial approved post………please didi amader dike aktu dekhun……….

  • Asit Baran Pal

    *26 S S A staff only (excluding Siksha Bandhu, Spl. Educator,Eng. etc.)will get after dept.order.

  • soumen

    Whether the Sarba Siksha Avijan employees will receive this , pla clarify ….

  • Chandranath Bauri

    We are the employee of 3-tier Panchayat System, We have no SWASTHA BIMA, we need SWASTHA BIMA immediately.

  • Asit Baran Pal

    Sir, declaration of D.A. was not clear in case of other then Govt. employees. Naturally we were in hesitation. Today some daily News paper given some satisfaction us.

  • ALI

    PARA TEACHERS'S honorium is the same for about one and half year? What for them?

  • santanu das

    are teachers of aided schools getting the 10% d.a?

  • asutosh

    this 10% D.A. is applicable for west Bengal govt. aided teachers?

  • Ranjan Guha

    Para teachers are become political use. Before election TMC suprimo said "we think about para teacher. If we came in power we will give advantage". But after election she does not say anything about Para teacher.
    TMC Govt. declare 10% D.A. for teacher. But nothing for Para – Teacher.
    Ranjan Guha,(Secretary, Chakdaha Block, West Bengal Para Teachers Association)

  • Probir Das

    Thanks to the Chief Minister of West Bengal for declaring 10% DA.

  • Ranjan Guha

    Before election Mamta Bannerjee (our didi) think about Para – Teacher.


    sir ,ssc & primary teachers also get the 10% bonous from jan 2012?

  • Ranjan Guha

    All other w.b.govt. employed get 50% arrears. But why not teachers? is our honorable chief minister forgot about PARA – TEACHERS?

  • UTM Blog

    Contractual Employee = কৃতদাস প্রথা।
    আমােদর সরকারেক অনুেরাধ,েতলা মাথায় েতল িদন। Political
    Advantage লুেট িনন।
    Never think about Contractual Employee. After each deputation Serve the DEMO answer: The matter will be thinking sincerely.
    The process of thinking would run for EVER!!!!
    This is the conservation LAW of DEBT LABOUR.

  • Asit Baran Pal

    sir, we do not know that it is partly good or bad news.Previously only one time D.A. announced only for Govt. employee before that. ( so far as I know) teachers have not yet received 50% arrears.we are surprised.


    I agree with the comments of S Roy Choudhury.I am very much surprised about the statement of both CM and FM of the state about the deceleration of ROPA 50%arrear and exgratia of Rs.2000 before Puja .


  • Pradip

    What about the step-employees i.e. panchayat, municipality, statutory bodies……… employees?

  • Unknown

    It is a good news before the new year….

  • milton seikh

    a good news….

  • subrata podder

    Do teacher get 10%DA also?

  • subrata podder

    Are teachers getting 10% DA…..?

  • S Roy Choudhury

    What about more than 1 lakh Teachers working in State government aided and sponsored schools, both in the Primary and Secondary-Higher Secondary schools? We are yet to receive the 50% of the ROPA arrears's 3rd installment. Both the CM and FM simply giving false statements that the 50% arrears is cleared. Curiously enough, the media is completely silent about the plight of the teachers.

  • ashish

    what for para teachers ??????



  • Sugata Samanta

    At lasr 10%.However, something is better than nothing. We hope the next DA announcement will be before 2013.

  • babu

    At last………but where is ROPAarrear 50 percent?

  • bhanu

    Whats about contractual employees of government?

    • subrata shome

      my dear didi.
      u done a lot for the assistant teacher but the para teacher they work very hard in all the schools in west bengal,please you think quickly mam,all the teacher including para teacher their qualification,dedication are same but we are neglected.
      didi please kichu korun?,apnar upor amra takia achi.

      • Rabin mukherjee

        para teacher are the neglected,madam kichu korun,amader salary is in very poor condition like the other assistant teachers of west bengal.