Change of Surname Procedure

The procedures for change of surname of Govt. employee is simple for a female servant. Generally due to marriage this change occurs in case of female servants. But for male servant willing to change his name / surname must have to follow some formalities. A deed must be executed after publication in local daily news paper as well as in Kolkata Gazette. A sample DEED Form is also enclosed herewith.


No. 1114-F, Dated: 04.04.1966.


The undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to state that Governor has been pleased to lay down the following procedures for change of surname of Government servants:

A Government servant wishing to effect any modification in his /her existing surname will be required to furnish an affidavit sworn before a Magistrate. In order that the execution of the document may not doubt it is desirable that it should be attested by two witnesses preferable those known to the Head of the Office in which the Government servant is serving. A sample deed form is given below. The execution of the deed should be followed by publication of the change in a daily local news paper as well as in the Calcutta Gazette, the publication being undertaken by the Government servant at his /her expenses.

It is only after the formalities prescribed in the foregoing paragraph have been compiled with and satisfactory evidence of identification and execution of the document adduced by the Government servant the adoption of the new surname should be recognized officially and entries in Government records so far as may be necessary accordingly. True copies of the relevant documents should be recorded by the Head of the Office concerned.

In case of a female Government servant, however, those surname have been changed as a result of her marriage, it will not be necessary for her to go through the procedure of sworn affidavit etc. for the purpose of recording change in her surname as a result of her marriage according to the custom of the Country. The change in her name may be effected on the strength of an application made by her and on her appointing authority being satisfied as to the act her marriage original name with the surname of her married status may, however, be kept for some time, e.g. Sm. Abha Paul (Nee Basu).

Sd/- A.K. Sen
Addl. Secretary, Finance Department



No. 10493-F, Dated: 04.11.1994.


Subject: Appropriate authority for issue of the order for changing in the surname of the Government servant.

The undersigned is directed to invite a reference to this department Memo no. 1114-F dated 04.04.66 wherein a procedure for change of surname of Govt. servant as has been laid down.

A question has been raised as to who would be the appropriate authority to issue an order in this regard.

After careful consideration of the matter, the Governor has been placed to direct that the order in this regard would be issued by the appointing authority.

Sd/- R.K. Bose
Deputy Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal



No. 3990-F, Dated: 04.05.2005.


In Suppression of F.D. Memo No. 1114-F, dated 04/04/1966, the undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to say that after careful consideration the Governor has been pleased to lay down the following procedures for change of name and surname of a State Government employee.

I. All cases of addition / deletion or change in name / surname:

i) A State Government employee wishing to adopt a new name or to effect any modification in his / her existing name may do so, formally by a Deed changing his /her name. The sample Deed form is enclosed.
ii) The execution of the Deed should be followed by publication of the change in a daily local newspaper as well as in the Kolkata Gazette. The expenses incurred out of this publication should be borne by the employee himself / herself.

II. Addition / change in surname only. On account of marriage / remarriage of a female Government employee:

The following requirements may be met for this purpose:
i) If the Government employee desires a change, she should give a formal intimation to her appointing authority of her marriage and request for a change in her surname.
ii) Particulars of the husband may be given for making necessary entries in the Service Book.

III. Deletion of Surname or reversion to maiden name on divorce / separation or death of the husband of female Government employee:

Changes may be permitted if a female Government employee gives:
i) an intimation to the appointing authority regarding change in marital status; and
ii) a formal request for reversion to her maiden name.

Note: There is no prescribed form for items II & III.

Sd/- P.K. Dasgupta
Special Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department.

Download Deed Form


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  1. debasish majumdar says

    Respected sir
    I have the honour to inform you that I have changed my name as Debasish Majumdar from Debasish Chandra Mandal by Affidavit at Bankshall Court,Kolkata in the year 1993 and that has been published in Bartaman Patrika,Kolkata.My father’r name in both names remain same and that is Late Rajkumar Mandal.I have again done affidavit in my District Judicial Magistrate court.

    I have got change in my EPIC, Ration Card,marriage registry.passport,spouse’s surname,Kids’ surname in my new surname.

    But in my testimonials,caste certificate,service book remained in my previous surname.Is there any legal gap in my case? I seek your kind suggestion,please.

  2. VIRAL YADAV says

    hello sir, can you please guide me how to change the surname. my name is ” viral yadav ” . & i want to change as a “viral mehta”? is it possible ? if yes then what is the procedure & it will take how many days? . & what documents i have to submit? i have to change in to bank accounts, my graduation certifiacte, my past work experience certificate also?

    please sir do the need ful waiting for your reply ?

  3. Chiranjit Dolui says

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I want to change my surname. My full name is Chiranjit Dolui, but i want surname Dutta in place of Dolui. Is it possible to do? If possible, please guide me step by step to enable me to do the same successfully.

    awaiting for your promote reply at the earliest.

    Thanks & regards,

  4. NASIR AHMED says

    Dear sir , i have changed my name from NASIRUDDIN AHMED TO NASIR AHMED And i have done affidavit from 1st class magistrate as well as published local newspaper (hindustan times). since its not accepted in bank,pan card ,they are asking for govt gazette publication .im from kolkata .so how to publish my name in kolkata official gazette .please tell me the details office adress n procedure .thanx in advance

  5. Chinmay Gujarathi says

    I want to change my surname. My full name is Chinmay Nareshbhai Gujarati. But my surname sounds quite awkward to many people including myself. Because people behave in a quite a weird way after listening to this surname. They thought it is the name of the subject in the school.
    So kindly guide me what to do to change my surname ? Waiting for a prompt reply from your side.

    Thanking you.

  6. sajalmaity says

    I am a govt emplyee i want to change my surname maiti to maity at all purpusspurpuss…can i do it…can i use the changeses in my service book or other docoments…..plese guide me
    …..i still waiting for your answer

  7. sajal maity says

    Dear sir. I am a state govt emplyee i want to change my surname maiti to maity at all purpuss..can i use my change in service book or any other docoments . .plese guide me sir.i am waiting for your answer…

  8. rakesh says

    Sir,iam Rakesh Hazam serving in indian coast guard. i want to chang my title from Hazam to thakur or sharma .and all my certificates and bank accounts carry the title Hazam. so,pis sir guide me what should i do to change my title at the all places .

    thanking you.

  9. jithendra lal says

    Dear sir,

    entorment no 1190/62036/01784 dated: 18/10/2012 time: 15:34:15
    this is my aadhar card number. In this aadhar card my name is JITHENDRA LAL, By mistaken Printed JITHEDRA LAL.

    So how to correct my name in aadhar card.
    Please help me ..

  10. siddhartha says

    sir, Im Siddhartha Chakravarti serving in Indian Navy, presently posted in Goa. I want to change my title as chakraborty. I already made affidavit and publish my name in local news paper ( Gomantak Times ) but my record office not accepted this document and adviced me to do all formalities from WB as im permanent residence of bengal.

    now my request is to guide me regarding above mentioned case as Im staying in goa. and how many days it will take to publish my name in kolkata gazette?

    thank you sir

    Siddhartha chakraborty

  11. sharmila gannina says

    hi,sir this z sharmila…i got my aadhar card..but i just divided from my husband…i got my card with my spouse i wnt to change my surname kindly help me with the details…..

    thank you