Child Care Leave for 2 years

Child Care Leave for Woman employees for 2 (Two) years is likely to approve in Cabinet Meeting today. The woman employees may avail this leave any time before completion of child’s age of 18 years.

Child Care Leave for Woman employees for 2 (Two) years is likely to approve in Cabinet Meeting today. The woman employees may avail this leave any time before completion of child’s age of 18 years. This leave was applicable for the Central Govt. Female employees. Now State Govt. Female employees shall also be eligible for this leave; initiated by the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Update: Child Care Leave G.O. Published.


  1. Asit Baran Pal says

    Sir, I have read all comments. I Think Just approved in cabinet meeting on 19/01/2012. G.o will be Publish at first for the Govt. Employees after then Edn. Department.

  2. Debjani banerjee says

    Is this ccl leave applicable for all women employees having child under 18 yrs or only for those whose child born after 1st Jan’2012?

  3. Jinat Rehena says

    Sir, Kindly arrange to publish the order regarding Child Care Leave to the website of Department of Finance, West Bengal as soon as possible. Jinat Rehena, Murshidabad

    • JINAT REHENA says

      Sir, The ICSE exam is starting on and from 27 Feb, kindly do the needful and kindly arrange to publish the notification / order reg. “Child Care Leave”. Yours sincerely, Jinat Rehena, Berhampore, Murshidabad

  4. Sumita Guha Sarkar says

    Please implement this order as early as possible. I need this leave for my daughter’s CBSC board exam ,2nd March2012—- 26th March 2012 and pre-board exam starting on 9th Feb 2012.

  5. deep sankar roy says

    is this right sir that this ccl GO wil be same as wel as central gov ccl GO? & how many time it should take for published?

  6. aloka bhattacharyya says

    can anybody enjoy the cc leave from the time her son/daughter was under 18 yrs upto 18yrs + starting from this february,2012 for her child’s wbchse final & other exams.30-01-12.

  7. SUJIT DAS says

    Is this order applicable if child age now three years and how many days she enjoy? please send me the G.O if it is published.

  8. SUJIT DAS says

    How many time to take published the G.O. Can I see this order from school education dept. website when it is published?

  9. SUJIT DAS says

    How many time to take published the G.O? Can I see this order from school education dept. website when it is published?

  10. Anindya Maiti says

    Sir, is it applicable for W.B. Govt aided School Teachers(Secondary Education)? if applicable, Pl. provide G.O.

  11. Anasua Sinha Roy says

    cant teachers whose children are appearing for MP and HS exam in 2012 avail this leave for lack of the order?

  12. Kakali Roy says

    Dear Sir,
    Is the CCL is applicable for W.B. Govt. Employees (Contractual)?
    I am a contractual employee of W.B. Health and Family Welfare Department.
    Kakali Roy

  13. Avijit choudhury says

    According to news report of BARTAMAN PATRika , 20/02/2012 the G.O regarding CCL is already published on 15th Feb .2012 from Finance Department , Govt . oF W.B. But where is the copy?

  14. Debarati giri says

    Pls pls sir …… Inform us wheather the leave is applicable for govt.aided school teachers or not. If so pls inform us the g.o for education dept.

  15. madhupa santra says

    I am working as Junior Programme Officer at Block Development Office under Contractual basis. Am i entitled for this leave or this leave can only be availed by Permanent Employees??

  16. sutapa sannigrahi says

    Will you kindly inform me what is the probable date of publishing the similar G.O.(ccl) for school education department?

  17. deep sankar roy says

    we know that mamata banarjed has dicliared & said that ccl wil aplicable for all school teacher..but now its dicleard that its aplicable only gov employers. I want to know then why it was announsed. Please sir reply us.


      We should go to the strike regarding discrepency of CCL. At the time of 28th Feb, 2012 (Bangla bandh) chief minister said that we have paid salary to the school teacher so, they should obey our rules, but in case of CCL they are not agree to provide facility to women teachers. I am strongly protest against this dicision.


    I want to know the rules & regulations of CHILD CARE LEAVE for the W.B govt. female employee(W.B govt. school teacher).please reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  19. Madhupa Santra says

    Can Women State Govt. Employees (NOT Govt. aided OR Undertaking) who got recruited under Contract basis avail CCL?

  20. Partha S Mondal says

    Is the Chid care Leave applicable for Contractual Female Govt Employees? in the G.O. it is not clearly written. please reply me soon.

  21. Kyasurina Mani says

    I would like to know that whether Govt employees under Contract Basis are also entitled for this leave or is it applicable to permanent employees only?? Please reply me as soon as possible.

  22. D.Mukherjee says

    Dear Sir,
    I am a female employee of W.B. Govt. Undertaking Organization and I have a one year baby.
    I would like to know whether I am entitled with the Child Care Leave.
    Please reply immediately.

  23. D.M. says

    I am an female employee of W.B.Govt undertaking Organisation. On 28th Feb, 2012 we were directed to attend office as W.B.Govt. declared. I could not do so leaving my baby alone in home in absence of my maid. Everybody in my company who were absent that day, are ordered to show cause. My question is that am I a W.B.Govt. employee? It can be assumed from the show cause issue that we are now treated as Govt. employee. Then I should avail CCL and other facilities of a Govt. employee also. Does not our Govt. use us as Govt. employee when they find suitable and deprive us from facilities calling us Govt. undertaking? What is our actual position? Pls pls pls give reply. Don’t be silent. It is observed clearly that many questions are not answered in this forum. So I request to give a reply. We should come together about our right to get CCL who are not so called Govt. employee like me i.e. school teachers, Govt. undertaking etc. We are also mothers. Hope our Govt. will understand quickly.

  24. kamal kotal says

    Pls pls sir …… Inform us wheather the leave is applicable for govt.aided school teachers or not. If so pls inform us the g.o for education dept.

    • ujjwal says

      no…right now no….only direst state govt mothers are lucky… shold be busy teaching to students….no govt order for school teacher yet….clear…

  25. Dipak Sen says

    I am Asst. Teacher in Govt. Aided Higher Secondary School -age 57 with only son age 16. Can I apply for CCL now?

  26. gurmeet says

    I am with Delhi Jal Board aqnd I am on Childcare leave — can I extend my leave under childcare if I have balnvce holidays left under the CCL scheme?

    Can the officer incharge deny me the leave?


  27. astapada pal says

    A primary teacher is to be wrongly transferred from one circle to another- in a NEW SET UP pry. school by order of the chairperson DPSC. After six month chairperson feels the wrong and placed him in a existing school. By first order thethen present circle released him vide DPSC”s Memo No mentioning NEW SET UP school of the proposed circle. Now the question is -how the service Book will be written at the host circle?. What will be the effect of his six month service at new set up pry school? Note that new set up pry school is recognised their post is not granted by finance Deptt.

    • Jayanti Das says

      I was appointed as a Lecturer in Govt. Polytechnique, Govt. of West Bengal on contract basis in the year 2004 under the Department of Technical Education and Training. Whether I am entitled to enjoy the Child Care Leave or is it applicable only for permanent employee? Please let me know as soon as possible.

  28. Dr. Avijit Choudhury says

    My wife is working in health & F.W department govt . of W.B since April 2008 . we have a our daughter 5 month old now. In reference to the above mentioned G.O of CCL , to maintain the breast feeding and proper care of our daughter she applied for the same leave from 1 st march 2012. But the leave sanctioning authority neither approved nor denied her leave( but application is received) , when same matter has been discussed with higher official also, but they also not able to instruct us clearly regarding this leave. what next to do? plz reply

  29. salil kumar ganguly says

    My wife is working in health & F.W department govt. of West Bengal .She is in charge of a section. Our son is 10 years old. During his vaccation in school or exam time can she take ccl ? The leave sanctioning authority is not able to take any proper decision regarding this matter.what to do?

  30. kamal kotal says

    the leave is applicable for govt.aided school teachers or not. If so pls inform us the g.o for education dept.

  31. renu says

    Is it necessary to apply for ccl 15 days before u need it even when the child is extremely sick. This kind of rule will not solve the purpose of ccl if it is so. Kindly make it clear.

  32. Soumita Bhattacharjee says

    Please send me the leave rules for contractual employees in Municipalities in West Bengal

  33. george augustine says


  34. saroj yadav says

    plz send me all condition required for child care leave……….its very essential for me to get…..thanks……..

  35. Madhuchanda Paul says

    I Madhuchanda Paul is W.B.Govt Employee. I have problematic child of 4 months. In my family no one is there to look after this problematic child. Is there any clause how to adjust maternity leave and child care leave together without any break of my service period.

    Awaiting for your kind reply.

    Madhuchanda Paul

  36. Dipak Sen says

    My wife is Assistant Teacher in a Government Aided School, Puddopukur Institution, 44 Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 020 aged nearly 58 years. Our only son is nearly 17 years old and suffering from various ailments since childhood requiring repeated surgeries. He recently suffered from Dengue. For our child’s treatment my wife has nearly exhausted all Leave due to her. Therefore Child Care Leave is very much required. Can she avail this Leave?
    I request ADMIN to reply to this as soon as possible.

  37. sankha1997 says


    I have been working in a public sector undertaking company under government of West Bengal since 1997. My minor son is going to appear Madhyamik exam in 2013. There is none to look after my son at this crucial period. Am I entitle to availChild Care Leave for the purpose of caring my child for his ensuing exam. Please reply as soon as possible.

    Soma Ghosh

  38. says

    dear sir,
    I am tamilnadu state govt teacher appointed on 11.1. 12.i was on maternity leave from 3-5 12 to 29.10.12 and joined school on i eligible for child care leave for 2 years?if yes then pls send G.O number and is it unpaid leave or paid one? kindly reply soon


  39. SENJUTI says

    My baby is five months old.. I teach in Chandernagore College as an Assistant Professor(W.B.E.S).. My husband works in SBI.. He is posted in Chennai right now.. Can I get leave for two years? My baby has neither sickness nor exam.. But He is an infant and It’s too tough for me to tackle all these things.. My Dad is very sick too.So as a single child I have to take care of my parents too. Pls reply sir.

  40. DEBASREE says

    can i get 1 year child care leave at a time with continues to 180 days maternity leave?? please reply. i am a wbsedcl employee

  41. subirdey says

    Can one west bengal state govt. Employee get child care leave from November to January ,ie. at a stage two calendar year ?

    And maximum period can get CCL at a time ?

  42. SONAM MADAN says


  43. poonam says

    i m a employe of uttarakhand gramin bank . can i get child care leave .is child care leave is for gramin bank also

  44. Sayanti Pal says

    Whether Secondary School Teachers of aided school in West Bengal Can get Child Care Leave. Please give me the details .

  45. Soma Banerjee says

    Respected Sir/Madam, I am a Municipal primary school teacher (under State Goverment of W.B.).My son now 13 years old.can I get childcare leave.Pl. confirm me.


    Sir, kindly reply the following clarification about ” CCL i.e. two child upto 18 yrs.’.
    If an female employee of of three/four children(all are alive) : and there age is 20, 17,15 yrs. . Question is : she will get CCL for 17 yrs and 15 yrs. child .?.

    Kindly reply this immediately .

    Thanking you. Ratan Kumar Lala.

  47. Bratati says

    Sir, kindly reply the clarification of 2 years’ leave up to the age of 18 years of the child. I have two children,and the gaping of their age is three years. No.1:May I have the opportunity to apply CCl two times for each of my children, or I have to take only two years’ CCl for one time? No.2: If I appeal for CCl for my elder child, and then want to continue it for my younger one, is it possible? I mean, if that application will have to be submitted at the time when my elder one will be above 18 years, and the younger one will be 16 or 17, then will it be permitted or not as my first application has already been sent for my elder child? No.3: If I applied when my child was at the age of two and then I will have to apply after fourteen or fifteen years, will it be granted?

  48. K.V.JAYAKANTHAN says

    Send the child care leave for 2 yrs. G.O.,how many children it applicable ? ,how many days continuous leave eligible for child care leave ?

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