School Education

G.O. No. & Date Subject
1829-BPE dt. 31.07.2015 Weekly Schedule of activities of 2nd Year D.El.Ed. Course
713-SE dt. 30.07.2015 Child Care Leave for Female Teaching and Non-Teaching Employees
DS-395 dt. 30.07.2015 Schedule of Test Examination of Class X in academic year 2015
DS-392 dt. 27.07.2015 Re-scheduled programme for issuing T.B Nos.
DS-387 dt. 27.07.2015 Inclusion of Schools in the Kanyashree Portal
PBSSM-183 dt. 21.07.2015 Employees Provident Fund for Para-Teachers, Shiksha Bandhus
109-Admin dt. 16.07.2015 IGNITE 15 – National Competition of School Students by NIF
580-SE dt. 14.07.2015 West Bengal Primary School Teachers Recruitment Rules, 2015
1140-BPE dt. 14.07.2015 External Practical (Micro) Evaluation, 2015 (D.El.Ed 2014-16)
1139-BPE dt. 14.07.2015 Last Date of Admission into 2 Year D.El.Ed. Course, 2015-17
Nil-BPE dt. 10.07.2015 Loss of Admit Card or Mistake in Acknowledgement of TET
199-SE dt. 10.07.2015 Ad-hoc Bonus to Employees of Educational Institution, 2014-15
1061-SE dt. 03.07.2015 Guidelines for Last Date of Distribution of TET, 2014 Forms
985-BPE dt. 30.06.2015 Release of 2nd year D.El.Ed Students of Session 2013-2015
Nil-BPE dt. 26.06.2015 Notification for Issue of Application Forms for TET 2014
DS-324 dt. 23.06.2015 Organization of Training Progammes by CCRT during 2015-2016
DS-321 dt. 19.06.2015 Shoobh theme of the year 2015 – LIGHT, a competition
171-SE dt. 17.06.2015 DA to Employees of DA getting Primary School, 2015
170-SE dt. 17.06.2015 DA to Employees of DA getting Secondary School, 2015
828-BPE dt. 17.06.2015 How to prepare Merit List for Admission in Self-Financed PTTI
827-BPE dt. 17.06.2015 How to prepare Merit List for Admission in DIET/ Govt. PTTI
Nil-BPE dt. 12.06.2015 Registration for Admit Card of Teacher Eligibility Test
DS-304 dt. 10.06.2015 Specimen copy of Progress Report Card of Class IX (2015)
94-Admin dt. 09.06.2015 Printing of Grammar and Text Books for Class X – Guideline
Nil-BPE dt. 07.06.2015 List of Primary Teachers’ Training Institutes in West Bengal
L/PR/0014 dt. 06.06.2015 Suspension of Classes due to Heat Wave in June, 2015 (WBCHSE)
93-Admin dt. 05.06.2015 Summer Holiday Extended from 8th June to 13th June, 2015 (WBBSE)
311-SSE dt. 05.06.2015 Suspension of Classes due to Heat Wave in June, 2015
EMU-35 dt. 05.06.2015 Schedule of Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination), 2016
735-BPE dt. 04.06.2015 Admission into Two Year D.El.Ed. Course (Session 2015-17)
197-ES dt. 02.06.2015 Mid Day Meal Calendar for the Financial Year 2015-16
710-BPE dt. 01.06.2015 Results of TET – 2012 revised as per Honourable High Court
686-BPE dt. 26.05.2015 Corrigendum of Memo No. 673-BPE dated 25.05.2015
673-BPE dt. 25.05.2015 Notification for Teacher Eligibility Test, 2015 (Class I-V)
252-SSE dt. 22.05.2015 Making available School Building during Natural Disasters
653-BPE dt. 21.05.2015 Result of D.El.Ed. Part-I Examination, 2014 is published
400-SE dt. 14.05.2015 Constitution of Managing Committee of Sponsored schools
EMU/C/25 dt. 29.04.2015 PPS / PPR of Answer scripts of Madhyamik Pariksha, 2015
926-SE dt. 21.04.2015 Local Holiday – West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination, 2015
303-SE dt. 20.04.2015 Various anomalies regarding formation of Managing Committee in Govt. Sponsored Schools
394-BPE dt. 24.03.2015 Evaluation of Practicum Courses under New Syllabus, 2014
223-SE dt. 24.03.2015 Primary School Teachers as Guest Teachers in Upper Primary Schools
53-BPE dt. 16.03.2015 Registration Form for Six Months Special Programme on Elementary Education Training of Primary School Teachers of West Bengal, 2015
171-SE dt. 09.03.2015 Instructions regarding Higher Secondary Examination and class XI Annual Examination, 2015
165-SE dt. 03.03.2015 West Bengal School Service Commission (State Level Selection Test for Appointment to the posts of Teachers) Rules, 2015
164-SE dt. 03.03.2015 Clarification regarding General and Mutual Transfer Rules
159-SE dt. 27.02.2015 West Bengal School Service Commission (General Transfer, Transfer on Special Grounds and Reallocation) Rules, 2015
258-BPE dt. 16.02.2015 Only Trained can appear Primary Teacher Eligibility Test
229-BPE dt. 12.02.2015 Registration of Students undergoing D.El.Ed. Session 2014-16
119-SE dt. 12.02.2015 Engagement of Guest Teacher in New Setup Upper Primary School
43-SE dt. 10.02.2015 Dearness Relief to Teaching and Non-Teaching Pensioners, 2015
36-SE dt. 04.02.2015 Dearness Allowance to Employees of DA getting Primary School, 2014
35-SE dt. 04.02.2015 Dearness Allowance to Employees of DA getting Secondary School, 2014
DSE-150 dt. 02.02.2015 Distribution of Admit Card for Madhyamik Pariksha, 2015
DS-207 dt. 22.01.2015 Evaluation Pattern for Madhyamik (Classes IX & X) Level
55-GA dt. 15.01.2015 List of Auditors of Non Govt. Recognized Aided schools, 2015
19-SE dt. 13.01.2015 Dearness Allowance to Teaching & Non-Teaching Staffs (Pre-Revised Scale), 2015
18-SE dt. 13.01.2015 Dearness Allowance to Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs, 2015
85-BPE dt. 09.01.2015 External Practice Teaching for D.El.Ed. Course, 2014-2016
18-SE dt. 09.01.2015 Para Teachers – 5 Working Days and 20 Classes a Week
NS-305 dt. 02.01.2015 Remuneration of Examiners, Fees of PPR/ PPS in Madhyamik 2015
Nil dt. 26.12.2014 Holiday List of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education 2015
Nil dt. 24.12.2014 Books published by WBBSE of Class IX in Academic Year, 2015
NS-302 dt. 22.12.2014 Annual Academic Calender 2015 and Holiday List of Schools
Nil dt. Availability of Text Books published by WBBSE for Session, 2015
Nil dt. Extra Time for Physically Challenged Candidates of M.P. 2015
Nil dt. Books Published by WBBSE for Class IX as per New Syllabus
231-JS dt. 26.11.2014 Adoption of Self-Declaration and Self-Attestation in School
1168-SE dt. 17.11.2014 Admission of Children in Govt. Schools / Model Schools, 2015
1167-SE dt. 17.11.2014 Admission of Children in Govt. Sponsored / Aided Schools, 2015
4647-BPE dt. 10.11.2014 Registration of in-service teachers recruited in 2014 for Two Year D El Ed Course
309-SE dt. 20.10.2014 List of Beneficiary Schools for Library Grant, 2014-15
AC-40 dt. 14.10.2014 Life Certificate of a Pensioner / Family Pensioner
287-SE dt. 26.09.2014 List of Beneficiary Schools for Laboratory Grant, 2014-15
502-SSE dt. 26.09.2014 Re-Opening of Primary Schools after Puja Holidays, 2014
501-SSE dt. 26.09.2014 Re-Opening of Secondary Schools after Puja Holidays, 2014
161/Admin dt. 26.09.2014 Extension of Tenure of Administrator in Secondary Schools
160/Admin dt. 26.09.2014 Puja Holidays, 2014 in School Education Department – Revised
159/Admin dt. 25.09.2014 Puja Holidays, 2014 in School Education Department
4250-BPE dt. 14.08.2014 Allowing Extra time in the D El Ed Examination Halls for the users of the Scribes / Readers and others with disabilities of 40% & above
89/BPE dt. 01.08.2014 Conduct of ODL Courses for In-Service Primary Teachers
3825/BPE dt. 22.07.2014 Rescheduling PCPs for the 2nd year of the Two Year D.El.Ed Course
191-SE dt. 22.07.2014 Grant of Ad-hoc Bonus to the employees of State-Aided Non-Govt. Educational Institutions and other Sponsored/Aided Organization for the year 2013-2014.
734/Gen dt. 11.07.2014 Guidelines to Opt Pension-Cum-Gratuity Scheme in School
3661/BPE dt. 10.07.2014 Conduct of Diploma-In-Elementary Education Part-II Examination, 2014 (Session: 2012-2014)
3660/BPE dt. 10.07.2014 Conduct of Diploma-In-Elementary Education Part-I Examination, 2014 (Session: 2013-2015)
87/RMSA dt. 08.07.2014 Opening of Bank Account in Schools to handle RMSA Fund
566-SE dt. 08.07.2014 Cancellation of Order No. 438-SE/S/5P-19/09 dt. 19.05.2014 – Permission for pursuing further study by the teaching and non-teaching staff of Non-Government Aided/Government Sponsored schools.
3609-SE dt. 08.07.2014 Orientation Workshop for Self-financed Private PTTIs
656-SE dt. 02.07.2014 NSOU conduct Upper Primary Teacher Training Programme
40-Exam dt. 01.07.2014 Monitoring of Kanyashree Prakalpa
3382/BPE dt. 27.06.2014 Closing of 2 year D.El.Ed Course Session 2012-2014
345-SSE dt. 23.06.2014 Making available school building during natural calamities/ disasters.
3204/BPE dt. 23.06.2014 Revised Curriculum & Syllabus of D.El.Ed. Course
358-SE dt. 17.06.2014 Revised rate of Cooking Cost under Mid-Day Meal Scheme.
599-SE dt. 16.06.2014 Madhyamik Examination by West Bengal Council of Rabindra Open Schooling
118/Admin dt. 14.06.2014 Closure of Class due to Heat Wave – an Amendment
114/Admin dt. 13.06.2014 Closure of Class due to Heat Wave – an Amendment
327-SSE dt. 13.06.2014 Suspension of classes due to heat wave.
749-SE dt. 13.06.2014 Option to Pension-cum-Gratuity Scheme in School
491/G dt. 30.05.2014 Request to use LPG as fuel for cooking Mid-day Meal in each Jr. High/ Secondary/Higher Secondary Schools/Madrasah under Bkp. Educational District.
Nil dt. 23.05.2014 Admission to Two Year D.El.Ed. Course for Session 2014-2016
481-SE dt. 19.05.2014 NCTE and State Govt. Norms for Teachers’ Training
444-SE dt. 19.05.2014 Provisional recognition for up-gradation of 44 (forty four) High Schools to Higher Secondary Level during the academic session of 2014.
438-SE dt. 19.05.2014 Permission for pursuing further study by the teaching and non-teaching staff of Non-Government Aided/Government Sponsored schools.
494-SE dt. 13.05.2014 Admission of HIV Positive Students in School of West Bengal
61/BPE dt. 08.05.2014 Personal Contact Programme for 2 year D.El.Ed Course
24-Exam dt. 08.05.2014 Admit Card of State Level NTSE, 2014
472-SE dt. 29.04.2014 Extension of Period of Deputation of B. Ed course
EMU-35 dt. 28.04.2014 Programme of Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination), 2015
244-SSE dt. 24.04.2014 Rescheduling of summer vacation in view of heat wave.
242-SSE dt. 24.04.2014 School in Morning till Summer Vacation, 2014
554-Sc dt. 24.04.2014 Schools under Kolkata Municipal Corporation in Morning Session
97/Admin dt. 24.04.2014 Reschedule of Summer Vacation in May, 2014
404/G dt. 09.04.2014 National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement.
82/Admin/14 dt. 27.03.2014 Postponement of Election / Reconstitution of the Managing Committee of the Recognised Secondary Schools in view of the ensuing Indian Parliamentary Election, 2014.
185-SSE dt. 26.03.2014 Special Vigil on Mid Day Meal Scheme in Summer.
271-SE dt. 20.03.2014 Regarding sanction of leave in respect of contractual part time teachers attached to non-Govt. Higher Secondary Schools engaged under Order No. 219-SE(HS)/6A-5/01 dt. 06.06.2002.
235-SE dt. 11.03.2014 Instructions for ensuing Higher Secondary Examination, 2014.
268-Exam dt. 06.03.2014 National Award for Teachers for use of ICT in School Education.
134-SSE dt. 04.03.2014 Booklist having Text Book not prescribed by Govt.
143-SE dt. 28.02.2014 Norms for engagement of MDM Cook-cum-helpers – Clarification.
209-SE dt. 19.02.2014 National Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Week.
N/S/254 dt. 06.02.2014 Fees for Issue of Duplicate Mark sheet, Admit Card, Certificates etc.
253/4921B dt. 03.02.2014 General Transfer of School Teachers going through B. Ed Course.
219-CSSC dt. 30.01.2014 Issuing NOC for General Transfer in Central School Service Commission.
209-CSSC dt. 29.01.2014 Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) for Pass Graduate Teacher.
165-CSSC dt. 20.01.2014 General Transfer of Assistant Teachers of Non Govt. aided Schools.
39-CMDMP dt. 20.01.2014 Request for maintenance of safety as well as hygiene while serving hot cooked meals to the students.
61-SE dt. 17.01.2014 Rate of New Text Books published by WBBSE and WBBPE for 2014.
504-SE dt. 13.01.2014 Release of fund for providing Bicycles to girl students of LWE-affected Blocks of Bankura, Purulia and Paschim Medinipur.
2-SC/HS DT. 10.01.2014 Sanction of Teaching Posts for Newly Up-graded HS Schools in 2013-14.
7-SE/PTTI dt. 03.01.2014 Release of Inservice Teacher pursuing B.Ed on Deputation.
430-SE dt. 27.12.2013 Grant of D.A. to the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs (who are on pre-revised scale).
429-SE dt. 27.12.2013 Grant of Dearness Allowance to the Teaching and Non-teaching employees of Non-Government Aided/Sponsored Educational Institutions with effect from 1st January, 2014.
N/S/243 dt. 20.12.2013 Text Books published by WBBPE and WBBSE for Academic Session, 2014.
688-SSE dt. 13.12.2013 LDA/LDC Recruitment Examination 2013 on 15.12.13 of Staff Selection Commission.
1564-SE dt. 13.12.2013 Formation and functioning of the existing Managing Committee of Schools converted into Government Sponsored Schools.
1178-ES dt. 11.12.2013 Publication of Electoral Rolls for Election to the Primary School Councils.
EST-362 dt. 10.12.2013 Holiday List of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education 2014.
1156-SE dt. 06.12.2013 Instruction for the continuance of B. Ed. Training through ODL Mode of the inservice Assistant Teacher selected for appointment to the post of Assistant Teacher in another school through S. S. C.
405-SE dt. 06.12.2013 Implementation of Revised Scale of Pay (ROPA-2009) in DA getting & Anglo-Indian Schools (both Primary and Secondary) so as to be considered for further enhancement of DA as may be announced in due course.
647-SSE dt. 04.12.2013 UTKARSHA ABHIJAN – Quality of Education in Primary Schools of WB.
1133-SE dt. 29.11.2013 Admission of Children in Elementary Classes for Academic Session 2014.
N/S/240 dt. 28.11.2013 Attending Training Programme/Workshops organized by Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, (CCRT).
1773-Sc/P dt. 14.11.2013 Submission of list of Schools/Education Institutions, Co-ordinators and Mentors/ Counsellors.
874-Sc/G dt. 13.11.2013 Grant of financial assistance under the scheme of “Support for Professional Education for Children of School Teachers” for the academic year 2012-13.
165-PBSSM dt. 08.11.2013 Handing Over affairs by the Administrator of VEC and WEC.
120-SC dt. 07.11.2013 Introduction of new subjects for H.S. Section in Govt. aided/Sponsored schools.
1850 dt. 06.11.2013 U-DISE DCF of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools.
1042-SE dt. 30.10.2013 ON DUTY Leave for Teachers Pursuing B.Ed through ODL Mode.
354-SE dt. 09.10.2013 DA to Teaching/Non-Teaching Employees of DA getting Primary Schools.
353-SE dt. 09.10.2013 Grant of DA to Teaching/Non-Teaching Employees of DA getting Schools.
1325-SE dt. 03.10.2013 West Bengal School Service Commission (General Transfer) Rules, 2013
929-SE dt. 03.10.2013 DPSC Candidates Elected under Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samity.
819-SE dt. 30.08.2013 Registration of Un-trained Upper Primary School Teachers for B.Ed. Training through ODL mode.
1170-SE dt. 23.08.2013 Engagement of Retired Teachers or Lecturers on Temporary Basis.
N/S/220 dt. 23.08.2013 Postponement of Election for the constitution / re constitution of the Managing Committee of the recognized Secondary Schools situated in the aforenoted areas for the ensuing Municipal Elections to be held on 21st September, 2013.
776-SE dt. 19.08.2013 Recruitment Rules of Principal & Lecturer in PTTI.
1130-SE dt. 19.08.2013 Sanction and Approval of Teacher Posts in H.S. Section of Govt Aided/ Sponsored Schools.
268-Phy.Edn dt. 16.08.2013 District and Sub-Divisional Council for School Games and Sports Regulations, 2013.
DSE/31/13 dt. 13.08.2013 Introduction of four more optional elective subjects under NVEQF programme for Madhyamik Pariksha (S.E), 2015 & onwards.
1097-SE dt. 05.08.2013 Regarding seeking permission for teaching subjects by Part Time Teachers.
707-SE dt. 18.07.2013 Appointment of Administrator for Village Education Committee.
120-SC dt. 07.11.2013 Introduction of new subjects for H.S. Section in Govt. aided/Sponsored schools.
1424-Gen dt. 25.10.2013 Celebration of National Education Day on 11th November.
DS/PUB/93 dt. 30.08.2013 Corrigendum related to Page Limit and Date Schedule regarding Submission and Renewal of Class XI books.
770-SE dt. 16.08.2013 Appointment of Administrator for Ward Education Committee.
1189-BPE dt. 06.08.2013 Allowance of scribes to the examinees of D.El.Ed Part – I and Part – II Examinations, 2013 to be conducted by the West Bengal Board of Primary Education.
279-SE dt. 05.08.2013 Grant of Ad-hoc Bonus to the employees of State-Aided Non-Govt. Educational Institutions and other Sponsored / Aided Organization for the year 2012-2013.
723-ME dt. 30.07.2013 Felicitation of students with disability and the inmates of the Social Welfare Homes.
DS/PUB/92 dt. 26.07.2013 Revised Book Size and Page Limit Specifications for Class XI & XII books and Instructions regarding Renewal of Class XI books with TB NO allotted in the first phase of 2013.
DS/PUB/91 dt. 23.07.2013 Availability of Books Published by West Bengal Text Book Corporation.
575-SE dt. 21.07.2013 Problems regarding Admission and Fees in Elementary Education.
DS/PUB/90 dt. 19.07.2013 Subject-wise Page Limit for 2013-2015 Class XII & 2014-2016 Class XI books.
1097-L dt. 11.07.2013 West Bengal School Service Commission (Amendment) Act, 2013.
103/Admin dt. 10.07.2013 Election for Constitution/ Reconstitution of the Managing Committee.
402-SSE dt. 09.07.2013 Holidays in Schools for Panchayat General Election 2013.
DS/PUB/86 dt. 09.07.2013 Books Published by WBCHSE.
DS/0091 dt. 04.07.2013 NOTE FOR THE PUBLISHERS For 2013-2015 Class XII books.
D.S.(Exam) dt. 04.07.2013 Annual Working Plan of WBCHSE.
632-ES dt. 03.07.2013 District Inspector of School as Grievance Redressal Authority – RTE Act.
1267-Sc/P dt. 01.07.2013 National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement, 2013.
923-BPE dt. 26.06.2013 Modification of Curriculum and Syllabus of 2 year D. El. Ed Course.
917-BPE dt. 25.06.2013 Release of the Teachers deputed to undergo Two year D.El.Ed. Course – 2011-2013 with effect from 01/07/2013.
924-SE dt. 19.06.2013 Appointment of Contractual Teachers from Retired Teachers.
95/Admin dt. 17.06.2013 e-Mode System for Remittance of Fees to WBBSE.
Cir/PR/01 dt. 10.06.2013 New Subject Combinations offered by WBCHSE w.e.f. 2013.
87/Admin dt. 31.05.2013 Postponement of Election for Constitution/ Reconstitution of the Managing Committee.
668/PBSSM dt. 31.05.2013 Enhancement of Qualification of Para Teachers.
Admin/186 dt. 29.05.2013 Membership of Parshad Barta published by WBBSE.
844-SE dt. 23.05.2013 Continuation of Arts Subject after Up-gradation to H.S. Level.
843-SE dt. 23.05.2013 List of Schools recommended for Up-gradation to H.S. from current academic year 2013-14.
156-SE dt. 16.04.2013 Grant of Dearness Relief to Teaching and Non-Teaching Pensioners / Family Pensioners.
167-ES dt. 01.04.2013 Mid-Day-Meal Calendar for the Financial Year 2013-14.
223-SSE dt. 28.03.2013 TET for Persons with Disabilities.
N/S/215 dt. 25.03.2013 New Syllabi and Curriculum for Class V and VII from 2013.
208-SSE dt. 21.03.2013 Observer of Primary TET for each Venue / Centre.
N/S/212 dt. 20.03.2013 Appointed Hour, Commencement of class teaching, Daily Assembly, Late Attendance and Hour of Absence of staff in Schools.
491-SL dt. 20.03.2013 Option for conversion of all willing Recognised Non-Government Aided Secondary Schools into Recognised Government Sponsored Secondary Schools.
639-SC/P dt. 15.03.2013 Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) for Selection of Primary School Teachers.
N/S/207 dt. 08.03.2013 Rectification of revised Annual Academic Calender.
209-SE dt. 04.03.2013 Grant of ‘A’ category scale of Pay to the Primary School Teachers.
83-SE dt. 27.02.2013 Grant of revised rate of Dearness Allowance to the whole time approved and regular teaching and non-teaching employees of DA getting schools (Secondary) and DA getting Anglo Indian Schools (Secondary) in West Bengal with effect from 01.01.2012.
82-SE dt. 27.02.2013 Grant of revised rate of Dearness Allowance to the whole time approved and regular teaching and non-teaching employees of DA getting schools (Primary), DA getting Anglo Indian Schools (Primary) and Pandits of Non-Govt. Sanskrit Tols in West Bengal with effect from 01.01.2012.
385-SE dt. 21.02.2013 Annual Examination of Class XI, 2013 conducted by WBCHSE.
165-SE dt. 19.02.2013 Maternity Leave of Contractual Employees under PBSSM.
N/S/194 dt. 13.02.2013 Permission for Co-education in School as per RTE Act, 2009.
497-SE dt. 08.02.2013 Sanction of Laboratory Grant to Schools of West Bengal.
250-Sc/P dt. 05.02.2013 State Public Information Officer for RTI in School Education.
N/S/192 dt. 01.02.2013 Permission for Co-education in the School in the light of R.T.E. Act, 2009.
Admin/139 dt. 29.01.2013 Revised Annual Academic Calender from Class V to VIII.
37-SE dt. 15.01.2013 Price of books published by WBBSE and WBBPE.
10-SE dt. 07.01.2013 Grant of Dearness Allowance to Employees of Educational Institutions.
09-SE dt. 07.01.2013 Grant of Dearness Allowance to the Teaching and Non-teaching employees of Non-Government Aided/Sponsored Educational Institutions with effect from 1st January, 2013.
204-IED dt. 31.12.2012 Curriculum Adaptation for Student with Special Needs — Policy outline.
N/S/163 dt. 12.12.2012 Recommendation of 4 more optional Subjects by School Edu. Deptt.
N/S/159 dt. 06.12.2012 Admission of Children in Elementary Classess in Schools for 2013.
792-SE dt. 20.11.2012 Admission of Children in Pre-Primary Class.
745-SE dt. 06.11.2012 Process of Admission of Children in Elementary Classes.
465-SE dt. 12.10.2012 Grant of Ex-gratia Payment to the Teaching / Non-teaching Employees.
444-SE dt. 01.10.2012 Final 50% Arrear Payment in School Education Department.
14/Admin dt. 24.09.2012 Modalities for Printing of SSM Books for Classes VI to VIII by Publishers.
N/S/127 dt. 18.09.2012 Postponement of Election for Constitution of M.C. of Secondary Schools.
DS(E)/192 dt. 30.08.2012 Minimum Age of Intending Madhyamik Candidate.
389-SE dt. 13.08.2012 Upgradation of Qualifications of Pry. School Teachers as per RTE Act.
N/S/86 dt. 16.07.2012 Age for Admission in School to Appropriate Class.
1050-SS dt. 05.07.2012 Hindi Scholarship Scheme, 2012.
2140-SE dt. 26.06.2012 Upgradation of 86 High Schools to H.S. Level.
255-SSE dt. 21.06.2012 Appointment of Primary Teachers by DPSCs.
113-SE dt. 21.06.2012 Recognition or affiliation of unaffiliated and /or unrecognized unaided schools.
2102-SE dt. 20.06.2012 Increase of intake capacity in Class XI for the session 2012-13.
768/BPE dt. 20.06.2012 Rules and Regulations for D.El.Ed Course in the Session 2012-14.
297-ES dt. 18.06.2012 Quality of Mid Day Meal Rice supplied by FCI.
N/S/74 dt. 15.06.2012 Recognition of Un-Aided Schools as per RTE Act.
996-SE dt. 15.06.2012 Upgradation of Qualification of Primary Teachers.
66-SE dt. 12.06.2012 Taskforce under School Education Department.
224-SSE dt. 05.06.2012 Extension of summer vacation in view of the present heat wave.
238-SE dt. 28.05.2012 Capital Grant to Govt. Aided Schools.
1023-SE dt. 28.05.2012 Upgradation of 100 High Schools to H.S. Level.
186-SSE dt. 14.05.2012 Preponing of Summer vacation in view of the present heat wave.
424-SE dt. 07.05.2012 Application for Recognition of Un-Aided Schools
391-SE dt. 25.04.2012 Morning School during the Current Summer for Heat Wave.
277-SE dt. 28.03.2012 Enhancement of Primary Teachers Qualification.
323-SE dt. 15.03.2012 West Bengal Right of Children to Free & Compulsory Education Rules, 2012.
421-SE dt. 29.02.2012 Child Adoption Leave for Staffs of Non-Govt. Aided Secondary Schools.
394-SE dt. 28.02.2012 Distribution of additional Teaching Posts up to Secondary level.
348-SE dt. 21.02.2012 West Bengal School Service Commission Mutual Transfer Rules.
S/209 dt. 06.02.2012 Invigilation Duties of Teachers of Secondary Schools.
277-EXAM dt. 31.01.2012 Development of online salary system & security thereof.
122-SE dt. 17.01.2012 Constitution of Expert Committee to Examine Class I to XII.
37-SE dt. 05.01.2012 Granting of 2 (two) additional increments in favour of teacher(s) working in non-Government aided Secondary Schools having Ph.D Degree.
937-SE dt. 29.11.2011 Transfer Policy for Inspecting Officers [S.I. of Schools, A.I. of Schools in W.B. Sub. E.S. & D.I./A.D.I. of Schools and ADSE in WBES] of School Education.
768-SE dt. 23.11.2011 Date of Engagement as VRP of Para Teachers.
SECY/150 dt. 22.11.2011 Certified Copy of Evaluated Answer Script of HS Examination under RTI.
413-SE dt. 18.11.2011 3rd Arrear of ROPA for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staffs.
1368-ES dt. 16.11.2011 Freeing Schools from Political Influence.
868/DSE dt. 25.10.2011 Celebration of National Education Day.
113-SE dt. 09.08.2011 Admission in Respective Higher Secondary School (Science).
849-SE dt. 20.07.2011 Expert Committee to Examine Curriculum, Syllabus and Text Books.
455-SE dt. 15.07.2011 Voluntary Resource Persons redesignated as Para Teacher.
795-SE dt. 23.06.2011 Payment of additional quantum of Family pension.
189-SE dt. 25.05.2011 Payment of Salary on the 1st Working day in r/o teaching and Non-teaching employees.
233-L dt. 01.03.2011 West Bengal School Service Commission (2nd Amendment) Act, 2010.
09-SE dt. 11.01.2011 Grant of Dearness Relief to the Pensioners family pensioners of Primary and Secondary Educational Institutions.
886-SE dt. 16.11.2010 Para Teachers, VRP and Siksha Bandhus under Sarba Siksha Abhijan.
539-SE dt. 01.11.2010 Pension/Family pension of employees of Educational Institutions retired/ died in harness prior to 01.08.81.
273-SE dt. 23.04.2010 Revised Remuneration of Contractual Employee under SSA.
95-SE dt. 13.04.2010 Extension of scope of family pension to Unmarried daughters of Teachers and Non-Teaching employees/pensioners
2582-F dt. 06.04.2010 Grant of D.A. to the employees of the Non. Govt. Educational Institution drawing pay under pre-revised scale.
2581-F dt. 06.04.2010 Grant of D. A. to the employees of the Non-Govt. Educational Institution.
30-SE dt. 10.02.2010 Pay Fixation of Teacher – Some Clarifications.
10570-F dt. 25.11.2009 ROPA Rules for the non-teaching employees of the State Aided Universities.
1180-MEE dt. 13.11.2009 Revision of pension/family pension of pre- 01.01.06 pensioners/family pensioners.
181-SE dt. 08.10.2009 Revised order for application of ROPA, Rules in r/o of Non-Govt. Institutions Employees.
1317-GA dt. 11.09.2009 Appointment on Compassionate Ground through SSC in School.
1317/GA dt. 11.09.2009 Appointment on compassionate ground through SSC in Govt. Aided Secondary School.
162-SE dt. 04.09.2009 Extension of the date of exercising option to the Teaching and Non-teaching staff.
759-SE dt. 04.09.2009 Grant of benefit of increment to the untrained Asstt. Teachers not undergone/completed B. Ed. Training.
S/104 dt. 07.08.2009 Admissible no. of holidays in Secondary Schools.
632-F dt. 13.07.2009 Additional pension of pensioners of State aided Universities, WB Council of Higher Secondary Edn. and WB Board of Secondary Edn.
347-SE dt. 08.07.2009 Inclusion of wards of Secondary and H.S. Teachers, Non teaching staff for appointment of compassionate ground.
331-SE dt. 26.06.2009 Amendment in the WB Primary School Teacher Recruitment Rules.
106-SE dt. 11.06.2009 Benefit of MA to the Pensioner/ Family Pensioners of WB Non-Govt. Edn. Institutions.
490-SE dt. 11.05.2009 Extending the facility for under going training of B.Ed. to the untrained teachers.
56-SE dt. 02.04.2009 Modification on fixation of the employees of Pay of Govt. aided Institutions.
159-SE dt. 12.03.2009 Procedure of exercising option, Pay fixation and awarding CAS & MCAS benefits to Inspecting Officials of School Edn. Deptt.
46-SE dt. 27.02.2009 ROPA Rules for the Non-Govt. Teaching and Non-teaching employees.
134-SE dt. 26.02.2009 Duties, Remuneration and Leave of Para Teacher.
44-SE dt 26.02.2009 Withdrawal of ban on amount transfer credited to GPF in terms of ROPA. 98 for admissible advance.
22-SE dt. 25.02.2009 Enhancement of emolument of Part-time Teachers.
28-SE dt. 25.02.2009 Extension of the period of payment of Family pension.
27-SE dt. 02.02.2009 Payment of pension through Authorised Bank-credit of pension to Joint Bank A/C Operated by the pensioner with his/her spouse.
26-SE dt. 02.02.2009 Calculation of length of qualifying service for Retirement Benefits -Modification of WB Recognized Non-Govt. Edn. Institution Employees.
113-SE dt. 29.01.2009 Permission for admission to B.Ed. Courses through Distance Education.
57-SE dt. 22.01.2009 Revision of scale of pay of the Inspecting officials under School Education Department.
10-SE dt. 13.01.2009 Family pension for life to the children of the teaching and non-teaching staff.
4-L dt. 01.01.2009 West Bengal School Service Commission (Amendment) Act, 2008.
S-1 dt. 01.01.2009 West Bengal Schools (Control of Expenditure) Amendment Act, 2008.
1677-SE dt. 22.09.2008 In certain scheme for Int. Students.
1115-SE dt. 04.09.2008 Benefit of conveyance allowance to the blind and Ortho. Handicapped teaching and non-teaching staff.
2985-G dt. 13.08.2008 Grant of Study Leave.
745-SE dt. 19.07.2008 Conveyance Allowance for Teaching & Non-Teaching Staffs.
1467-SE dt. 05.08.2008 West Bengal Primary Education (Teachers and Employees Death cum Retirement Benefit) Rules, 2008.
39-SE dt. 10.01.2008 Eligibility of divorced widowed daughters for family pension beyond 25 years of age till their re-marriage/ death in r/o the employees of the Non. Govt. Educational Institutions.
188-SE dt. 28.12.2007 Availing of absence on Maternity grounds in r/o Lady Part-time Teachers of H. S. Schools.
174-SE dt. 02.12.2007 Revision of scale of Pay of Inspecting Officials.
564-SE dt. 16.11.2007 Availing of absence on Maternity grounders in r/o Lady Part-time Teachers of H. S. Schools.
563-SE dt. 16.11.2007 Modification of family pension to the dependant sons and daughters of teaching and Non-teaching employees.
630-SE dt. 11.09.2007 Fixation of pay on MCAs benefits.
460-SE dt. 03.09.2007 Revision of Pension/Family Pension.
797-MEE dt. 24.07.2007 Merger of 50% of Dearness Relief.
192-SE dt. 02.04.2007 Revision of scale of Pay of the SI/ ASI/DI of Schools.
86-SE dt. 05.02.2007 West Bengal Schools Up-gradation Rules, 2007.
605-SE dt. 20.06.2006 West Bengal Schools (Recruitment of Teacher on Vacancy Caused by Leave or Deputation) Rules, 2006.
93/Ped dt. 02.12.2005 Leave for engaged Para Teacher.
325-SE dt. 05.09.2005 Family pension for life to children suffering from disorder/diablity of mine or are physically crippled/ disabled.
324-SE dt. 05.09.2005 Increase in the age of dependent son/unmarried daughter about admissibility of Family Pension.
2053-L dt. 19.08.2005 West Bengal Schools Control of Expenditure Act, 2005.
S/120 dt. 30.05.2005 Amendment in Conduct Rules of Secondary School Teachers.
S/18 dt. 14.01.2005 West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (Conduct and Discipline of Teachers and Non-teaching staff) Regulations, 2004.
S/205 dt. 30.04.2004 Maximum number of Holidays in Secondary Schools.
809-SE dt. 15.07.2002 West Bengal Primary Education (Transfer of Teachers including Head Teacher) Rules, 2002.
906-SE dt. 09.07.2001 West Bengal Primary Education (Conduct of Service of Primary Schools) Rules, 2001.
453-SE dt. 04.05.1999 West Bengal Primary Education (Leave of Teacher of Primary Schools) Rules, 1999.
S/879 dt. 10.11.1989 Appointed Hour, Commencement of class teaching, Daily Assembly and Late Attendance of Staff in Schools.


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  1. AK Roy says

    Do any one of you know about half pay leave to secondary school teachers. What is it? Is it the same to half average pay leave. Eita kabe dite ba pete pare? Kindly share korun.


      both are same.there are difference between medical leave and half pay/half average pay leave. one can enjoy 365 days ml in whole service period but one can enjoy more than 60 half av. pay leave .half av. pay leave will not credited more than 60 days in ones leave a/c.but when one exhaust ,suppose 10 days half av. leave next year 10 days h.a.l. will accumulated in his total again be 60.

  2. Sudipta Das says

    Hi This is Sudipta Das. I went to do my election duty as a Presiding Officer this year but as I went little late someone else was already tagged in my position. I was appointed as a Reserved Personnel and stayed there on the previous day as well on the day of election. I was released on the day of election at 6.45 p.m But surprisingly Election Dept. has sent me a Show Cause notice to my school address requesting me to comply within 7 days after receiving the letter. I went to Barasat D.M. office and solved the issue. But the Head Master did not permit me On Duty Leave for the day. According to me I went to comply with Govt.order for which I should be allowed to get one On Duty Leave. Now my question is whether I am right or not and how to convince my H.M.? Is there any Govt Order regarding this?

  3. adhir biswas says

    I am servicing as a school clerk I will be retired on 31.10.2014. as per announcement in the barthoman paper that d.a. getting school will get pension those who are now getting 98 ropa .so Im a clerk of d.a. getting school. I want to know the new circular of the same.

  4. Aditya Bagchi says

    Kindly provide the G.O (if any) that grants special constitution to the non- government unaided schools managed by the Patha Bhavan Society. Thanks in advance.

  5. Jayanta saha says

    Dear sir
    Ami B.ed karchi deputed candidate …Amar exam suru hocche 5 th june theke tai b.ed er janno ami circular hisabe leave pabo exam sesh na hoa parjonto..amar exam date holo 5th 7th 10th 12 th 14th abar 24th….ei 9 day gaph e ki amake Headmaster join karte balche kintu circular G.O.No.759-SE (S) mato ami 25th join karle ki kano problem hobe..ei sankranto ki kano G.O ache…pls reply as soon as possible

  6. Meak says

    I am sorry to leave such comment that despite being much helpful some G.Os are not available here. At present I am in search of the latest G.O regarding the re-construction of Managing Committee of the Secondary and high secondary schools,if any. I am waiting for it. Hope that friends can help me.