Group Insurance cum Savings Scheme 1987

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  • This scheme is a self financing scheme. State Govt.’s contribution is NIL.
  • It has started from 01.11.1987.
  • Following categories of employee will come under the scheme:
  • Full time State Govt. employee and work charged employee.
  • Daily rated worker.
  • Person appointed on short term basis.
  • Person appointed on ad-hoc basis or contract basis for a specified period.
  • Seasonal or Casual employee.
  • Person recruited after 50 years.
  • Person on deputation from other State Govt., Public Undertakings, Autonomous Organizations.
  • Date of anniversary of the scheme is 1st November in each year.
  • Rate of subscription differs as Group as under:
Group Subscription Insurance Saving
A Rs. 80 Rs. 24 Rs. 56
B Rs. 40 Rs. 12 Rs. 28
C Rs. 20 Rs. 6 Rs. 14
D Rs. 10 Rs. 3 Rs. 7
  • If any employee joins in the Govt. Service in the month of November, full subscription according to his group is to be recovered from his salary of November. But if he joins after November, Insurance Fund according to Group is to be recovered. From next November Insurance Fund and Savings Fund are to be recovered.
  • In case of death while in service following amount admissible according to Group of the employee:
Group Admissible
A Rs. 80000 + savings fund with interest as per table issued by the Finance Deptt.
B Rs. 40000 + do
C Rs. 20000 + do
D Rs. 10000 + do
  • In case of retirement / resignation etc. the employee will get the amount deposited in savings fund plus interest as per table issued by Finance Department is sanctioned by the Head of Office.
  • No interest shall be levied on arrear subscriptions if the non recovery is due to delayed payments of salary / wages.


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    if any person who service in group c category is cut 14 rupees and 6 rupees i.e 20 rupees but when they get 8 years CAS, then how much their group insourence???


    Suppose a employee got MCAS and change pay Scale PB-3(Rs 7100-37600) with Grade pay Rs 4100 to PB-4(Rs 9000-40500) with Grade Pay Rs 4400. What should be GISS’87 subscription? Rs 80 or Rs 40 ? ( Present Basic Pay including grade pay Rs 20190 and designation of post is Inspector of Cooperative Societies.)


      My wife opted for GISS 1987 in Nov 1987. She was CDPO at that time.What was her contribution Rs.40/- or 80/-? Pl inform.

  3. Sunil Dey says

    On the basis of 3728-F(J),dt.3-5-2012 of wb fin,audit branch, my ddo submited the salary bill to the treasury for the month of july’13, after deducting the gis subscription of the ‘hostel employees’ for the first time, who are working in the institute since last 25-26 years ( whom subscriptions were not previously deducted from their salaries without any reason ). The treasury is not willing to deduct the same and advised us to deduct the gis subscriptions from the inception of service of the each individual with full interest. Please inform us the rules to get them the benefit of gis on and from the date of contribution.

  4. Jahir Ahmed says

    suppose a emplyee got MCAS and change Pay Scale PB 3(7100 -37600)With Grade Pay Rs.4100 to PB 4 (900-40500) with Grade Pay Rs.4400 what should be GIS’87 Subscription ? Rs.40/- or Rs.80/- ?
    (preivously basic pay Rs.21380/- Now Revised Basic pay Rs.22330/-
    post surveyor Group-B )

  5. s.s.singha says

    What amount GIS (1987) of a gram panchayat employee whose Grade Pay is Rs.4400 (PB-4)? Please send me the G.O of Panchayat & Rural Development Department.

    • ajit mondal says

      I am in need the finance department table 2012-13 of benefits for saving-cum-accumulations under the Group Insurance Scheme, 1987