Different Types of Leaves for State Govt. Employees

There are following different types of leaves which are applicable for the Permanent / Temporary Govt. employees of West Bengal. The latest revision of leave rules by G.O. are also considered alongwith West Bengal Service Rule Part I, Rule 144 to 207.

Types of Leave Admissibility Period of Leave Pay
Earned Leave Private affairs and medical ground. 30 days per year, maximum credit 300 days. Full Pay.
Half Pay Leave Private affairs and medical ground. 20 days for every year. advance half pay leave is permitted. Half Pay.
Commuted Leave a) Medical ground, not exceeding half the amount of half pay leave due.
b) Study purpose in the interest of public service up to a maximum of 90 days.
Twice the amount of half pay leave is debited. Full Pay.
Leave not Due Medical ground based on medical certificate. 360 days during entire period of service. Half Pay.
Extraordinary Leave When no other leave is admissible. No limit. Without Pay & Allowances
Special Disability Leave Disability by injury or in consequence of due performance of official duties on production of medical board’s certificate. Maximum 24 months. 120 days Full Pay thereafter Half Pay.
Study Leave Higher study in the interest of public service. 12 months at any one time and 24 months during service period. Outside India, Full Pay + DA, within India Pay is admissible if Scholarship / Stipend / Part time salary is not drawn.
Quarantine Leave Specified infectious disease certified by medical officer. Normally 21 days, in exceptional cases 30 days. Full Pay.
Maternity Leave Only female Govt. employee. Also admissible for abortion, miscarriage. Maximum 180 days, 6 weeks for miscarriage and abortion. Full Pay.
Child Care Leave Only female Govt. employee for taking care of upto two children upto 18 years of their age Maximum 730 days during entire period of service. Full Pay.
Child Adoption Leave Only female Govt. employee with less than two surviving children, adopts a child of less than 1 (one) year Maximum 135 days. Full Pay.
Hospital Leave Medical ground. 3 months. Full Pay and thereafter Half Pay.
Special Sick Leave Navel staff on medical ground. Maximum 3 months. Full Pay.
Casual Leave & Half Day C.L. Private affairs and medical ground. 14 days in each calender year. Full Pay.

Other pertinent points regarding leave:-

  • Leaves can not be claimed as a matter of right.
  • Except Casual Leave and Half day Casual Leave, all other leaves may be combined.
  • Permission is required from the leave sanctioning authority to join duty before the expiry of granted leave.
  • Increment is admissible during the period of leave except extra ordinary leave.
  • No Govt. employee shall take up employment during leave.
  • Cash equivalent of leave is admissible where a Govt. employee retires on attaining the age of superannuation / death in service.


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  1. haimanti says

    Dear sir
    Mai ek nursing staff hu under wb govt aur mera nwly job hai 1 year hua v nhi hai but mujhe tuberclusis ho gaya hai to mujhe kitna din ka leave mil sakta hair with pay or without pay plz reply me

  2. Asmit says

    An A.T absent without intimation 280 days in two times, her date of joining 25.08.2010. what action will takn legally. Now she has join the school.

  3. ramakrishna says

    my wife is a high school teacher of gov.school. she want to join me as iam working at abroad. How and what is the procedure to get one year extraordinary leave ? how to approach and whom to approach …. how many days it will take to get the order on N.O.C if i apply today. please give any one the way and possibilities to get leave for one year. most of the people telling we have no idea..even the officers also . what is the G.O number. some body telling only six months you will get . after that come ,join and again apply like that telling…this process is disturbing us a lot…we need one year leave with out pay also . please guide us…

  4. ramakrishna says

    my wife is a highschool teacherof gov h.s.school. she want to join me as iam working at abroad .for how many days she can get leaves with pay full/half ./without pay. whether service will be discotinued or can join after a prolonged absence without pay.let me know everything.

    • ranjana says

      I have been doing govt. job as as staff nurse under West-Bengal state Govt. since 1991. My husband is also now working under a p.s.u My mother-in-law is a cancer patient. I wish to avail one year leave for take care of my mother-in-law .Is it possible or not? kindly suggest me. Expecting your advice.

  5. C Pradhan says

    Dear Sir,
    I’m working as a Staff Nurse in Government Hospital. Now I want to say that how ‘many times’ take Abortion Leave. I had already taken abortion leave two times. Now I had ectopic pregnancy, according to Dr. advice I abort this. Can I avail abortion leave? Kindly tell me. Expecting your advice…


    Chaina Pradhan

  6. Subhasish Barman says

    My wife is an assistant teacher (Eng H/PG) in a Govt. aided jr. high school joined through SSC in July 2011. She wants to do her B Ed (regular basis) from one of the colleges outside West Bengal with her own arrangement.

    Is she eligible for study leave ?

    If not, how can she apply for extra ordinary leave? And whether her service will be broken for taking this leave for doing B Ed, in her own arrangement ?

    Plz reply soon.

    • prosenjit chaudhury says

      my daughter,asst teacherof gov sponsered h.s.school want to join her husband abroad.for how many days she can get leaves with pay full/half ./without pay. whether service will be discotinued or can join after a prolonged absence without pay.let me know everything.
      prosenjit chaudhury

  7. Rakesh Kumar says

    Sir I am serving in Indian Navy and my wife is working in PFIMER Chandigarh as Sister Grade II in central government job. Sir I want to take majors treatment i.e aurtoscopy of my shoulder, infertility treatment and operation of my back bone problem feom PGI as dependent of my wife. What is criteria for this and what type of joint declaration is required and is that possible if I am serving in Indian Navy.

  8. VANITA says

    Dear Sir,
    I’m working as a Staff Nurse with Tamilnadu Goverment Hospital. (After 6 years of Consolidated pay service last year got REGULAR posting) Now This REGULAR posting I have completed One year Service.I have 3yrs old kid.I wish to avail 1year leave for my kid care…Whether this is possible with my state? Kindly suggest me.Expecting your advice…


  9. Gagandeep kaur says

    Hi,myself Gagandeep kaur,central government employee,working as sister grade-2 for last 12 years.I have one child age of 4 year.who is studying in Bangkok as my husband is on deputation posting in Bangkok for 2years upto nov,2015.so I requested for child care leave for 1 year but all time I am harassed by my employer to avail leave due to take care of my small child.they considered me absent from duty even I have applied for a leave.Can they do me terminate from my 12year job

    • Gagandeep kaur says

      Sir I have already mentioned in my leave letter that my child is 4 years ,my husband is on deputation posting and even I have mentioned the period when I will resume my duty.but all time I am getting harassed that if I will not come they will do a strict action.but as a mother how I can leave my child alone.could you please help me if I will not join for one year.what action institute can do

  10. Deep man Sandhu says

    Respected sir…..
    I have been doing govt job as a staff nurse in civil hospital punjab since July 2013.Before it,i did a govt job as a staff nurse in NRHM department for four years.now I want to continue higher study post basic bsc nursing as a regular candidate with evening and night duty shifts….I want to know the process of higher study after giving the regular attendance on evening and night duty….

  11. Pooja Devi says

    Sir, I m working in Govt. ITI Haryana as a COPA trade Instructor. I joined on 13/08/2014 as permanent employee on above said post. Actually I was on Direct contract rate on the same post since last 5 years. On the Chief minister order ,now I joined it permanently. Sir, I need a single casual leave for take care my 2 years old baby. But our Official supdt. tell me that I am not able to take any casual leave before 35 days of joining. Please give me the right information about the all types of leaves of a new joiney female employee.& also tell us that why we are treating as a new employee?



  13. AYAN BAGCHI says

    in my 33 years tenure as an employee in WBDCL i never take medical leave. But now i am become very feeble. So now i want to utilize my medical leave. Now please give me advise how i can utilize?

  14. dola das says

    I am asstt. teacher of w.b gov, aided school. Today small pox can not occur due to success of small pox irradication programme . But chicken pox is frequently occur. It is so infectious as small pox. In quarantine leave small pox allowed but chicken pox not!!! WHY ?

  15. constable says

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My wife is 9 months pregnent and I am on duty . Is there any leave advice according to the rule and what kind of leave may I recommend to the superior .

  16. S G says

    My wife is an Assistant Teacher in Govt aided school and she wants to take extra ordinary leaves for a duration of two years. She wants to travel abroad in US for that period along with our only son , who is of just 4 years old as I am in currently posted in US for job assignment. Now, the management committee of the concerned school is not approving the leaves. My question is how can she apply for the leaves? If ,in case, she takes the leaves without committee’s approval will there be any problem at the time of resuming her service after two years? Please provide me your kind and fruitful suggestion on how to proceed with the leave approval process.


  17. Amrita Kumar Mukherjee says


    My wife is working as Staff Nurse, Grade-II at R.G. Kar Medical & Hospital. Recently on 05/04/2014 she had to undergo Complete Abdominal Hysterectomy in a private nursing home and the Doctor advised 3 months rest. She intimated about said operation on 31-03-2014. But the Nursing Superintendent Office told that more than 59 days leave cannot be granted and she must be joined on 59 day. Otherwise, her salary will be stopped and the entire matter to be sent to the D.H.S. for his advise.

    I like to know can my wife apply for 3 months Commuted Leave (if there will any short fall, the balance may be adjusted from E.L.) and the Medical Superintendent-cum-Vice Principal can sanction the said leave ?

    I am in too confusion about the matter. Please help me by providing details.



  19. Remmiya dinesh says

    i am working as higher secondary school teacher under Aided kerala government my post is not approved but i am appointed before 6 months can i take leave for doing couse work for doing Ph.D

  20. Krishanu Das says

    My wife is an Assistant Teacher in Govt aided school and she wants to take extra ordinary leaves for a duration of two years. She wants to travel abroad in Australia for that period along with our only son , who is of just one year old as I am in currently posted in Australia for job assignment. Now, the management committee of the concerned school is not approving the leaves. My question is how can she apply for the leaves? If ,in case, she takes the leaves without committee’s approval will there be any problem at the time of resuming her service after two years? Please provide me your kind and fruitful suggestion on how to proceed with the leave approval process.


    Dear Sir,
    I have been working in a govt sponsored school as Asst.Teacher of commerce(Hons/PG) since August 2009.
    I have recently been suffering from breast cancer which was detected on 14/11/2013. I have been operated
    on 25/11/2013 at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai after taking Medical Leave from 18/11/2013. But for
    prolonged treatment in terms of ensuing chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and associated illnesses I require
    at least 6 months continuous leave ( upto june 2014) How can I afford to avail leave for that period of
    time for my urgent cancer treatment ? Please communicate me at the earliest.

    KUHELI CHATTERJEE, Dtd: 1/12/2013

  22. tanuja biswas says

    i am an assistant teacher of a gov aided h.s. school. i am in maternity leave from 1st april 2013 to 27 th september 2013 for180 days. my question is am i enjoy 14days casual leave in this academic year . my H.M. grant me only 6days casual leave as i am not working for six month due to maternity leave..

  23. suvendu chowdhury says

    west bengal police directorate staff suffering from cancer and under medical treatment – chemo therapy is going on.does he entitle to get any kind of special leave

  24. ABDUR ROUF says

    Sir, I am a paramedical STAFF (PMOA/OPHTHALMIC ASSTT) under WB Health service,PHP branch. In most of public holodays , OPD remains open, go through duty. My question is can I avail CCL in replace?

  25. dip says

    if a govt employee can not join his/her duty for any day due to an urgent private affair without prior intimation to his/her office what can do his higher authority where there is no CL credit in the employee’s a/c. can he/she apply for EL for that day later?

  26. Kunal Banerjee says

    sir, my wife is a school teacher in an aided secondary school . Her school will closed on 25, 29,30,31 december & 1st january . If she work on 24th december & rejoin on 2nd january , what kind of leave she can take ? If she take medical leave , what will be the duration ? Please clarify & if possible please mention the order/circular no . Thanks & regards .

  27. Sayanti Pal says

    Sir,I joined Government aided Secondary school under Government of West Bengal in Jan., 2002. After my joining I have taken Medical Leave from time to time due to my pregnancy problem. After treatment I have given birth of a a child on 22nd July , 2013. After detection of my pregnancy I was on leave . Firstly I have taken Medical Leave and then Maternity leave . As you know my child is 02 monthold. Now what kind of leave I can able to take at this juncture. Can I avail commuted leave or half pay leave at this moment. How many comuted leave I can avail from Jan., 2002 to Oct., 2013 .Pl help.

  28. prosenjit sarkar says

    I am an asst. teacher in Hons/PG post in a govt. aided school in west bengal. I have joined in my school on 19.09.2007 and I had taken a leave without pay from 04.02.2008 to 15.06.2008 for appearing in M.Sc. part 2 exam under N.B.U. as a regular candidate.Though I could not sit for that exam as my H.M. called back in pick of time to join the school.I came back my school and next year i.e. in 2009 I sat for that exam with study leave and passed the exam.
    Now I want to know whether my service will be break of service for the without pay and I would loss an increament and I further want to know whether I will the M.Sc. scale.
    Please give me a good suggestion with G.O.(if exist) and obliged.

  29. k.sen says

    Dear Sirs,
    As per rule ‘extra ordinary leave’ has no limit. My question is if a teacher resume his duty after extra ordinary leave of 2 Years, will he be eligible to get his yearly increment after one year of resuming service or he has to wait for 2 years to get his yearly increment after resuming the service.
    Shall be grateful if you kindly give a light on this.
    With Regards


    Respected Sir,
    I am working as RURAL MEDICAL OFFICER under ZILA PARISHAD system of punjab govt.
    My service was regularised on 01/05/2011 and mine provisional period been cleared on 01/05/2013.
    we are expecting baby aroun last week of sept/1st week of oct/2013 , i am concerned regarding which type of leave i should apply for ( paternity leave,Casual leave,Earned leaves).
    In my case please suggest if paternity leave is applicable than what is the time frame for applying and procedure to apply. waiting for your earliest reply.THANKS.

  31. B. Das says

    I’m an assistant teacher of a upper primary new set up school , all over here 3 teaching staffs including me also , my subject is Geography . I got my job in the 11th SSC RLST when I doing my M.Sc. degree from Kalyani University in concern subject &after compliting my 1st year ( 1st & 2nd semester ) , 2011 . As a result my 2nd year M.Sc. degree stayed in uncomplete condition . May I
    complete now my M.Sc. 2nd year degree
    ?? If I do this , it would be without pay or not ???

    through taking Study leave ?

  32. bratin bera says

    I joined service on29.10.10.in (H/PG) scale.then I take two month leave to complete 4th sem of M sc with permission of MC.but DI permission not taken. then D Sc informed that this leave should be treated as special leave.can I add Msc?if there is any G.O. pls tell me.

  33. Amiya Bhunia says

    Dear Sir,My colleague becomes mad.He has no medical leave left.Now,he does not turn up in school.How does he can enjoy leave?????? Please show me G.O.

  34. SURAJIT KUNDU says

    Whether any on duty leave is permissible on the very day of capturing photo for aadhaar card. If so, please give the order with order number.

  35. bharati says

    Dear Sir
    I had overstayed my leave from 01/11/1998 to 01/08/2000. I availed myself to my office with a petition for permission to resume duty (I am a Group A employee) on 02/08/2000 followed by several requests, thereafter. However, I was allowed to resume only on 14/08/2006.
    What should I do , now, for the matter?
    Dr Bharati

  36. vinoth says

    my wife is a tamilnadu state govt lecturer,she had taken leave on loss of pay with medical certificate for about 5 months but not in continous way.(i.e.,she joined on 28th day & again applied leave).My questn.is whether she is eligible for getting yearly increment or not ?. if eligible pls give theT.N g.o rule no.

  37. bharati says

    I was on leave on medical ground till 31/05/1998. Thereafter, I had applied for EL on 3 occasions with medical certificates for the period from 01/06/1998 to 30/11/1998. However, in the first EL petition, I had erred by mentioning the duration from 06/06/1998 and in the next petition, I had not mentioned the date of end of leave applied. Only in March 2013, I came to know the reason why the leave during 01/06/1998-30/11/1998 was not sanctioned. I have corrected the errors but the leave is yet to be granted. Request for suggestions on the matter.

  38. NITIN says


  39. bharati says

    Dear Sir
    Office says my Commuted Leave is exhausted. Can I get Leave Not Due, now?
    Your reply will be of great help to me.
    Thank you

  40. DebKumarMandal says

    Joining as a teacher in govt.sponsored college in 1987. Within six month I was bound to take leave for twelve day for death of my grand mother. Governing body sanction “earned leave as advance” for that period and leave was deducted when it was credited in my account.Whether the process is correct? Can this effect my pension paper?

  41. S.Kar says

    Dear Sir,
    I am an assistant teacher in govt aided higher secondary school. Can I get a leave for national and international conference in physics in India for 5 or 7 days? Please answer me with GO no asap and highly obliged to you.

    • says

      There is no G.O. regarding sanctioning special leave for attending national level seminar. But there is an instance of sanctioning the same for attending international seminar. WBBSE sanctioned such special leave vide G.O. No. 903/G dated 01.03.1994.

      For further query please join our forum at askwb.com
      where we can discuss in the light of G.O.s.


  42. Pabitra kumar says

    I am an employee of West Bengal Police and till now not completed three years of my Job. I want to know whether I may be permitted to avail extraordinary leave for a term 12 months or not, and if I may be permitted then what is the maximum nos of days I can avail???????

  43. chandan says

    I am working as a full time contructrual lacturer in Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. at one of the Govt. Polytechnic since 2009. Please kindly inform me that, what are the leave rules for us. plz guide us.

  44. sampa sarkar says

    i am a nursing staff of health department…i take 180days maternity leave..i want to take 1year without pay leave for my child caring because in our hospital only 15days is given for child care leave at different phase not continously…but i need continuos leave i my husbund posting is 220km away from my place of posting

  45. Username* says

    i have joined govt department. As i am studying now I need at least 5 months leave . I was heard that mere representation is enough. But they are insisting on staying back till i get the leave. What to do?

  46. bandhu says

    I’m a Bengal Govt Asst Teacher of a secondary school for last five yrs. I’m going through infertility treatment, which is requiring sufficient time, care, rest and dedication with inordinate uncertainty. I have consumed all my leaves so far, nothing’s left. In this condition, I need leave. Can I have Extraordinary Leave for this particular case ? Is there any GO on this subject ? How can I proceed to apply to the MC for this case ? May plz help asap if you can.

  47. priyata nandy says

    im an asstt teacher in a govt aided school. im preparing for the NET 2012 DEc exam. i hv a son of one year of age. i want to have a leave from school for a period of two months or so for a full-fledged preparation for NET. how can i manage the leave? i mean, is there any possibility of getting a leave for the said tenure in my situation? pls reply.
    thank you.

  48. Subhadip Panja says

    my brother is a assistant teacher of a school, joined 9th November, 2011. his all casual leaves had been completed…is he applicable for advance medical leave? please reply.

  49. Madan Mohan Bose says

    can any leave is admissible in relation to AADHAR CARD Phptograph? Being a Government project there should be provision for leave for this. Can any body help?

  50. sunita says

    Dear Sir, since my appointment in April’2012, I am working in the capacity of staff nurse(GNM) in NJP and i am pregnant with 6months and my e.d.d. is October. My husband works in PSU in kolkata. I am all alone here none to take care of my cooking, shopping and other household work. After my delivery it would become impossible for me to stay alone in NJP. Kindly advice whether I could get transfered to kolkata on the basis of maternity and my husband’s PSU job in kolkata.

    Pls help.

    • Sayanee says

      My case is also similar to the above mentioned case. My appointment is on April’2012, in PSU at Gurgaon. My e.d.d. is October 2014. My husband works in Calcutta University in kolkata. I am all alone here none to take care of my cooking, shopping and other household works. My parents and in laws are senior citizen. After my delivery it would become impossible for me to stay alone in NCR. Kindly advice whether I could get transfered to kolkata on the basis of maternity and my husband’s Government job in kolkata.

      Pls help.

  51. Debdulal Pathak says

    I’m an assistant teacher in a govt.- aided higher secondary school in which rainy vacation is on during this week. My query is for how many days I can take casual leave when the school opens. I have been advised for bed rest for one and a half months by the medical practioner for having a plaster on my foot due to a fructure in an accident, but I want to save my days of medical leave for future use. Thanks

  52. sushil says

    i m primary teacher in haryana govt. I have done ph.d. I want to know about study leave with salary for d.lit. Plz guide me. If possible, mail it.

  53. P.MONDAL says

    After the Puja vacation I joined in my school On 31/10/2011( opening day of school after the Puja vacation). On that day I had applied 4 days causal leaves ( 01/11/2011 , 02/11/2011, 03/11/2011 & 05/11/2011). In this span 3 days were Holidays( 04/11/2011: Jagadhatripuja , 06/11/2011 : Sunday , 07/11/2011: Idujoha). Unfortunately an accident breaks my heart. On 08/11/2011 , according to Doctor’s advise I had to admit in Nursing home for the absorption due to miscarriage of birth. I was in initial stage of pregnancy period. It was also informed to the Head of the Institution later and 40 days maternaty leave was sanctioned by The Head of the Institution & School authority. After the end of the leave I again joined school & preparied the progress Reports of the students & all of alloted examination copies were checked at the time of maternaty leave & submitted in time. Please inform me the distribution of leaves are considerable and correct on sympathetic medical ground.

  54. Ahnika says

    I am a school teacher in a govt. aided school. I have took 2 years without pay leave. then i have joined in service. and after 3 months i take with out pay leave again for 3 years and 6 months. can my school comitee dissmiss me from job.

  55. Palash Basu Mandal says

    One of my elder sister is a school teacher, and recently cancer has been detected & chemotherapy has been started. Is there any special leave for her in Govt leave rule?

  56. milan jana says

    sir, i am assistant teacher (pure science,pasa) in the higher secondary school. i was joined on 8th july 2011.but before my joining Msc part-1 is already complete ,for completation part-2 require 11th month (from 1st augst) leave(with out pay).i can get such type of leave, please answere me as soon as possible.

  57. tumpa garain says

    my husband is a primary school teacher,recently govt.orderd summer vacation from 16 may to 5 june.but interior schools are wants to declair vacation in rainy season like previous years.then what can they do?

  58. B Das says

    Dear Admin,

    Could you please advise me with following questions?

    1. Who is the sanctioning authority of Extra Ordinary Leave without pay in Govt. aided schools?
    2. Can DI disapprove this leave approved by MC already?
    3. What should be done in case the application for extension of Extra Ordinary leave is not approved by MC? (Already in the leave for 6 months – Feb 2012 – July 2012; wants to extend by another 6 months )

    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    B Das

  59. sandip bhattacharyya says

    My wife is a W.B. govt employee. She wants to know that child care leave order for female employee of W.B.Govt is still in operation or not ?

  60. pratibha sharma says

    i am an assistant teacher in a higher secondary school. i was joined the additional post in 29 Aug. 2011. in the month of march i took 1 CL next day it was second Saturday and Sunday .on sunday i fell ill and i took 2 medical leave for the further two days .as per rules it is right or wrong and how?. if it is wrong then what should i do now.

  61. Priyatosh Bhattacharya says

    I am a retired employee of Government of West Bengal. I retired on superannuation on 31.03.2012.
    I had a credit of 315 days E.L. up to 31.12.2011. I took E.L. for 11 days from17.01.2012 to 27.01.2012. How many days would be in my credit on 31.03.2012?

  62. RUMA BISWAS says

    am an asst. teacher in high school , and my husband works in INDIAN NAVY . i want get without pay leave ,
    whats the procedure for that and any GO , please let me know …. please

  63. atanu mukehrjee says

    my mother has got the benifit of 230 days of E.L instead of 300 days.She has 343 days of medical leaves.Can the medical leaves be trasfered into remaining E.L(70 days) and get economical benifit ?Please let me know as early as possible.

  64. S Das says

    I had miscarriage due to which there was wash and doctor issues certificate which says abortion. under which clause I could apply for 6 weeks. Is it miscarriage leave or abortionor is both case comes under abortion leave.

  65. b chakraborty says

    My wife is an assistant teacher of higher secondery school.she was absent last 50 days due to early pregency.her service period is one year and seven month.now she has joined.i want to know, which leave is aplicable for us.

  66. Mahendra Prosad Ghosh says


  67. kousoov sarkar says

    I am a Block Disaster Management Officer in Namkhana BDO Office under Kakdwip Sub-division,south 24 paraganas. I want to go to delhi to take a coaching for IAS exam. Now for this reason I want to get a leave for one year nearly. please tell me what type of leave can I avail or apply for this purpose so that i can get my service without any break. is there any provision to get the salary or pay(full/ half) showig it as a study leave?

  68. Debarati giri says

    I’m an assistant teacher of a higher secondary school. How many days of commuted leave we can take in our total service period? Pls publish the g.o. Is there any circular of diff types of leave for secondary teachers like primary teachers?


    I’m a SSC appointed teacher.
    My husband is transferred to Delhi & my only 10yrs son is under some sort of psychiatric supervision.
    Under this circumstances I’ve to be shifted to Delhi.
    As I’ve no leave credited, I applied for Extra-ordinary Leave for 1 year,but the Managing Commit y didn’t grant my leave.
    MC didn’t grant the leave only as they’ll not get a deputed teacher for this period—is it true?
    As I’m asking for Extra-ordinary leave WITHOUT PAY,so why does the school not get any deputed teacher for the time period of 1 year(i.e, more than 120 days)?
    What should I do to get the leave?
    If I remain absent without MC’s permission for next 1 year(by sending the application only),what will happen?


    If any SSC appointed teacher is on leave without pay(as Extra-ordinary Leave) for 1 year, does the respective school get a deputed teacher for the post ?
    If yes,what is the procedure and the GO no of the rule?
    Please reply as early as possible.

  71. Gargi Basu Dhar says

    I am an assistant teacher in a govt. aided high school. I want to know
    1) since we don’t get any earned leave so what will be the rule of CCL for us. Am I entitled to get CCL while I still have medical leave in my account?
    2)what is the maximum limit of half pay leave and commuted leave in my entire service life?
    Grgi Basu Dhar

  72. BISWAJIT KAR says

    Sir, iMr.Biswajit kar an A.T since 1995.
    I had to take leave from 19-11-2011 to 04-12-2011 vizs 16days for the purpose of my father’s death and maintain consequent follow up rituals.In this backdrop I would like to know in which ground these leaves can be a valid except M.L.
    I would be grateful to you if you please help me out in this regard at the earliest.
    Thanking you in hopeful anticipation.

  73. goutam bera says

    sir i am a school teacher (high).i was joined in additional post 1st oct.2008.thwn i was taken a leave for 9 days onthe month of november2008. at 2012 feb my servicebook is not ready due to that leave,because that leave was not registered in leave register copy.now i want to know that,what is the processes to clear that leave.

    • debashis pal says

      that 9 days leave should be “leave as without pay”. i think you have got the salary for those days. now you have to apply to the m.c seeking leave as without pay for those days and after the approval by the m.c you have to refund the money with interest to the govt .salary fund. all the above fact should be noted in your service book.

  74. md salim khan says

    hi,i am a primary teacher in a govt aided primary school.i want to know that one of my friend wants to take leave without pay for 3 months .what should he do and is this possible under west bengal leave rules.reply asap.

  75. sukhamoy ghosh says

    i am an assistant teacher & my wife also an assistant teacher of west bengal secondary school. i was suffered from chicken pox for 15 days on the last month. in this case can both of us shall get special leaves? pls response immediately.