Different Types of Leaves

Leave Rules for Govt. Employee – Leaves can not be claimed as a matter of right. Except Casual Leave and Half day Casual Leave, other leaves may be combined.

There are following different types of leaves which are applicable for the Permanent / Temporary Govt. employees of West Bengal. The latest revision of leave rules by G.O. are also considered. Everything about leave is described in West Bengal Service Rule Part I, Rule 144 to 207.

Types of Leave Admissibility Period of Leave Pay
Earned Leave Private affairs and medical ground. 30 days per year, maximum credit 300 days. Full Pay.
Half Pay Leave Private affairs and medical ground. 20 days for every year. advance half pay leave is permitted. Half Pay.
Commuted Leave a) Medical ground, not exceeding half the amount of half pay leave due.
b) Study purpose in the interest of public service up to a maximum of 90 days.
Twice the amount of half pay leave is debited. Full Pay.
Leave not Due Medical ground based on medical certificate. 360 days during entire period of service. Half Pay.
Extraordinary Leave When no other leave is admissible. No limit. Without Pay & Allowances
Special Disability Leave Disability by injury or in consequence of due performance of official duties on production of medical board’s certificate. Maximum 24 months. 120 days Full Pay thereafter Half Pay.
Study Leave Higher study in the interest of public service. 12 months at any one time and 24 months during service period. Outside India, Full Pay + DA, within India Pay is admissible if Scholarship / Stipend / Part time salary is not drawn.
Quarantine Leave Specified infectious disease certified by medical officer. Normally 21 days, in exceptional cases 30 days. Full Pay.
Maternity Leave Only female Govt. employee. Also admissible for abortion, miscarriage. Maximum 180 days, 6 weeks for miscarriage and abortion. Full Pay.
Child Care Leave Only female Govt. employee for taking care of upto two children upto 18 years of their age Maximum 730 days during entire period of service. Full Pay.
Hospital Leave Medical ground. 3 months. Full Pay and thereafter Half Pay.
Special Sick Leave Navel staff on medical ground. Maximum 3 months. Full Pay.
Casual Leave & Half Day C.L. Private affairs and medical ground. 14 days in each calender year. Full Pay.

Other pertinent points regarding leave:-

  • Leaves can not be claimed as a matter of right.
  • Except Casual Leave and Half day Casual Leave, all other leaves may be combined.
  • Permission is required from the leave sanctioning authority to join duty before the expiry of granted leave.
  • Increment is admissible during the period of leave except extra ordinary leave.
  • No Govt. employee shall take up employment during leave.
  • Cash equivalent of leave is admissible where a Govt. employee retires on attaining the age of superannuation / death in service.


  1. Amrita Kumar Mukherjee says


    My wife is working as Staff Nurse, Grade-II at R.G. Kar Medical & Hospital. Recently on 05/04/2014 she had to undergo Complete Abdominal Hysterectomy in a private nursing home and the Doctor advised 3 months rest. She intimated about said operation on 31-03-2014. But the Nursing Superintendent Office told that more than 59 days leave cannot be granted and she must be joined on 59 day. Otherwise, her salary will be stopped and the entire matter to be sent to the D.H.S. for his advise.

    I like to know can my wife apply for 3 months Commuted Leave (if there will any short fall, the balance may be adjusted from E.L.) and the Medical Superintendent-cum-Vice Principal can sanction the said leave ?

    I am in too confusion about the matter. Please help me by providing details.



  3. Remmiya dinesh says

    i am working as higher secondary school teacher under Aided kerala government my post is not approved but i am appointed before 6 months can i take leave for doing couse work for doing Ph.D

  4. Krishanu Das says

    My wife is an Assistant Teacher in Govt aided school and she wants to take extra ordinary leaves for a duration of two years. She wants to travel abroad in Australia for that period along with our only son , who is of just one year old as I am in currently posted in Australia for job assignment. Now, the management committee of the concerned school is not approving the leaves. My question is how can she apply for the leaves? If ,in case, she takes the leaves without committee’s approval will there be any problem at the time of resuming her service after two years? Please provide me your kind and fruitful suggestion on how to proceed with the leave approval process.

  5. Biswajit Raj says

    i am a student of regular b.ed course 2013-14.I have joint a school on 24th december 2013 . can i complete this B.ed course?


    Dear Sir,
    I have been working in a govt sponsored school as Asst.Teacher of commerce(Hons/PG) since August 2009.
    I have recently been suffering from breast cancer which was detected on 14/11/2013. I have been operated
    on 25/11/2013 at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai after taking Medical Leave from 18/11/2013. But for
    prolonged treatment in terms of ensuing chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and associated illnesses I require
    at least 6 months continuous leave ( upto june 2014) How can I afford to avail leave for that period of
    time for my urgent cancer treatment ? Please communicate me at the earliest.

    KUHELI CHATTERJEE, Dtd: 1/12/2013

  7. tanuja biswas says

    i am an assistant teacher of a gov aided h.s. school. i am in maternity leave from 1st april 2013 to 27 th september 2013 for180 days. my question is am i enjoy 14days casual leave in this academic year . my H.M. grant me only 6days casual leave as i am not working for six month due to maternity leave..

  8. suvendu chowdhury says

    west bengal police directorate staff suffering from cancer and under medical treatment – chemo therapy is going on.does he entitle to get any kind of special leave

  9. ABDUR ROUF says

    Sir, I am a paramedical STAFF (PMOA/OPHTHALMIC ASSTT) under WB Health service,PHP branch. In most of public holodays , OPD remains open, go through duty. My question is can I avail CCL in replace?

  10. dip says

    if a govt employee can not join his/her duty for any day due to an urgent private affair without prior intimation to his/her office what can do his higher authority where there is no CL credit in the employee’s a/c. can he/she apply for EL for that day later?

  11. RAJIB says

    pls i want the govt employee(ANM or HealthAssistant Female update transfer currents rules very needed…..i am wait….

  12. Kunal Banerjee says

    sir, my wife is a school teacher in an aided secondary school . Her school will closed on 25, 29,30,31 december & 1st january . If she work on 24th december & rejoin on 2nd january , what kind of leave she can take ? If she take medical leave , what will be the duration ? Please clarify & if possible please mention the order/circular no . Thanks & regards .

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