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The Government of West Bengal as well as the Department of Pension, Provident Fund & Group Insurance (DPPG) has taken an initiative for payment of pension on the date of superannuation or immediately before superannuation to the employees of Non-Government Educational Institutions, Municipalities, Panchayats and certain other Organizations. In this regard DPPG mandate the system of issuing Pension Payment Order (PPO) to the respective employer. For benefits of the employees, DPPG implemented Pension file status query service. The service is available through Gram Panchayat, Industrial Training, Library, Mass Education, Municipality, Panchayat Samiti, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Technical Education, Zilla Parishad Pensioners can know the status of their Pension Files sent by Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSAs). Pensioner will get status messages as follows:

Pension File Status Meaning
Pension File received and File No. assigned. Pension File received and a File number given for future reference. The File is being allotted to specified auditors for auditing.
Pension File is under audit. Auditors of DPPG are auditing the Pension File.
Audit is completed and PPO printing under process. Audit is completed for Pension file. Pension calculation and generation of Pension Payment Order (PPO) related tasks are being done.
Objection(s) raised in Pension File and File is under process to return to concerned PSA. Objection(s) found in the Pension File by Auditor(s) and File will be return to concerned PSA/DI for compliance.
PPO generation completed and under despatch. PPO is being dispatched to Pensioner and concerned Treasury office.
Either data entered for query is wrong or File is not yet entered in computer system at DPPG. Input data given to find Pension file status may be wrong or File is yet to be entered in computer system at DPPG.

For more information please contact:

  • The Director, Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group Insurance, Purta Bhavan, 2nd Floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091, Phone No. (033) 23341680
  • The Joint Director, Pension, Provident Fund & Group Insurance, Purta Bhavan, 2nd floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091. Phone No. (033) 23341684 (For Secondary Cases)
  • The Deputy Director, Pension, Provident Fund & Group Insurance Purta Bhavan, 2nd floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091. Phone No. (033) 23371718 (For Primary Cases)

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  1. shubhadip says


    My father will be retire soon. He has received the Memo No. as well as the File No. but the Pension Status is still showing:- “Either data entered for query is wrong or File is not yet entered in computer system at DPPG.” Somedays before Pension status was showing Pension File is Under Audit. But now it is showing
    “Either data entered for query is wrong or File is not yet entered in computer system at DPPG.”

    I will deeply appreciate if you could assist in this regards.

    • Dhritisundar says

      Most Respectfully sir,
      My father was an assistant teacher and he retired on 30.09.2014. He has received the Memo No from DI of school,Purba Medinipur. .
      i want to know my father’s the Pension Status .The memo no-238-s/pension/2, which is received on 3.07.2015 by receiveing section of pension section- “ If you kindly do this I am very oblized to you.
      Thanking you.
      Yours’ faithfully,
      Dhriti Sundar Maity
      S/o-Gorachand Maity

  2. itz.babai says

    I am a retired secondary school teacher. After getting the PPO order what should I do. Actually I want to know the following steps between getting the PPO order and Receive pension amount in bank account. it’s urgent…. Plz Help me….

  3. alamsafiul says

    I am Safiul Alam, APO, DOB 3/5/1955, gov. Employee. How can I search my pension file status ? I have tried DPPEG in wbfin, PnRD category not found there in drop down box. Please give me the apropriet Link.

  4. madhudipak says

    My father dppg file noSEC/MSD/00153/2014…MEMO DATE17/07/2014 DISTRICT Murshidabad..fathers mameDIPAK KUMAR BANDYOPADHYAY..EX HM..ON PENSION STATUS PPO GENERATION COMPLETED AND UNDER DESPATCH SHOWN BUTnot get yet..can you postal tracking id so that i can track the pension file…pension catagory secondary

  5. Noor says

    Respected sir/madam,
    My name is Abul Hossain Mandal…Date of Birth-04/05/1955…Memo no-867/P(PEN)/2, dated-01/12/2014…please inform me the current status of my pension….
    kindly reply me as soon as possible about my pension…
    Thanking you…….

  6. rajib says

    Dear sir
    i am rajib das,my father,sri kanai chandra das was retired from his service on 28 feb ,2014.His case file no. Is PEN-XIII/AP/710(A)/13-14.Please inform me the current status of my father’s pension which is not start.
    Kindly reply me as soon as possible about regarding his problem.
    Thanking u………

  7. Dr. Sengupta says

    Dear Admin,
    I want to know the status of my mother’s pension file. She is a retired school teacher and has switched from CPF to pension scheme, and completed all required formalities including paper works, and money refunds. She is supposed to get her pensions starting in effect from September, 2014. But so far, there is no information regarding the proceedings or she has not started receiving any pension yet. Is there any option where we can get the updates online?
    Please find below the required information-
    Mother’s name: Tapati Roy Chowdhury
    DoB: August 3, 1947
    Name of school: Balurghat Girls’ High School
    Designation: Assistant teacher
    Date of joining: September 1, 1966
    Date of retirement: August 31, 2007
    Any updates regarding this will be appreciated. Thanks.
    -Dr. Sengupta

  8. pranita bagchi says

    Transfer of Pension from Ranaghat Treasury to Pondicherry Treasury– Transfer application of PRANITA BAGCHI together with necessary papers viz. original PPO No.NAD/S/S/4149, Adhar Card, etc. have been deposited to Ranaghat Treasury which have been forwarded to The Director of Pension, PF., & Group Insurance, W.Bengal, Purta Bhavan(2nd.Floor) Salt Lake . Kol-700091 vide Memo No.3559/1(2)/TA(R) dated 13-11-2014.
    Kindly mail or post the status of the said application and expedite the matter as pending transfer and pension being withheld– I am in hardship.
    Kindly post a reply urgently …… PRANITA BAGCHI

  9. bibhas.ghosal says

    my aunt,MANGALA ROY, Ex-Gr-IV Sevika Nurse, Voluntarily Retired on 01.05.2012 (A/N) an employee of ID&BG Hospital, Kolkata -10 got sanctioned for VRS and her pension book vide memo No. IDBGH/1062 dated 20.05.2014 submitted to the Principal , The Accountnat General -I ( A&E) , West Bengal Treasury Building and got her Final Paymment of P.F. Balance by July 2014. But there is no pension order yet received. So plz let me know her pension status.

  10. Rupi Bibi says

    Respected sir/ madam,

    I am Rupi Bibi, the wife of Late Md. Abul Hossain Middya who was the assistance teacher of Atapoti Amtala High Madrasa. My husband had died on 07/05/2013. I have done the all application procedure for getting my pension. My memo no is- 3317/1(2)/S. Now let me know the status of my pension.

  11. dipika das says

    Dear sir,
    My father Ranjit kumar das2 ex R.I died on 21.10.2013 while in service.Now the time we not get g.p.f. and the family pension is not start.the memo no is=267/SDLLRO/TEH/2014 date 28/05/14 and 267/1(7) date 28/5/14.
    please infrom me when will the pension start and when we get g.p.f

  12. tista mukherjee says

    dear sir,
    i am tista mukherjee, i have applied for a family pension dated on 23.06.2014 account no 00009330000012488 and the claim id is WBCAL 140600011966. Plz. reply me how much time it will take.

  13. anand ray says

    my father new india insurance satfe my father death 02.03.1213 but we r not get any benifite by company my family suffering so pls look my matter. and reply


    Respt. Sir,
    I am a retd. Headmaster of Bonbirsingh B.S High School, P.O-Bonbirsingh P.S- Patrasayer, S.D.-Bishnupur(Bankura). My P.P.O No-Sec/S/BNK/00217/2014 for gratuity. But I am a C.P.F holder. Now I change CPF to GPF. So I want to receive my Service Book immedietely.
    Please send my Service book for pension file to the D.I./S.(S.E.) Bankura
    Ashutosh Chandra P.O- Sonamukhi Dist- Bankura
    Date of Retirement – 31.01.2009
    Date of Birth – 2nd January 1949


    Dear Sir,
    I am a Retd. Headmaster of Bonbirsingh B.S.High School, want to say that my gratuity is already paid at Bishnupur Treasury (P.P.O). But now I am a C.P.F holder, and apply to D.I./S. Bankura for Pensaion. But my service book is not my custody.
    So please supply my service book very soon to Bankura D.I /S. for C.P.F >G.P.F.

    • SABITA HAZRA says

      Respt. sir,
      I already have retired from my service on 30th June’2014 as an Assistant Teacher (Primary) of Alarbandi J. B. School under Sadar East Circle, Suri (Purandarpur), Block- Suri -II , Birbhum, West Bengal. DI/PSA Memo No. is 415 dated 05.12.2013, DPPG File No PRI/BIR/00602/2013 . Online statuses about my pension file is shown “Your File has been Objected”. At this time what I have to do or where have to quary about my file to rectified / correct the error of my file. Please help me positively as soon as possible.
      Warm regard
      Thanking you,
      Smt. Sabita Hazra


    I am Ashutosh Chandra (Retd. Headmaster) of Bonbirsingh Barada Sundari High School.
    My PPO is not reach in my hand. My file date of Despatch of D.I/Schools,Bankura memo no – 4424/1(2)/S Dated- 20/12/2013.
    Please check my Grachuity File & send my PPO.

  17. Dale says

    my name is celine Lobo. and my file id no is 2091450528
    reference number : /CH3/2091450528/1014085209/86202 DATED 18/6/14
    PLEASE tell me the status of my pension file.

  18. Partha Pratim Biswas says

    My wife was a Head Teacher of Primary School under at Kamarhati Circle and she expired on 26.08.2012. My Provident Fund and Group Insurance, Pension and Gratuity papers forwarded to your office, West Bengal, Purta Bhaban, Kolkata vide Memo No. 15561/1(2) Pen. Dated 17.01.2014. Kindly look into the matter and intimate me. Thanks & Regards, Sri Partha Pratim Biswas.

  19. Sajjad Haider says

    I am a Head Teacher of Primary School, under Kolkata District and I am going to retire on 31.07.2014. My pension case has been submitted to the pension director, pension, provident fund and group insurance, west bengal, PURTA BHABAN, Kolkata vide memo no. 2/1/3/pen date 17.04.2014. Kindly look into the matter and intimate me. Thanks & regards, Sahjad Haider.

  20. Mantu gopal simlai says

    my file no is 68/S/pent/(1) Date-19/02/2014 kindly let me know the status of the pension file & commutted value likely time to release Pension and gratuty .

    thanking you
    Mantu gopal simlai.

  21. Michael Tamang says

    I have retired w.e.f. 1st May, 2013. My Pension papers were sent on 10.6.2013 and the File No. is DHC/CAL/00003/2013. However, vide RM/R/00028/13 dated 29.10.13 from Dte. of Pension, PF & GI intimated that there were some Audit Observations. After the rectification the document was sent vide 521/X-26/PAD/PS/GTA dt. 5/12/13. Till date no intimation has been received. Kindly inform the status.

  22. goutam datta says

    My wife Late Sunanda Nayak was a D group staff of a secondary school. Unfortunately she died on 05/09/2012, Pension file no SEC/BNK/00191/2013,According to your website file has been objected. What can I do ? My wife was the only earning member of my family. And I am in a very bad financial condition with my children,
    Please do something,

  23. souvik majumder says

    my father name is mr. tapan majumder. mr. tapan majumder try to know about his pension status. his file no is P/CAL/00062/2013. so kindly reply in this email id about the pension status of mr. tapan majumder.

  24. Arjun jha says

    Sir i am retired 30 june 2013. From head teacher post of primari school,of siliguri. I did not get ppo yet. Why, my DPPG file no is 246 and Date 31.05.2013. Sir i request to you please take possitive step.

  25. kalpana Sett says

    my file no is N/31/ 2013/H .kindly let me know the status of the

    of the file & likely time to release Pension and gratuty .

    thanking you
    Kalpana Sett.

  26. manjit singh says

    I work auto piston com but factory closed 3march 2000 I submit 10 D form but reject 2no form D O B 01/07/1965 but 10th board certificate D O B ;05/05/1962 please send suggesion. me
    your faith fully
    manjit Singh

  27. manjit singh says

    my D O B 5may 1962 in 10th board certificate. but 2no form written D O B 1 July 1965 I want take reduce pension send suggested for pension i

  28. Dolon Chatterjee says

    This is to state that I am retire
    ing 0n 31/5/2014,My pension Papers Memo No.25/BST dt.14.3.2013.i am a Primary Teacher woking as Assistant Teacher at Janaki Dey Adarsha Vidyapith,Barasat.Let me know my Pension Paper status…Dolon Chatterjee dt.22.5.2014

  29. JAKIA KHATUN says

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I already have retired from my service on 31st March,2014 as Teacher(Primary) of Laxmipur F.P. School, Kushmandi Circle, Block: Kushmandi, Dist.: Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal. But till date I have not received my PPO. The DI/PSA Memo No. is 1183 dated 18/09/2013. The DPPG file number is PRI/DDR/00152/2013. Online statuses about my pension file depicting “Pension File received and File No. assigned” for last 4 months. Why so delay in sending the file in Audit Section?

    Considering above you are requested to please look into the matter so that I can get the PPO as early as possible. It’s already been too late, please don’t make it late further.

    Warm regards,

    Jakia Khatun.

  30. sikha Ghoshal says

    Respected sir
    I am sikha Ghoshal I was working as GNM staff nurse of amjhuri B.P.H.C ,Hirbandh,Bankura.I was retiring on31st March.
    So,I am requesting you if you kindly give my pension status I will be highly obliged.
    Yours faithfully
    Sikha Ghoshal


    I already retired from my service from 3rd of sep.2011 as a head master of pedong junior basic school,kalimpong general circle,block ii,district darjeeling,west bengal.but till date i am not getting my pension arrears, memo no is 373/DIS/PE DSL/FPC/13.

  32. Debasish Nandi says

    Please update status of pension case memo no-3135 Dt.-17/12/13, File no.PRI/PUR/00416/2013 from DI of Schools, Purulia, Pensioner Name- Subhas Chandra Mahato.

  33. ARUN KUMAR NATH says

    Sir,I am not getting Pension Feb’14 my PPO no WB/Cal/76859.My PPO papers came to my Bank on 21.01.14 which received by me dt.20.02.14 also submitted Live Certificate.Considering above you are requested to pl look into the matter so that I can get the monthly pension from Feb’14.
    Arun Kumar Nath
    8th April’14

  34. SOUMYA SARKAR says

    Respected sir,

    shall i get the speed post tracking number so then i can track my ppo because my mothhers ppo documents already dispatch on 01.04.14 but still not received.PRI/UDR/0103/2013 FILE NUMBER.

  35. yaram jojibabu says

    sir plz send me my PPO saus and pension authorizaion leer as early as possible my ref no PAG(A&E)\AP\P10\I\J-4\4\SP892\2014-01\587,Dt- 6-2-14.IVRS NO 140110047410.

  36. Sudip Kumar Samanta says

    Respected Sir,
    My mother Smt Kanchan Samanta gate retired on 28th Feb’2014. Still now not get PF, Pension, gratuity etc. Pension file no PRI/EMD/00255/2013 and DI/PSA memo no 414 & memo date 16/09/2013. Kindly inform me my mother pension, PF, gratuity etc status.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sudip Kumar Samanta

  37. KISHORE KUMAR says

    my mother ppo no.GR/GNT/0040066 please grant pension to my mother because my mother sent life certificate on november but it was not reached to epf office so they removed my mother name in the pensioner list again my mother sent life certificate on february please grant my mother pension

  38. KISHORE KUMAR says

    my mother sent life certificate on november but it was not reached to epf office so they removed my mother name as pensioner.Again we sent life certificate on february please grant my mother pension

  39. sripati nath mahato says

    plz inform me about my pension file and in which situation now it is. memo number is 871. sending date 06/05/2013. Turandih primary school, Barabazar 2, Purulia

  40. Krishna Chakraborty says

    Sir, I superannuated as Head Teacher from a GSFP School on 31-03-2013. DPPG has allotted Pension File No. as PRI/CAL/00031/2013. I use to watch Pension File status frequently. On 08-03-2014, status was shown as “PPO Generation completed and under dispatch”. The position is not changed within the long spell of 23 days. I shall be obliged if my PPo is dispatched without further delay. Thanking you.

  41. Sipra Mukherjee says

    Sir, I got retired from my service on 31.1.2014 but till date I didn’t get my P.F., leave salary, GIS. How much time it will take to get the above.

  42. kirankumar s.joshi says

    Sir, My name is Kiran S.Joshi,Registrar, Civil Court,Nadiad.My new Pension Case is already sent to ur office on dtd:15/02/2014.And its District court Javak No:A/C:146/14.Pls kindly inform me the status of my pension.

  43. Sunita Karmakar says

    Come to know that PPO is being despatched to the Pensioner and the concerned Treasury Office.Please let me know that whether the said PPO has been despatched from the despatch section on what date as I have not yet been received till date though the status shows for the last 15days

  44. amarjeet kr mishra says

    Sir i am v/r on 1/10/2013 my force no 910720175hc amarjeet kr mishra 217bn crpf gc avadi t.n non receipt. of pension. till date pse send present. status

  45. amarjeet kr mishra says

    Sir l am retired. crpf on dtd 1/10/2013 and my force no 910720175 Hc/GD-Amarjeet kr mishra 217 BN under Group center Avadi (T.N) pension. case aldy sent to ur office. trough. G.C AVADI On 7/2/2014 pse inform present status

  46. Bandana Roy says

    Bandana Roy Sir,I am Bandana Roy wife of Late Ranjan Roy,please inform me the statusof the pension file having memo no 7/P,and the D8/S. Date-17/01/2014.

  47. Anulekha Sinha says

    Please inform the status of the pension file of Smt Anulekha Sinha A T Radhamohanpur S J Girls’ high school having memo no 11-S/P(K)dt22.01.2014.

  48. Tapan Kumar Roy says

    Sir, I am a retired Primary Head Teacher and under critical medical treatement. My file No. Primary – EMD/00265/2013, memo No. PRI/EMD 00113/2013, Memo date- 08/10/2013. Kindly inform my pension and PF status.