Pay Fixation of Teacher – Some Clarifications

The benefit of 18 years of continuous service will be admissible to the teaching and non-teaching employees drawing pay in the revised pay structure up to Pay Band No. 3.

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
Budget Branch
Bikash Bhawan, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091

No. 30-SE (B)/5B-1/2009 Dated: 10.02.2010


After issue of No. 46-SE (B) dt. 27-02-2009 and No. 181-SE(B) dt. 08.10.2009 several questions have been raised from different quarters as regards fixation of pay in the revised pay structure of the existing Assistant Teachers, Assistant Headmaster/ Assistant Headmistress, Headmaster/ Headmistress, Head Teacher and Head Clerk of the educational institutions where they are now posted and even for such teachers who are in service after 1st January, 2006 but ceased to be in service before 27.02.2009 for death or retirement, as the case may be.

The following clarifications are given to the points of doubts raised from different corners:-

Points of doubt Clarifications
1. How pay will be fixed in the revised pay-structure when an employee will get the benefit of fixation of pay in the next higher grade pay after completion of 18 years of continuous service on or after 01.01.2006? The benefit of 18 years of continuous service will be admissible to the teaching and non-teaching employees drawing pay in the revised pay structure up to Pay Band No.3. When an employee has not got a single promotion/ advancement to higher scale during his 18 years’ of continuous and satisfactory service, after completion of 18 years’ of service he will get an additional increment along with next higher grade pay for entitlement of such benefit over and above the benefit of the usual annual increment as will be admissible to him.
2. Whether the benefit will be available on the date of entitlement or on the date of usual increment on the 1st July of the year? Since the benefit is linked with option for fixation of pay on the date of entitlement or on the date of annual increment on the 1st July of the year, such fixation of pay for the non-functional benefit will be strictly guided by the principles laid down in para 3 (i) of the Memo No. 181-SE(B), dated 08.10.2009.
3. How additional incremental benefit for continuous service of 10 years/20 years will be regulated? Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff of the Government sponsored/Aided Institutions will the benefit of one additional increment in the revised pay-structure after completion of 10 years of continuous and satisfactory service and another one additional increment after 20 years of such service. The span of 10 years/20 years will be counted from the date of entry into service of an employee and it will be irrespective the post held by him during such period of service. To illustrate, an Assistant Teacher has got one additional increment after completion of 10 years of continuous and satisfactory service. Thereafter, he has been appointed as Headmaster with higher ‘grade pay’ in the Pay Band-4 when he has just completed 16 years of service. After completion of 20 years, Continuous and satisfactory service he will get one additional increment as per para-2 of Memo No.181-SE (B), dated 08.10.2009.
4. What will be the date of fixation of pay when such benefit of 10/20 years of service will be available to an employee? Since the date of annual increment shall always remain unchanged i.e. 1st July of the year and there shall be a gap of at least 6 months between any type of increment and annual increment, fixation of pay is to be regulated as per option of the employee for such non-functional benefit and such fixation of pay is to be made as per principles laid down in para 3(i) of the Memo No. 181-SE(B), dated 08.10.2009.
5. A confusion has arisen about some contradictory words in Note-I below para-2 of the Memo No.181-SE (B), dated 08.10.2009. For removing all confusions. Note-I is being substituted by the following: “Note-I” As the post of Headmaster is not first appointment, nor it may be a promotional one, it should not be considered separately for awarding any benefit of 10/20 years as was being done earlier. But the old cases settled earlier need not be re-opened and the teacher may be allowed to submit option retaining his/her pay (which he is actually drawing) granted earlier.
6. How additional Grade Pay for taking higher responsibilities of Head Teacher (Primary School), Headmaster/ Headmistress, Assistant Headmaster/ Assistant Headmistress of the Schools of different nomenclature will be regulated in the revised scale in the case of existing teachers? The term “existing teachers” means those who are in service on or before 01.01.2006.Additional Grade Pay is a new concept in the revised pay-structure for taking higher responsibility. The benefit of additional ‘Grade Pay’ will be admissible to the existing Head Teacher, Primary School, Assistant Headmaster/Assistant Headmistress, High School (V-X), Headmaster/Headmistress, Assistant Headmaster/ Assistant Headmistress, Higher Secondary School (V-XII), Headmaster/Assistant Headmaster, Junior High School(V-VIII), irrespective of their dates of appointments to such posts notionally with effect from 01.01.2006 and actually with effect from 01.04.2008.Such existing teachers as per their option on any date on and from 01.01.2006 to 27.02.2009 may be allowed to fix their pay in the revised pay structure along with additional Grade Pay which is admissible to them for taking higher responsibility as mentioned above.
7. How pay in the revised pay-structure of an Assistant Teacher will be fixed when he gets appointment to the post of higher responsibility of Head Teacher, Assistant Headmaster/Assistant Headmistress, Headmaster/Headmistress etc. within the period from 01.01.2006 to 27.02.2009? When as Assistant Teacher would get such appointment to a post of higher responsibility on or after 01.01.2006 but within 27.02.2009, his pay could have been fixed in the existing scale allowing additional increments as per Memo No.185-SE(B), dated 04.05.2000 on that date and thereafter on the same day his pay would have to be fixed according to potion in the revised pay-structure as per ROPA, 2009 allowing additional Grad  Pay for taking higher responsibility in terms of para 4(a) & 4(b) of Memo No.181-SE(B), dated 08.10.2009.
8. How pay in the revised pay-structure will be fixed in case of an Assistant Teacher who is appointed to a post of Head Teacher, Assistant Headmaster/ Assistant Headmistress, Headmaster/ Headmistress etc. after fixation of his pay under the revised pay-structure? After fixation of pay under the revised pay-structure, if an Assistant Teacher is appointed to a post of higher responsibility, he will get one increment @ 3% on his revised basic pay (pay in the pay band + Grade Pay) and in addition he will be entitled to Grade Pay or additional Grade Pay as has been prescribed for the post. The matter of fixation of pay with incremental benefit will be regulated as per provisions laid down in para 11 of the Memo No. 46-SE(B), dated 27.02.2009 read with para 3(i) of the Memo No. 282-SE(B), dated 08.02.2009 as per option exercised by teacher.
9. How pay will be fixed in the revised pay structure in the following cases:-(a) A School was a High School (V to X) before 01.01.2006 to 27.02.2009. How pay of the Headmaster will be fixed in such a case? (a) The Headmaster of a High School was not entitled to any additional increment other then scale of pay of the post in the unrevised scale. If the School was upgraded to H.S. within the period 01.01.2006 to 27.02.2009, the Headmaster would be entitled to two additional increments from the date of such up gradation as per provisions of the unrevised scale of pay. When the said Headmaster would opt to come under the revised pay structure, his pay could have been fixed as per his option either from 01.01.2006 or from the date of up gradation of the school when he got two additional increments in the unrevised scale. In the first case, after fixation of his pay in the revised scale, he would be again entitled to get 3% increment and additional Grade Pay from the date of taking higher responsibility of the upgraded school. In the second case, he would be entitled to get his pay fixed in the revised pay-structure taking two additional increments in the unrevised scale and he would then get additional Grade Pay of the post of the Headmaster of H.S. School under the revised Pay Structure.
(b) An Assistant Teacher was appointed to the post of Assistant Headmaster after 01.01.2006 and again he got appointment subsequently to the post of Headmaster. How his pay will be fixed? In this case if the appointment to the post of Headmaster was made within 27.02.2009, the said teacher may opt for the revised scale from the date of appointment to the post of Headmaster directly after remaining in the unrevised scale till his such appointment. He may then get entry-point pay in the Pay Band for the post of Headmaster in the revised scale or otherwise, as the case may be, as per pay in the post of Assistant Headmaster in the unrevised scale, whichever is more, in terms of revised pay-structure and in addition he will get Grade Pay / additional Grade Pay. The said teacher also may opt for the revised pay structure taking his revised scale of pay for the post of Assistant Headmaster and his pay then will be fixed as per Item No. 7 of the Clarifications. After his appointment to the post of Headmaster, his pay will have to be fixed as per Item No. 8 of the Clarifications.
(c) Whether additional increments which were drawn before 01.01.2006 by the Head Teacher, Assistant Headmaster, Headmaster etc. will be taken into account for fixation of pay in the revised pay-structure in case of those teachers who retired or died before coming into force of the revised pay-structure with effect from 27.02.2009? The benefit of fixation of pay under the revised pay-structure will be available to a teacher taking his earlier benefit of additional increment(s) in the unrevised scale irrespective of the fact he is in service on 27.02.2009 or not. In case of a teacher who retired before 27.02.2009, such benefit of fixation of pay will be available to him as per his option with effect of 01.01.2006 or on the date of his next increment or on the date of accrual of any non-functional benefit.In case of a deceased teacher such benefit of fixation of pay may be from the date which will be more beneficial to him.
10. Whether additional Grade Pay admissible to the Teacher-in-Charge as per para 4(d) of Memo No.181-SE (B), dated 08.10.2009, will be counted towards subsequent incremental benefit? Since the benefit of additional Grade Pay of a Teacher-in-Charge is of temporary nature, the amount of the said Grade Pay cannot be taken into account for incremental benefits but dearness allowance and house rent allowance will be paid on the said additional Grade Pay. The benefit will be available separately from the date of taking over charge Teacher-in-Charge as approved by the School authority and ratified by the concerned District Inspector of Schools and will continue will he /she hands over charge to a regular Headmaster/ Headmistress on his /her appointment to the post.

Further owing to absence of some clarifications confusions have been raised on several issues of the earlier order. We like to settle the matter in the following manner:-

(1) In para 4(c) of the Memo No. 181-SE(B), dated 08.10.2009, it has been stated in the last sentence of the 1st para that “Assistant Teacher from other Schools are not, however, entitled to this benefit.”

The term “Other Schools” will mean “on-aided or non-sponsored Private Schools and also include DA getting Schools.”

(2) There are posts of Head Clerk in the unrevised scale of Rs. 4000 – 8850/- with higher initial start at Rs. 4,550/- in the unrevised scale in the West Bengal Board of Primary Education, District Primary Schools Council or in the Training Institute for Primary Teachers etc. These Head Clerks will be allowed revised pay structure in the following manner:-

PB-3: Rs. 7100 – 37,600/-, Grade Pay: Rs. 3650/-

(Minimum pay in the Pay Band Rs. 8470/-).

(3) Admissibility of Winter Allowance, Hill Compensatory Allowance etc will be regulated in terms of Finance Department’s Memo No. 10640-F(P), dated 27.11.2009, with effect from 01.09.2009.

(4) The matter of granting of extra ordinary leave on medical ground and /or admissibility of notional / actual increment as per para 3(ii) of the Memo No. 181-SE(B), dated 08.10.2009, should be recorded in the Service Book of the concerned employee.

(5) The benefit of exemption from stoppage of increment as provided in Memo No. 759-SE(B), dated 30.07.2009, will be counted from 01.07.2006.

This has the approval of Finance (Audit) Deptt. vide this U.O. No. 374-Gr. P (Service) dt. 04/02/2010.

Sd/- O.S.D. & E.O. Deputy Secretary


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  1. panchanan kr. Das says

    g.o.1414 sslary met out from g o says that after march2010.salary willbe from general fund.but yet not happen.please clarify reason.

  2. Aarti paithankar says

    I have joined as primary H.M after completing 14 years of services in primary ashram school . my last basic pay was Rs. 17,690 or grade pay was Rs 4400. but my revorsion for primary teacher post so i want the chatoppadhyay vetan shreni and how much is my basic pay and grade pay.

  3. Md Yesdani says

    I joined as a pass category teacher on23.03.2006. On 07.01.2014 I joined as PG teacher.
    a) Can I get an aditional increament with my normal increament on 01.07.2014 according to ROPA-2009,Rule-11.
    b) Can it be called ” promotion from one grade pay to another”.
    pls help me

  4. Ganes chandra das says

    I am CPF holder. Now I want To go GPF scheme as per govt. order. How can I get ready to refund the govt share of cpf money.

  5. Sampad says

    I join in the school on 01.04.06. Due to lack of B.ed degree my increment was stop on 01.07.13. I have completed B.ed & last date of examination was 27.12.13. When my increment restart? Pls answer me.

  6. Chandan Kr Mandal says

    Joined 26.06.2001 as at as pass course. On 20.07.11 joined as headmaster in a jr. high madrasah and got P.G Scale with additional .03% increment with additional Rs. 200.00 gradepay for higher responsibility. Now If joins as Headmaster to a H.S school, hoe the pay will be fixed. Current B.P 20310( P.B Pay 15310 + G.P 5000).

  7. Sayanti Pal says

    I have joined in a Higher Secondary School in the year 2003 as a Hons Graudate teacher. After that in the year 2012 I have completed MA degree from Vidyasagar University , Directorate of Distance Education. Also my study leave was sanction for part -I & Part-II examination by WBBSE. Now the question is whether I can get MA scale . Please tell me the process for getting MA scale. I have applied for my higher scale. But the H.M of the school has done nothing till date . Pl help.

    • Zainul Abeddin says

      If u have got M.A. degree in ur relevent subject then u r intitle for M.A. scale as per w b control of expenditure act 2005. Best of luck


    i have joined as an AHM on 27/12/2013 in my school (H.S.). what extra benefit i shall get. whether 3% increment will be counted from my date of joining or from 1st july 2014. or only 200 grade pay i wiil get as an extra benefit. plz reply.

  9. sisir ghosh says

    date of joining 28/04/2004.can he get 10 years increment although he had not get b.ed degree till march 2014

    • debashis pal says

      as you shall not get the next increment, you should take the 10 years increment from 28/04/2014. Non functional increment do not related with normal increment.

  10. anup sharma says

    i joined as asst teacher in pass category in oct 2002. in 2013 dec i joined again in pg category, after clearing ssc.
    1- will i get an extra increment on account of promotion?
    2-how will my pay be fixed?

  11. srirabin says

    I am a Teacher. I want to know if i completed 10 years of service on jan-2014, then shall i be elligable to get 10 yrs benefit on jan. please clarify me as soon as possible.

  12. Kalyan Chakraborty says

    I joined as a pass graduate teacheron15.04.2004. Now I am empaneled and approvedas a post graduate teacher. Now my basic is about Rs 16,430.My first year service i was three days without pay due to my illness.My question is i)After pay fixation as a post graduate teacher what will be my basic pay ii) can I get 10 years benefit and if get from what date it will be effected.

  13. saikat saha says

    I am assistant teacher of sanskrit pass category in govt of wb. How many maximaum maoney I take for house loan?

  14. dillip behera says

    I joined kv as PRT on 5.8.2003 & got promoted as TGT & joined on 5.8.2013. Which one is a better option? To opt from date of promotion or from date of next increment?

  15. PRADEEP KUMAR says

    i pradeep kumar got promotion29.12.12at the post of trained graduate teacher and my posting has been done on 30.06.13 but i joined at the aforesaid post on 06.07.13 i would like to know process of pay fixation.before promotion my grad pay was Rs 4200.and my persent pay band 12780.

  16. Pravin Lama,D.S.B., Darjeeling says

    how will a pay fixed for a pry teacher when he/she passes PTTI/JR. BT as per Ropa 2009?

  17. Bashir Ahmad Mir says

    i was working as laboratory assistant in deptt-of education and got promoted as incharge teacher in own pay and grade of( 3050-4910) on 27-11-2007-.Later i got confirmed as teacher w e f 27-11-2007 on pay grade of 5200-20200+2400 grade pay as under gradate teacher and compleated graduation on 6/2012.What should be my basic pay as on 6/ is in place to mention here that my pa on 1/2006 was as 3125 in the pay band of 3050-4910


    I joined as an A.T. in Govt-aided school on 21/06/1998. I was on leave without pay from 11/02/2008 to 31/03/2009. I joined on 01/04/2009. On 01/07/2007 my BASIC PAY was 24440. What would be my BASIC PAY on 01/07/2009? From which date & month do I get my 20 year Benefit? What will be my BASIC PAY on 01/07/2013? Let me know as early as possible.

  19. Acharya Satyaprahash says

    Asst. Headmaster of our school retired in 2006. The post is still lying vacant. Tme M.C. is avoiding to appoint another one to the post, as the retired AHM has filed a Court-Case against the School, asking some corrections to his previous pay & allowances. How long the post may be kept vacant?

  20. Acharya Satyaprahash says

    A clerk joined our school on 3rd Dec 2012. What will be his date of 1st increment. Is it —- (i) 01-Jul-2013, or (ii) 01-Dec-2013, or (iii) 01-Jul-2014

  21. Md Akramul Hoque says

    I joined in a school as pass graduate teacher on 7.2.2004. Then I joined another School as post graduate teacher on 11.10.2008 without any break. My ten years continuous service will completed on 6.2.2014. From which date I get 10 years benefit and which rate?

  22. gdipankar says

    my colleague had joined as A.T. on 05.05.2002 in a Govt. Aided High School.when she will get 10 years benefit, she had 98 days without pay in the year 2003. now i would like to know when will she get an extra increment of 10 years benefit?

  23. SAIBAL PATRA says

    I was a teacher of Pry.Teacher from 13/02/2002 to 28/10/2009 & have joined as an A.T. in a Govt. Aided High School on dated-29/10/2009.Shall i be able to get 10 yrs.benefit as per ROPA-2009?

    If,Yes,please give the G.O. No. & Date.

  24. rita says

    Sir I joined as a third grade teacher in the year 1994 And was given 10 years benifet as at that time 9,18,27 rule had changed but now that rule is back and I have completed my 18 years of service without any break will I get my fixation as iam in this job from widow divorcee quota kindly advise me

  25. Sajal Saha says

    I, Sajal Saha was first appointed as A/T in the pay scale 4650-10175 on 3rd nov,1997 and basic pay was 4650.later I was appointed as H.M. of a junior High School on 28-02-2004 (Pay scale of 6000-12000) with basic pay 6225/-.After pay revision by ROPA 2009 with date of option on 01.05.08., the school to which I was appointed as H.M. was upgraded to class X on 01.05.2008. At the entry point as H.M. of a high School my basic pay was 21000 as on 01.05.2008.
    Now the question is can I able to avail the increment which is due after continuous service of ten years along with the additional increment as H.M. due to Up gradation of the school to class X


    I am a staff of Education deptt. I want to know if a teacher completed 10 years of service on sept-2012, then will he be elligable to get 10 yrs benefit on sept. If yes then why? whether the minimum gap of six months for additional increment will not be affect?

    • kousik roy says

      yes… the incumbent can opt for 10 yrs benefit in September 2012 and draw normal increment in July 2013 as per G.O.No. 181SE(B)/5B-1/09 DATED 08/10/2009. It is often mistaken that there must be a gap of 6 months between 2 increments…. while as per rules any non functional increment can be drawn in between 1st July to 1st January without hampering the next normal increment in July.

  27. Narain chatterjee says

    I am appointed as LDC in Delhi Govt.Aided school On Dec 1992, Promoted as UDC on 1997 and Promoted as Head Clerk on Aug.2005 Presently drawing Grade Pay-Rs.4200/-. May I applicable for any MACP ? If Yes then
    when. Pl reply on my mail as mentioned above.

  28. S.Purkait says

    I joined as pass graduate teacher on 15.4.92. As per ROPA-09, I went to Pay Band-3, Grade Pay-4100/-. I opted to take the benefit of 18 years service on and from 1.7.12. For this reason I shall get an additional increment and my Grade Pay will swing over to 4400/-. Now my question is that what my Pay Band will be. The respective circular does not clearly explain the matter to me.

    • kousik roy says

      your pay band will be, as per ROPA 2009, sl. no. 12, PAY BAND- 4, Rs. 9000-40500. P.B.-3 does not have the Grade Pay 4400. So it is quite clear that the scale of pay will also jump.

  29. SAIBAL PATRA says

    I was a teacher of Pry.Teacher from 13/02/2002 to 28/10/2009 & have joined as an A.T. in a Govt. Aided High School on dated-29/10/2009.Shall i be able to get 10 yrs.benefit as per ROPA-2009?

  30. Dipak Roy says

    A teacher from icse govt/privet school join as hm in a govt. aided school in wb,his pay protection will be given or not.

    • Sudarshan kumar sudhanshu says

      I think high court will pass an order for the favour of H.M who is from icsc or cbsc school. All such HMs should appeal to high court for justice.

  31. eshikamili says

    I have join as HM in Burdwan dist after completing 14 years of service in a Govt. ICSE school in Meghalaya My last basic pay was Rs22510 . How is my basic pay be calculated and whether my pay be protected. or not? If not pl mention the G.O number.

    • Sudarshan kumar sudhanshu says

      As D.I of Burdwan replied me under RTI Act that there is no provision for financial benefits from ICSC school. Since I am also from icsc school. But advocate Ekramulbari gave me some suggestions.

  32. Prodip Kr. Chakraborty says

    Pradip Kr.Chakraborty (Pensioner)
    31/08/2007 Retired Teacher
    Memo No.-1815/IP-34, Dt.-12.062010
    Received scale-RP-ADB-332.H.P-CO.B
    S.L. No.-20

    please ,
    giv me my revised scale status

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