Permission for B.Ed Training of Deputed School Teachers

Government of west Bengal
University Branch
Bikash Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700 091

No. 643(14)-Edn(U)/10M-205/2012, Dated: 28.06.2012.

From: Smt. Madhumita Ray, I.A.S., Joint Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal.

To: The Registrar, _____________________

Sub: Permission for doing B.Ed. Training for deputed School Teachers.


In continuation of this Deptt’s letter No. 456(14)-Edn(U) dated 11.05.2012, I am directed to say that this Deptt. has received deputations from different Teachers Organisation and individual untrained teachers regarding permission for undergoing B.Ed. course through Regular Mode for the academic year 2012-2013.

Now, considering all aspects it has been decided that the deputed school teachers may be allowed to take admission in regular B.Ed. course as per existing practice till such time, ODL mode B.Ed. is started.

You are, therefore, requested to send suitable instructions to all B.Ed. Colleges (NCTE recognized) affiliated to your University accordingly.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- Joint Secretary
to the Govt. of West Bengal.

No. 643-Edn dated 28.06.2012, Source



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  1. Md. Ajij says

    I am an A.T of a High Madrasah in Dakshin Dinajpur.
    Can I also get release for doing B.Ed in regular Mode after releasing two junior teachers for B.Ed in regular mode

  2. ARINDAM DAS says

    I am an untrained teacher. Date of joining 01.07.2011 in additional post(HS section). Is any rule for B.Ed. How can i do B.Ed (regular mo/deputed). Pls help me……

  3. Tapan Chakraborty says

    Sir I want to know that’is this the last academic session 2013-14 for doing B.Ed in regular mode for deputed teacher’.please inform me.Thank you.

  4. AMIT says

    I have got wbssc in this year 2013..and prior to it i have already stared the regular b.ed course as a fresher..
    Am i continue the course after joining school as now the training course is inevitable for all untrained teachers?
    Is there any rules or regulation in the system?

  5. Sujay Kumar Majee says

    In ODL mode bed course , class will be held on 20th – 30th oct,13 but our school will be open on 21th oct,13. so i get study leave or not and what will be the solution?


    I have 3yrs & more experience, can i do B.ed(regular mode/deputed) in any NCTE recognized B.ed college of other state,than the W.B.. plz help me…

  7. Amiya Pramanik says

    I am an untrained teacher Date of joining 20.09.2007, doing B.Ed in deputation. Is any rule for staying 3 year in that School after completing B.Ed?
    Answer pleaseeeeee?

    Thanking You………….

  8. Pawan Kumar says

    Dear Sir
    I am a jbt teacher appointed on 05/01/2011 in haryana. I have less than 45% marks in my graduation. Now I want to do b.ed.
    Is it possible with the marks I have?

    Pawan Kumar

  9. paritosh says

    I am PST in Govt. school. I have completed my B.A. through IGNOU in distance mode in June 2011. Now I am waiting for permission to doing B.ed through distance mode for the session 2014-16. My principal do not allow me to do the same. He always say that it must be 5 years gap between two degree. I want to know As per NCTE whether such types of regulation are applied?

  10. ajoy kumar ghosh says

    i joined the post of an assit. teacher six years i get a chance in b.ed in regular course.can school not release me three years after compleasion this course?

  11. Paritosh Das says

    I am a Primary School Teacher working in a Govt. school in Andaman And Nicobar Islands. I want to do B ed course through distance mode, but our head of institution do not allow me to do the same. According to him there must be gap of 5 years between two degree, as I have recently completed my M.A. from IGNOU.
    I want to know is there any rule to detain me for 5 years?

  12. alopi dey says

    respected sir,

    I am work education teacher as i was not allowed do B.Ed from DI.But i came to know that most of the work education teacher are doing B.ed and they get the appoval .what i will do my last date of submission on 27.o4.2013


    I have joined the school on 31/03/ 2006 ,now Iwant to B.Ed training as a deputed candidate .But DI office warned me that the 50% marks isrequire to avail the trainig as adeputed candidate.Is it true?

  14. tithi mondal says

    i have joined 11.07.2011 as an untrained teacher. i want to know that is it urgent to do b.ed within
    15.03.2015 or not? if i cant,then what can be occurred? and if i do b.ed after 2015 then also what to be?
    plz reply me.

  15. madhumita mondal says

    i joined on 13.11 2007 untrained.i prayed to d kolkata d.i for deputation & also filled a form of q is who r bound to do 2 yrs elementary courses as my marks r below 50% what r d criteria of d minimum qualification of a teacher acc to rte act.can i be eligible for b.ed or 2 yrs elementary courses would be mandated for me.

      • Payel kundu says

        Case filing is the best way to get rid of this ” Stop Increment problem” . if there has been relaxation upto 2012 .. then why this extension is not extended upto 2015..Becos it is not our fault for not having the chance to get admitted in B.ed course in any of the colleges…So i think u r on the right track….

  16. aloygonsalves01 says

    as i am already working as a teacher in a private minority school in nashik, maharashtra, since 1998, i did my d.ed from bhartiya shiksha parishad in 2009 because i had done my education from mumbai university and french was my second language and pune university wanted marathi as the second language so i was not getting addmision for d.ed therefore i had to do d.ed from bhartiya shiksha parishad can it be considered as a special case and also as i am a long standing employee in the school. please inform me

    i have also checked on net that bhartiya shiksha parishad in valid in NCTE, Bhopal as a special case, by DEC, recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India, approved by School Service .., in case of Diploma in Education (Special Education) and BEd (Special Education), a course recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) only shall be considered and ncvt approved is this all true

    thanking you
    aloysius gonsalves

  17. ziaur rahman says

    ami 2004 20th feb te jn kori,2008 porjanta apply korechhi kintu chance paini.2009 theke 50% er kam howar jonya chance dilona.aj o bed korte paini .amar kotogulo points ache please share and plese appropriate janomat gorun
    1.NCTE ACT KE 2007 batil kore ta 2002 er abasthai nie joa holo bole parliament e hrd minister m.a.a.fatmi bibriti diechhen on 04th march2008 check on nib website gov ment of indie hrd minister dated 04th march 2008.tobuo ncte er dohai die era admission naini…….
    2.ncte act 23.07.2010 theke karjokari kora holo bole gazet notify kora holo tate inservice teacher der odl method e admission korar kotha bola hoyeche regular course noy ebon 50% bar date of notification er aage applicable noy.tobuo era be aini bhabe admission niechhe kinu % bar rekhe diechhe st and others der jonyo state ke rule toirir odhikar dewa achhe kintu inservice der jonyo ei chhar keno hobe karon training ta sobar jonyo joruri.eta deputed der jonyo kora sangbidhan birodhi
    4.odl method state nai tai sarkar normal bhabe admission neoar kotha boleche.tahole % bar keno thakbe plese
    folllow circular no and letter no
    1.SED to higeredn dep wb no.795-SE(PRY/PTTI-7/2011 DATED 08.12.2011
    2.NO 232-SE(PRY)PTTI-7/2011 DATED 16.03.2012
    3.234 9140-eDN(U)/1U-23/12 dATED16 MARCH 2012
    4.456(14)-EDN (U) DATED 11.05.2012
    5.NO 463(14) EDN(U)/10M 205/2012 ADTED 28 JUNE 2012

  18. sanjay biswas says

    i am a deputed teacher in a secondary school of west bengal. i joined as dated 02-10-2007. i have not done b.ed course till now. to avoid the loss of increment in salary within what period i should have to done b.ed..?

    • Susmita Manna says

      I am a regular teacher in a government aided secondary school. I am contemplating on doing my B.Ed. What method should I adopt to adopt loss of increment. Please advise.


  19. srijit saha says

    If more than two teachers of a school would like to go for B.Ed through distance learning which does not effect day to day school functioning, are they allowed to go?

  20. Partha Sikder says

    i joined as an assist teacher on 23rd march 2006. i have completed my b.ed degree this year. (result pending) i want to know that in this case whether i am going to lose any increment or not?

    • Ranjan Mandal says

      No. Because teachers like u are already given the facility… recognition crisis during 2005-06 session. that is no increment loss upto 2012 july.

  21. Totan says

    I have 6yrs experience but i am not getting a chance for b.ed,as per ruls last increment i got 1july 2012, what can i do? Is It possible to extent increment order?

  22. Sumita Kundu says

    I am a work-education teacher and I have more than 12 yrs. experience. My accademic qualifications are B.Sc, Double MA and JBT. As per existing rule I am not getting chance for B.Ed training. What Can I do?

    • Anindya Som says

      I am a work-education teacher. My date of joining is 30th July 2004 . My accademic qualifications are B.A, B.V.A. I want to know if it is necessary to do the B.Ed in ODL mode or my increments are supposed to be stopped?

  23. aboy maji says

    my 5th increment will be in july but yet to confirm due to not getting chance in Bed over the year applying can’t manage myself in the siniority list
    please help

  24. Ankur says

    What about the freshers ? they r called for 100% seats and now again a govt order abolish the previous seat allocation for freshers……..will they have right to go to high court against this order?

  25. kamal sarkar says

    I have only 3yrs experience, can i do B.ed(regular mode/deputed) in any NCTE recognized B.ed college of other state,than the W.B.. plz help me…

  26. Bipulesh Dutta says

    This is o.k. but i have a question that is there any g.o. for those teacher who are untraind but have not 50% marks both b.a&m.a.?plz take action other wise they will los their increment.

    • tathagata sarkar says

      According to NCTE (Regulations Norms and Procedure) second amendment , 50% should not be a bar for teachers who intend to pursue B.Ed training appointed before the said second amendment dated 26.7.2010. Therefore, restricting in-service teachers, appointed before 26.7.2010, from pursuing regular B.Ed course is definitely a violation of NCTE regulations and norms. This has to be brought to notice of the appropriate authority, so that it can look into the matter and take necessary measures positively in this regard. Anyone can check it out at NCTE website——- “NCTE (Regulations Norms and Procedure) second amendment,dated 26.7.2010.”
      And only if u respond to my reply , I’ll get u my email id for further communication. This is for ur kind information that I’m working in a H.S. school in Malda and has been facing the same problem since so long .

      • Bipulesh Dutta says

        Ami to ugb undere b.ed form fillup kare chilam kintu 24july .ugb 50% je char diechilo seta tule nilo ami kintu 2006 e join kare chi ekhon ki karbo matha kaj kar che na Thagata da help karun.

      • you 2 says

        This Amendment is very much there though the Amendment clearly mentions that this change is for Appendix 10 which is for B.Ed through ODL method. There is no mention that the same Amendment is applicable for Regular mode as well. I had applied for B.Ed for the session 2013-2014 but my application was rejected from Hastings college for women because of not having 50% in spite of having Service length of more than 7 years.