Revised Remuneration of Contractual Employee under SSA

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
(Primary Branch)
Bikash Bhavan, Bidhannagar, Kolkata – 700 091

No. 273-SE(P)/PBRPSUS/ADMN/9/04-05, Date: 23.04.2010.


Consequent upon exorbitant price hike of different commodities, the question of enhancement of honorarium of Para Teachers and Voluntary Resource Persons (VRP) working in different Primary / Upper Primary Schools and Siksha Bandhus and Special Educators working at different levels under SSA is under active consideration of this department.

Now after thorough examination of this Departments earlier Notification No. 134-SE(Pry)/55/Ped/PBSSM, dated 26/02/2009, Memo No. 65(20)/IED/PBSSM-09 date: 29/07/2009; and in terms of Finance Department U.O. No. Group P 1429 Dated 23/04/2010 it is hereby ordered that consolidated remunerations of the aforesaid contractual employees will be enhanced by 35% as shown below:-

Category of Contractual Employee Existing Honorarium / Head / Month Enhanced Honorarium w.e.f. 01/06/2010
Para Teacher (Primary) Rs. 4000/- p.m. Rs. 5400/- p.m.
Para Teacher (Upper Primary) Rs. 5500/- p.m. Rs. 7425/- p.m.
Siksha Bandhu Rs. 4000/- Rs. 5400/-
Voluntary Resource Persons Rs. 2000/- Rs. 2700/-
Special Educator Rs. 6000/- Rs. 8100/-

2. All the existing Para teachers and others will now be re-engaged by the Government Officials in the manner to be notified in due course for a period of 1 (One) year subject to renewal till they attain 60 years of age or till the Sarva Siksha Project is winded up, whichever is earlier. But no new Para teacher or other contractual employee shall be engaged by any authority except with prior written approval of this Deptt.

3. On attaining 60 years of age or winding up of this project the Para teachers or other contractual employee as shown above will be paid an exgratia Retirement Honorarium of Rs. 1 (One) Lakh only on lump sum basis.

This order shall come into force w.e.f. 01/06/2010.

Sd/- V. Sen
Secretary to the Government of West Bengal




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  1. Sandip says


  2. pankaj mishra says

    block resource center ke assistant accountant aur computer operator ko bhi govt jald se jald permanent kare akhir kub tak inka shoshan hoga inka bhi to koi futur hona chahiye

  3. Sujit Kr.Biswas says

    I am working as a Shiksha Bandhu, whose qualification is Graduate and a Primary Para Teacher whose qualification is Madhyamik . So how is it possible to give the Govt, same remuneration for both post ? And DIDI , I want to ask you ” Are we (SB. PT. SE. VRP) the part of WB or not ? Because there is no PARIBARTAN for us on behalf of your New Govt. in 2.5 years. So, Kindly think about us.

  4. Babar says

    Has govt arranged for our BED? It will be started on january. Is it rumour?.Upper primary Teacher through Distance course can do BED.when we have the opportunity?

  5. arup biswas says

    didi hatao para teacher bachao….. 2 year par haye galo para teacher der kono unnati holo na…cpm government valo chilo,salary too bar chilo…r ei mithyabadi didi r tar sangopanngo der amader prati banchonar joggo jawab dite habe.tai sakal para teacher ke balchi…panchayet vote ei pratarok,thog,mithyebadi tmc sarker theke dure thakun.

    • P.C. Mahato says

      Didi , please consider our Honorarium as per our qualification and merge our post from Shiksha Bandhu into Right post as CRC/BRC coordinator.
      we are waiting for your response.

      West Bengal Shiksha Bandhu Employees Federation, Purulia District Branch

  6. Mahasin says

    Vocational er jara teacher tader maximum er qualification er problem ache.Tara jodi lagatar andolon kore tahole amra(Para Teacher) pichiye keno?ektu besi andolon koley amader hobe.R a boss 7425 takai ki kichu hoy?

  7. biswa says

    i am a parateacher (up).I completed my B.Ed Course (2012) Without any permission(Like M.C , D.I).But now am very afraid about my future.Pls help me give some good suggestion .

  8. arup says

    18 Mas par haye galo kintu para teacher kono unnati holo na.mamata didi pratishruti kothai galo?uni recent minister der beton abar baralen r anno jaigai o unar adhal paisa.kintu para teacher belai uni nake kaden r balen paisa nai.erpor apnara balun ei sarkar ke biswas kara jai?

  9. ratul mitra says

    We able to get and already taking full responsibility as a full time teacher ? So how we are getting avidness from govt… Plz think about us keep himself/herself to our side.

  10. Dipak Roy says

    ‘ar kato din kadai bi re………./ gelo na para teacher der dukher kapal/ Aasa kare paribarton karlam sukhe thakbo bale/ didi je sab vule gelo amader chhure fele. Ai to amader abosta. Didir ghum vaghha tei habe amader ke je kono rakom vabe.

  11. Avijit Adhikary says

    It is requesting to all Para-Teachers &Sikshabondhus to come forward & to help the Govt. I am a Sikshabondhu of upper Pry School and now I am working as a District President of Bankura —- ‘ Paschimbanga Sikshabondhu Samity’ & Vice President in the State Committee. I have already been completed a meeting with Education Minister . His opinion is may be fruitful . But It is necessary to a huge deputation jointly with Para-Teacher because there is two memo nos have been sent by S.S.M , which is unjust . Just is same no of whole staff of S.S.M. We are not getting any moneitary support or respect from any corner of Education Dept. Thanks to all Para teacher & S.B —– Avijit Adhikary

  12. mohan sardar says

    ki holo para teacher bhai ra last post 11th august . amar anurodh hatash hoben na amader lagatar sob rokom prachar caliye jete hobe. amader hal charle amader kono lav hobe na. somosto parateacher ak hote hobe.

  13. S. Chowdhary says

    Dear friends,
    ye s.govt.kuch nahi karega, apna ghar bharne se phursat nahi, salary kya khak barhaiga, khara hona shikha hi nahi, to fir Bikash bhawan me kaise tik payga.

  14. Subimal Das says

    Dear all,
    I am the secretary of PASCHIMBANGO PARSHOSIKKHOK SAMITY, HOWRAH DISTRICT BRANCH, with my higher outhority Mr. Gopal Debnath, and Subrata Bhanga, i consulted about our condition but we are sorry to say that our condition is vary poor, there will be nothing within three years- whatever you dreemed off. But there is a chance for incrise a vary low amount of hornm. in september 2012. A press conference will be happen in malda district within 05-08-12to 10.08.12. then we are going to move strongly with SCOPTA. what ever you want to know please please join with us. thank you.



      • sabyasachi says

        Aziz vai ekkebare thik bolechen….didi ke face bookei neomito pawa jabe tai amader kotha didir kane tulte gele facebookei jete hobe …….Didi go amader bachan….ei ki kotha chelo??????

  16. mohan sardar says

    ami channell 10 dekhini kintu pratidin paper dekhechi tate kothao cleary lekha nai. possibly sept.ber e college service com. er kono kichu hobe. amader bapare montri bolechen amra jate permanent der moto somman pai ta dehte hobe. permanent korar katha nai.

  17. mousam says

    It was announced by MIC of education, Bratya Basu, yesterday in the assembly. but it is, i think, will be just like what we have been suffering for last few years.. Some conditions will be put together to implement this and after that we will come to know that its nothing but the same thing that was announced by DIDI last year. i mean the 10% reservation system. its nothing but just BUBBLE IN AIR….JUST the some fakes..playing with the life of the all the para teachers and the unemployed youths as well.

  18. arup biswas says

    thik balechen utpal nath da.mamata didi nijer bhata 7000 taka theke 30000 taka kare hole naki onar r baki sob mla der sansar chalbe na.ta hole 7425(up) and 5400(p) takai sansar chalbe ki kare voitabaz r mithyebadini mamata di?tai sabai balun jai voita mantri mamatar jai

  19. mohan sardar says

    ta ja bolechen tini jebhave momota bhore amader family somet akta khader kinaray thele dicchen tate sooti bola uchit momotar joy. abar samner sessin theke time 9ta 5ta hobe tate tution er sujog o galo.abar family niya onosone boste hobe.

  20. Utpal Nath says

    takar value kome jabar jonno 5400 takate noon bhat chara r kichue hoy na.torkari rannar somoy bachiyechen ma momota tai sobai bolo joy TMC er joy,joy Maa MOMOTAR JOY,

  21. sabir mistri says

    i am suffering from chronic liver disease. and doctors said i have to transplant my liver. but my financial level is so poor that i cant arrange the operation expenses. can i get any kind of govt. help about this matter. and what will be the process. i am living at kolkata tollygunge area..

  22. arup biswas says

    ami ekjon para teacher.central para teacher bhata bariyeche april theke.kintu tmc government chupchap base ache.karon taka nai.kkr ipl jetar par apnara dekhechen didi koti koti taka karach karlen.abar imam der bhata deoa theke suru kare bajropate mora pratek bishoye didir taka thake. tahole amar prosno ,er janno taka kotha theke asea?tahole didi para teacher der mithye katha balechen ?

  23. krishna says

    ami ekjon para teacher,amer mone hoi Amara same qualification abong same duty hours niya kaj korche, kintu dui bachor dhore na salary bereche na baraer kono katha suna jache.amara jeno sabsamoi upekheto hoi jabo.

    • mohan sardar says

      apni thik bolechen. amader durobosta ke dhandhabaj politician ra durbolota bhebe sujog nicche. saman salary to dure thak khoj nia dekhun eight pass group d der mahina amader theke beshi . kono sorkari ghosona nei amader mahina increase er.

  24. arup biswas says

    ami ekjon para teacher.mamata didir upor bharosa karechilam.kintu dekhlam 1 year par haye galo tabu didi kichu karlen na.cpm government kintu pratek year r budget para teacher bhata bariecbilo.r eibare 1year par haye galaoi didi kichu karlan na.karon didi ektai buli taka nai.abar,MLA DER BHATA CHILO 7000 TAKA R HAYE GALO 30000 TAKA,IMMAM DER BHATA DEOA,MOD KHEYE R BAJ PARE MARLE 2 LAKH TAKA KHATIPURON DEO,UTSOB KARE BARONO ABONG ARO ANNONANO BISHOYE DIDIR ADHEL TAKA. tahole er theke sposto didi para teacher der sate voter rajniti karchen.abor central para teacher bhata baroner sattao didi chup kare base achen.sakal para teacher ra janen ei taka na dile farot chale jabe.abar apnarai balun ki kare biswas kara jai didi kichu para teacher janno kichu karban? tahole ki amadero mamata didi r pariborton karte hobe?

  25. DEBASIS DE says

    I am a para teacher. I was absent for 11 days due to suffering from chicken pox. I already enjoys 6 days C.L.How the management adjust the leave?

  26. asheshbhowmik says

    a secondary teacher joined as BSc.Hons.completed MSc.Part-I before joining.Getting permission from M.C. appeared for Part-II, Leave sanctioned as study leave by WBBSE. Whether the incumbent
    is elligible to enjoy PG scale? DI/S(SE) is reluctant to sanction the PG Scale. Qualification enhanced is in relevant subject.

  27. S.Das. says

    All the Para teachers are requested to see the ( Download & Upload, Wbxpress Community ) page about the revised pay of PARA-TEACHERS., published in BARTOMAN PATRICA on 22.04.2012.

    • arup biswas says

      mr s.das,apni je para teacher der revised pay r katha balchen seta central approved karecbe.state government ei bapare kono step nai ni.r didi balchen paisa nai.abar didi sangbadikder penson announce karchen 2500 taka per month.tahole ki balben didi para teacher der emotion r feelings niye khelchen.AMI O DIDI KE BISWAS KARE TMC TE JOG DIYECHILAM.KINTU AJKE BUJHLAM DIDI VOTE POWAR LOBHE PARA TRACHER DER ASAR DEKHIYE CHILAN.TAI PRATEK PARA TEACHER DER BALCHI DIDI KE AMADER ABHOLAR PRATI JOGGO JAWAB DITE UNITY GARE TULUN.JATE SHUDHU VOTE PAWAR LOBHE KEO AMADER BABOHAR KARTE NA PARE.

  28. lakshman ghosh says

    Didi is plying with all school teachers.central has allowed salary invrease but our govt just seeing it n sleepng in an a.c room.She has enough money to increase salary for imam..she has enogh money for maoist..She has enough money for clubs….but She has no money for school teacher…it is a fact.

    • Abdul AzizSaikh says

      See the topic Requisite of Up-grading of qualification of primary school teacher in in Department of school
      Here it is says that all primary teacher and para teacher should contact with DPO office giving payer for up grading their qualification and training .

  29. Tohaddes Ali Biswas says

    Wb gov announced all the parateachers appointed as a regular teachers in primary within 3 years. After 11 month wb govt has taken no action about parateachers salary increase and parmanent step.why can we believe the west bengal goverment? Please answer me.

    • arup biswas says

      apni para teacher der feelings ke eibhave kaje lagate paren na.r apni kikare balen wait.tahole ki bhavbo apni dalali karchen.central grant deoa stattao keno para teacher der salary barrachen na apnader mamata didi.immer der bhata daoa,jami kine bari tairi kare daoa,mla der masik bhata 7000 taka theke 30000 taka kare deoa abong annano bapare didir taka thake r para teacher der salary increase r balai paisa thake na.apar kach theke er bakhya chaichi? Mr Ashis babu.

  30. Abdul AzizSaikh says

    please log in Hear in the NEWS/EVENTS portion the topic is [Minutes of the 178 th PAB meeting held on 12 th March, 2012 for approval of the Annual work plan & Budget of West Bengal, published by: PASCHIM BANGA SARVA SHIKSHA MISSION PBSSM (05/04/2012) ]
    On page no 20. You can find all information about the remuneration of PARA-TEACHERS.
    PARA-TEACHERS remuneration is increased but the state govment do not take necessary steps.
    You should do something together.

  31. ashish ray says

    As per my knowledge there is no any G.O. has been published regarding the increase of the remuneration of para teacher anywhere in the web beside 7425. My dear friends believe me if any such G.O. comes regarding the increase of renumeration first it will be published on the dept. website i.e then it will be available anywhere in the web. So plz do not spread chaos. I am having strong belief in my government and you should belief too.

    • arup biswas says

      mr,ashis babu,apnar government r kache 11 month wait karlam,kintu dekhlam shunno.voter agea mamata didi sabsamay par teacher r katha bale bariechen.r voter par vule gelen.abar panchayat electin r agea para teacher der mathai hat bulaben.erpare apni ki ka balen biswas karte.tai sakal para teacher balchi ei government r biruddhe andolon gare tulun.r ei government faide pa deben na.

  32. Tuphan Kumar Maiti says

    As a assistant teacher of Political Science ,I join Chalsa Gayanath Vidyapith-Xii and then I admitted Ph.D on the dated-19-9-2004 & complete Ph.D from the University of North Bengal .The Chancellor of NBU awarded degree date-8-4-2010. May I avail two addition incriment for complete Ph.D.

  33. arup biswas says

    ami ekjon para teacher.state government pbssm r annual work plan r budget central r kache pass kariyeche tate para teacher der salary-9500(up),and 6900 (primary) from april.state government jadi ei salary ta na dai tahole takata return jabe.tahole mamata didi voter agea pratek jaigai para teacher r katha bale bariecher jeter par seta vule gechen.cpm government taioto pratek year e para teacher salary bariechilo.tmc government r para teacher der prati abohelar biruddhe andolan gare tulun and media r samne tule dharun.

    • Abdul AzizSaikh says

      Hello Rajkrian,
      we all PARA-TEACHERS are very expected that the new government will do more for us. But still government not announce any heart relief commend in Which we can give some assurance to our family member.
      And in this conditions you tell that we have to stay scilanc till April 2013 and after that we are given at the rate of 5%:::!?..:…………!….:..:… ! !

    • Abdul AzizSaikh says

      Mr.bilu da,
      Are you playing with the felling of a PARA-TEACHERS.? If you not than please reply me that how you came to know about the pay of PARA-TEACHERS.
      You say it is 14590 p.m for upper primary and 9400 p.m for primary. Can you tell me where you find the G.O.

      • brij says

        kindly note that primary para teacer -Rs 6900 & upper primary para teacher -Rs 9500. it’s passed from centre & needed also to be passed by the WB GOVT.

  34. Abdul AzizSaikh says

    Is there any revised salary of Para-teacher?
    It was heard that it 9500 p.m. for upper primary and 6900 p.m.
    for primary and w.e.f. 1st April 2012.

  35. Prodip Adhikari says

    I am parateacher of Chandmari Janakalyan high school, Kalyani, Nadia. I want to know is there any chance of increase of remunartion ? if yes when and how much?

  36. Tanima Sarkar says

    I am a para teacher of a primary school. Our roll strength is very very v e r y poor. I am trying to collect child. But the result is not satisfactory. We have not any drop-out student also. In this situation, I want to fulfill my duties carefully & joyfully. I want to do fulfill the mission of SARVA SIKSHA AVIJAN also. But there is no space for this. In this circumstance and also my job satisfaction I want to take transfer to another schools in other ward, which are going with teacher deficiency. May I get the permission ?

  37. Krishnendu Chakraborty says

    I am suffering from Early Lubber Spondelises ( Spinal Disorder) more than seven months . My office is so far (near about 120km. up-down) from my residence, which is very much tuff to continue . So many times I pray my higher athority to transfer me the nearest CLRC where is the post vecat .I am SSM stuff please help me……. .

  38. swaraj ghosh says

    i am a govt employee.and opted for WBHS on 31.12.2010. during this period i & my family went to the doctor for treatment on day care basis. i paid their fees and purchased medicine as per their advice.i preserved all the prescription and medicine purchased bill since 1.1.2011.CAN I CLAIM THIS BILL NOW ADVISE ME.