How to Apply for Scholarship at – Last Date

Applicant is to submit this computer-generated filled-in application form (duly signed) from to the concerned Block Development Office (for Block area) / PO cum DWO/ DWO. (For Municipality/ Corporation area).

New Registration/Renewal for Premetric Scholarship (Class IX & X) for Academic Year 2014-15 is in starting mode. Last date of receiving online application for Premetic Scholarship (2014-2015): 30.09.2014.

Online Application for Scholarship to SC/ST/OBC Students in West Bengal

Students Guidelines

To apply online pre-metric & post-metric Scholarships for SC ST & OBC student, please follow the steps given below:-
Step – 1: Go to www.oasis OASIS-01 Step – 2: Please Click: Apply Now or Student Registration button in the student’s area of the website. OASIS-02 Step – 3: Fill all the fields (such as primary details, Photo, applied authority details) in the application form. Notes: a. Photo is not mandatory at this stage. b. Aadhar Card No is not mandatory. c. You can know the status of your application through Mobile No. or Email. d. Other all fields are mandatory. Press Submit Button. OASIS-03 Step – 4: A computer generated acknowledgement slip will be generated, Please download it. Click Download Login Information/Acknowledgement Slip. A PDF file will be downloaded in your computer; Print it. Notes: if the file is not opening, please install ‘Adobe Reader‘ in your computer. OASIS-04 Step – 5: Go to; and Click: Registered Student’s login button in the student’s area of the website. OASIS-05 Step – 6: Login with user id, password & district as mentioned in your Acknowledgement Slip. OASIS-06 Step – 7: After successful login of the student panel, you have to fill up the remaining part of the application form now. OASIS-07 Step – 8: Click Further Details button & fill all the remaining fields. OASIS-08 Step – 9: Click Bank information button & Select your bank, branch & type Account No. OASIS-09 Step – 10: Click Verify and Lock button. Notes: A. This Verify & Lock button will not work if you don’t fill out the form properly. B. Once you click Verify & Lock button, you can’t modify your details anymore. OASIS-10 Step – 11: Click Print Application button and click Download Application Form. A PDF file of computer generated filled-in application form will be downloaded in your computer; Print it OASIS-11 Step – 12: Applicant is to submit this computer-generated filled-in application form (duly signed) to the concerned Block Development Office (for Block area)./ PO cum DWO/ DWO. (For Municipality/ Corporation area).

Step – 13: Documents to be submitted along with computer generated application form: A. 1 (One) Copy recent stamp size colored photograph of the applicant duly attested and pasted on the application. B. An attested copy of the Caste Certificate of the applicant. C. An attested copy of the mark sheet/ Certificate of the last examination passed.

Step – 14: The required certificates on the body of the application form are to be provided by the concerned authorities /persons. The concern Institute shall have the option to certify online.

Step – 15: Congratulation, you did it.


Income Tax Calculator 2014-15

Download our New Income Tax Calculator (2014-15) under Tools section.

  • Sk Mukbul hossain

    I did not get my post matric user id WB0302111153 and password 84744 .

  • Ashim sarkar

    amar user id. WB0101011596 amar password 48453 amar Ashim sarkar ami akhono taka paini

  • Tinku lakra

    Sir post matric er taka ekhon o pai ni,dist:murshidabad.amar user id WB02020653919,passward of applied me sir,

  • samrat biswas

    does not get money

  • samijul hoque

    sir scolarship online form fill up suru hoye geche ki ?


    Sir,i did not get my post matric user id is:WB030213549128. password:99265.please help me,my verify status.

    • WBXPress Team

      you should not disclose your password.

  • Rahul haldar

    Sir post matric scholarship online form fill up shuru hoye geche ki?

  • Sidhant tanti

    How can apply


    I did not get my UG scholarship.My id no. is WB02020811743 & password is 38220
    please help me


    I am MD MANIRUL ISLAM from Murshidabad. I applied for post metric scholarship.I have studies at MCET,Murshidabad. sir i did not this scholarship but my friend already got the schalarship.
    user id-WB03020613997
    please sir help on this regard.

  • Hasim abdul halim

    Sir amer payment Baki ache taka ta account a dalun….

  • Mantu Dhali

    I didn’t get scholarship yet

  • soumitra Halder

    sir 1 am 1st year (B.A) Amar Sc certificate karar jnno ami sab docments B.D.O Sir K Dekhiya And B.D.O Sir Er Kach Thake Singenature Niye Jama Di But 1 Year Hoiea Jai Akaono Seta S.D.O Kache Jaine Pls Sir Amar Kara Uchit My User id-WB01020447646 Date-08/11/2013

  • Rana das

    I am Rana Das from Cooch behar. I applied for post metric scolarship. I have studied at SIT, DARJEELING…
    I checked,it showed that form is veryfied by district and sanctioned by state still i did not get the stipend money bu friends already got the stipend.
    User id : WB0102202972
    Dist- DARJEELING. So please help on this regard

  • Riazul Haque

    User ID: WB03020617439
    Name: Riazul Haque
    Father’s Name: Ajijul Haque
    Applied for: Post Matric
    Date of Application: 21/09/2013

    Sir, please my verify status.

  • Palash Chandra Biswas

    sir, ami 24 pargana theke ami ekhone kono taka paini amar user id:wb040201103051

  • Selim akhter

    I did not get my post metric scholarship , my application id :WB0302055963 password :77522 please help me sir,


    sir, amar application form a tarik vul thakar jonna pura taka paina,akhan ami ki karte pari? please help me. my id no. is WB01020831720

  • Tenzing

    Sir,i’m currently studying in Delhi and i’m from Darjeeling. I haven’t received any scholarship money till now whereas my other friends did. My user id is WB0202191286. Please verify

  • Sharmistha Midday

    Sir i am 1st yr 4500 rupess ami kono money pai ni.Amke votera pora kojo nita blchilo bank tao asa ni r ami applctin o joma dia aschi er jn.

    • Sharmistha Midday

      Amr schoolshipta kubu ugernt.

  • gourab ghosh

    where is the the application form…..?///////////////

  • nilkanta mallik

    I can not pay full money sir.i pay 6500 ruppes only . I am 1st year engieering student..
    my id is wB010203380.
    Please help me sir.
    VAriyfy my id no . Sir.


    Sir , i am from Barasat(north 24 pgs). . .user id=WB01020164569. . .will i get this scholarship ??kindly plz verify my status. . . .

  • Sumit Rajak

    Ami jharkhand theke korchi ar amar tuitiont fee holo Rs.50000 kintu ami matro Rs.12500 peyechi. Please help me

  • md tarik anwar

    my id is WB03021718961.
    please verifmy status sir.

  • Abhay kumar shaw

    sir I am not get me sir


    Sir plz consider my request. . I am from North 24 parganas. . .

  • Laxmikanta Paul

    I do not get money. Please help me.


    My user id=WB01020164569, Date of application=15/11/2013


    Sir, i am 4th year student of B.Tech(8th semester). .i can not pay the 8th sem fees due to some finantial problem at my house.If i get this scholarship earlyer, i will be very helpful & can submit the fees as soon as possible. .so it is my earnest request to verify my status. . . .

  • Payel Sarkar

    Scholarship kobe ashbe??

  • som

    i got it,5170 rs

  • prasanta das

    ami 1yr er student, sc, application id WB010201120660.
    ami kobe ai taka ta pabo?

  • Alamgir shaikh

    ami 2012 te application kore chilam kintu taka paoya gelo na keno ? amar session chilo 2010-2013. ami OBC 2013 te apply kore chilam tao taka ta A/C alo na, paoya gelo na .jara pache tara pete thakche ata keno ?

  • Sumit

    Ami peye gelam.

    • som

      koto peli vai

  • subhajit sardar

    sir,aami ba 3year student ,obc-b,application id-WB04020174689,taka ki diya hocha r dila kaba pata pari janala valo hoy?

  • Anku singha

    Taka kobe pabo?

  • sushma roy

    Takata amar accont a akhono aseni….jante pari ki???

    • som

      ore keo taka ta dao

  • Dipakpatra

    I apply for post matric scholarship,but i d’nt receive money in my account,plz tell me when belance transfer in my account.

  • Ankita

    Kobe pabo

  • montajul kazi

    to the sir i am montjul kazi .vill chandpur po balichaturi ps shyampur 711315. pls help me madrasa.

  • sudip kumar mondal

    Ami amar acknowledgement card ta haria falachi.Ami jodi taka tulta jai tahola amar ki korta hoba.

    • Raju

      Bank jeye jano.

  • Soumen mondal

    Taka kobea pabo?

  • Deepak Das

    sorkar ameder take niye vote korach kore diye che tai amara ekehno taka pai ne …


    WB03020733401 Application is verified by district and sanctioned by state.,,I AM FROM BURDWAN DISTRICT ,,WHEN I GET MY SCHOLARSHIP,,,

  • Biltu mistry

    Taka ta pala school a vorti hobo & book kin bo

  • Ankita

    Ami ekta mob kinbo. Amake taka dwa hok

    • Rakesh Nandy

      Tumi taka pabe na.

      • Ankita

        Ema. Thn mobile kinbo ki kore

  • pratap mahata

    ake bare.ha ha ha….

  • som

    taka ta kobe dikbe.dukbe adeo na taka ta mere deacho vai lok..

    • pratap mahata


    • Dipakpatra

      Tomar ki taka naye?

  • Somen Mondal

    amar jante iccha corchhe kobe scholarship ar taka amader accounte dukbe.

    • som

      taka r paben na

      • somen Mondal

        i get scholarship.

        • Md Golam Yasdani

          Kobe pela ai scholarship ta??? Ami paini to……

        • Md Golam Yasdani

          Kobe pela ai scholarship ta??? Ami paini to……
          Somen amake reply koro

          • Somen Mondal

            Kano bolbo.

  • sarajit mondal

    respected sir ,takata kabe pabo from kalyani university

  • pratap mahata

    i get obc scholarship

  • Pronob pal

    Sir,obc scholarship taka koba pabo ?

  • sujan

    sir; malda dist: e taka kobe dukbe?

  • Amit Kumar Guin

    Your website’’ is not open.


    amader obc ar taka kobe diben.

  • Palash Biswas

    sir ami north 24 parganas theke amar status ekhon ‘application is verified and sactioned by state’ tahole taka kobe pabo?

  • Nitesh Roy

    Sir,Ami polytechnic college e 1st yr e pori.Ami obc scholarship er koto taka pabo ar kobe pabo plz tell me.

  • Nitesh Roy

    Sir,In distric Uttar Dinajpur,when the obc scholarship money will get.

  • Pooja

    sir, cooch behar dist. e taka kobe dhukbe???

  • Uttam kr. Barman

    Sir,Jalpai guri Law SC/SJ taka kobe dukbe janaly akto vlo hoto,


    Sir, scholarship ta kobe pabo?

  • Animesh sarkar

    Sir amar uttar dinajpur a scholarship kobe banke dhube plz tel me.

  • motin tarafdar

    I am obc student studding from KISSAN COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Haryana.
    I am an applicant of obc post matric scholarship of2013-14. My quary is, how & when I will get that scholarship?

  • Pranay das

    Taka koba pabo 1st year a taka koto

  • Ulka Gayen

    South 24 Parganas takha kabe nagad patepari. dayar kare janale khub bhalo hay.

  • Soumen dhali

    Taka koba pabo


      Sir, Amader malda dist. er scholarship kobe dhhukbe… plz tell me..

  • Anjan Das

    Taka kobea pabo?

  • Kapil das

    Shudangi hat p.k roy high school

  • rajibu islam


  • Ning doma

    How long does it take to get our Stipend?

  • Abhishek mallick

    Sir, i want to know that when our money transfer our bank acount


    Sir, aami obc scholarship form online register korte pari ni.Aami jante chai OBC aur date extended hobe ?

  • rakesh mondal

    i am rakesh mondal.i am 2nd year student.thank you sir re-palish sc online application from.

  • Sudipta Halder

    Ami akhn Part-2 ar student. Amader 1st year ar exam voter jonno pichiye jaoyai result o derite out hoyeche. 2nd january, 2014 amader 1st year ar marksheet peyechi. Nd admission 6th jan. But 31st december e scholership ar form submit korar last date chilo. Date ta ki r o extend kora hobe? R jodi ta na hoi tahole ki ai year a amra scholership pabo na?? Plz reply..

  • manoj kumar mahato

    sir maine schoolership ka from nahi vara hu kya khuch idea dijiye ga mujhe nahi pata tha

  • Bidyut

    Sir, Ami online form fillup korte chaichhi,kintu student’s log in korte gelei chosen server dekhiye page khulchhe kori?

  • sanjiban sarkar

    last date ki 31.12.2013?
    Plz reply sir.

    • WbXpress Team

      yes. the last date is extended upto 31.12.2013.

  • Biplob naskar

    ami amar scholarship forme stape1 e photo upload korte parini. satmp size photo bosiya diyachi. kono problem hobenato sir?

  • joy das

    I cannot download input form please send me a form my e-mail i will download

    • joy das

      I cannot download input form please send me a form my e-mail i will download
      vill- patnour p.o patnour .p.s Karandihhi

  • Sk sofiulla

    Sir,OBC post matric scholarship form je district-a institute sekhanei submit korte hobe ?na ki je district-a bari sekhaner b.d.o office-a jama dite hobe?

  • Kishore kr majumder

    Last date of Sc/st /obc scholarship form fillup is 15/12/2013 . But the day is sunday . May the date would be extended ?


    sir ,
    ami amar post matric form er account no ta change korte chai. please ki kore korbo janan.


    Sir mera naam pappu kumar kewat hai ….mujhe ek baar scholarship mil chuka hai ..ab mujhe online form bharna hai …bataiye form kaise bhare …..plz HELP ME

  • Satya majhi

    aamar bari Bankura jela te,
    aami DHERADUN (U.K) B sc – IT 1st year er student aamar SC and BPL card aache aami ki scholarship pete pari ?
    aar jodi paai tahole ki korte hobe?
    aar peye gele aamar tution fee and hostel fee dite parbo aar noi le hoito BABA er ektu kosto hobe..
    please sir help me sir
    plz sir answer me.

  • Rahul Sah

    sir aami Rahul sah bolchi…sir aami obc scholarship form online register korbo…sir aami hs west bengal thike korechi..laikn aami ekhon grajuation orissa te korchi sir ki vaabe scholarship from filaap karbo…sir plz answer deben…

  • sasanka biswas

    sir…ami sasanka bolchi…amr sc caste..ami 1st year e pori ki ki documents lagbe apply korte.pls tell me

  • mintu biswas

    vill-barasat p.o-bhaduri p.s-taherpur d.t-nadia pin-741121

  • malay majumder

    Sir ami Tentative date of end of session bhul diyechi. Ki kore ata change korbo kindly bolle chiri kritaggo thakbo. Amar sob documents thakteo ki ami pabona. Pele amar study kharoc ta chole jeto.

  • Bapan Karjee

    Sir ami Bapan Karjee bolche sir ami ST but amer ST certificed ni ami online a apply korte parbo ki na sir, please inform me. My email

    • pankaj

      cast certificate chara apnar apply hobe na

    • Arindam Murmu

      Parbi na.