Enrollment for UID Aadhaar Card in Kolkata

Two documents are required for Enrollment for UID Aadhaar Card in Kolkata. One is for Identity Proof and another as Address Proof. A self attested Xerox copy of PAN card and Voter ID card.

For the General public of West Bengal the Enrollment process for Unique Identification Card (Aadhaar Card) has been started in different places of Kolkata. One of our team member enrolled himself for Aadhaar card in Central Bank of India near Kolkata Raj Bhavan at 4 & 4/1 Red Cross Place. It was a matter of half an hour if the documents weree ready. At first he collected an Application Form for Enrollment. After filling up the form he submitted it along with self attested xerox copy of his PAN card and Voter ID card. Two documents are required. One is for Identity Proof and another one as Address Proof. Immediately he got it verified from the counter personnel. Then the people from Peerless General Finance in the nearby counter at the Bank took photograph of him, took impressions of his ten fingers and also took photograph of his Iris. After that they gave him an Acknowledgement of UID Aadhaar card. They also told that Aadhaar Card will be mailed/ couriered to the addressed given in Form after processing. While receiving the Card one must have to produce the Acknowledgement card. The sample Application Form of Enrollment is shown below:

Aadhaar Card Application Form
Aadhaar Card Application Form Page 2

The Acknowledgement, he received:

Aadhaar Card Acknowledgement