Machine replaced Teacher in Classroom


Due to the crisis of teachers, CCTV cameras have been installed in some classrooms for monitoring of students activity during Off-Period. Students are aware of this fact, that they are watched. So, they remain in discipline.

The Headmaster now keeps an eye upon the students through the monitor screen at his desk. He can also instruct the students by the Public Address System (Speaker) installed at the classroom.

This is a scenario of Dighalgram Netaji Vidyapith High School at Nagarukhra in Nadia district.

There exists 12 numbers of teachers including the Headmaster against a sanctioned strength of 14; whereas there are 1250 students in the School. The inadequacies of teachers have been reported several times to the School Education Department, but in vain. Sometimes classrooms become unruly without teachers, said the Headmaster, said the headmaster, Sri Santau Mandal.

This installation is made from the personal fund of the headmaster, teachers and managing committee amounting to Rupees 3.75 lakh.

Source: Telegraph India