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Secondary School Teachers Datasheet for Mutual Transfer

Registration for mutual transfer of school teachers at WBXPress is discontinued. But, the registration so far been made is displayed here categorically for better finding.

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Pass – Agriculture Hons (PG) – Agriculture
Pass – Arabic Hons (PG) – Bengali
Pass – Bengali Hons (PG) – Biological Science
Pass – Biological Science Hons (PG) – Chemistry
Pass – Chemistry Hons (PG) – Commerce
Pass – English Hons (PG) – Computer Application
Pass – Geography Hons (PG) – Computer Science
Pass – Hindi Hons (PG) – Economy
Pass – History Hons (PG) – Education
Pass – Mathematics Hons (PG) – English
Pass – Physical Education Hons (PG) – Geography
Pass – Pure Science Hons (PG) – History
Pass – Sanskrit Hons (PG) – Mathematics
Pass – Work Education Hons (PG) – Nutrition
Pass – Miscellaneous Hons (PG) – Philosophy
Hons (PG) – Physics
Hons (PG) – Political Science
Hons (PG) – Sanskrit
Hons (PG) – Miscellaneous