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Category: PASS – Subject: Work Education

Secondary School Teachers Datasheet for Mutual Transfer. Category: PASS and Subject: Work Education. If you no longer want to display your data here, just drop us an email and we will delete it.

Name of Teacher Email Address Caste Present District Intending District
MITHU DAS CHOWDHURY jaijit.chowdhuri@gmail.com OBC Howrah Howrah
General Bankura Bankura
Milan Kanti Ghosh milankanti1986@gmail.com OBC Bankura Hooghly
TRIPTI BANDOPADHYAY kangmpt@gmail.com General Bankura Bankura
SWAPAN KUMAR DEY deyswapankumar123@gmail.com General Bankura Bankura
Priyabrata Mukherjee priyabratamukherjee04@gmail.com General Bankura Bankura
Mokuul Roy partha@yahoo.co.in OBC Bankura Bankura
manimay baidya manimay_54@yahoo.co.in SC Bankura North 24 Pgs
Madhumita Mallick mallick.madhumita1983@gmail.com SC Bankura Bardhaman
HILLOL CHAUDHURI chaudhurihillol1975@gmail.com General Purba Bardhaman Hooghly
mihir kanti mondal indrani.mihir@gmail.com SC Bardhaman Bardhaman
BABU MAJUMDAR sanjoy_nadia@rediffmail.com SC Bardhaman Nadia
samiran saren samiran.soren@gmail.com ST Bardhaman Bankura
sudipta Datta sudipta201211@yahoo.in OBC Bardhaman Bardhaman
Buddhadev Sarkar buddhadevsarkar2012@gmail.com SC Bardhaman Nadia
Nanda Bhakta roon_bon@yahoo.in SC Bardhaman South 24 Pgs
MAHENDRA PRASAD GHOSH mahenpg@gmail.com General Bardhaman Bardhaman
TAPAN MAJUMDER tapanmajumder18@yahoo.com SC Bardhaman Nadia
SANTOSH BISWAS SANTOSH196@gmail.com SC Bardhaman Nadia
Prabin Kumar Thakur thakurprabin2007@gmail.com General Bardhaman Bardhaman
Mrinal kanti ghosh mkghsh1@gmail.com OBC Bardhaman Bardhaman
AMIT KUMAR GHOSH amitghosh655@yahoo.com General Bardhaman Hooghly
JAYANTA BARICK jayanta_barick@rediffmail.com General Bardhaman Hooghly
AVIJIT PRAMANIK avijitpra@gmail.com General Bardhaman Birbhum
mahendra ptosad ghosh mahen@gmail.com General Bardhaman Bardhaman
Nandini Bhattacharya nan100_ch@rediffmail.com General Bardhaman Birbhum
Sima Mondal krishnendubio@gmail.com SC Bardhaman Bardhaman
SIMA SARKAR krishnendu2185@rediffmail.com SC Bardhaman Bardhaman
SUBRATA BISWAS kajalgupta@gmail.com SC Bardhaman Nadia
TUSHIMA RAKSHIT dhanapatiroytalukdar@yahoo.com General Bardhaman Birbhum
KAILASH CHANDRA HAZRA Kailas.hazra@gmail.com General Bardhaman Bardhaman
surajit guha surajitguha1984@gmail.com OBC Bardhaman Nadia
BASAB DAFADA basab.dafadar@gmail.com OBC Bardhaman Bardhaman
Mukul Sen partha_baban@yahoo.co.in OBC Bardhaman Bardhaman
Tapas Roy tm2tapan2@gmail.com SC Bardhaman Nadia
snigdha ghosh sandip.bolpur63@gmail.com General Bardhaman Bardhaman
ATANU_ROY atanuroy53@gmail.com General Bardhaman Bardhaman
soma rakshit dr_dasbaksi@rediffmail.com General Bardhaman Kolkata
ARPITA RAKSHIT polchemvb2005@gmail.com OBC Bardhaman Birbhum
JAGANNATH SAHA jagannath19@gmail.com General Bardhaman Nadia
MAITRAYEE CHAKRABORTY cmaitrayee@rocketmail.com General Bardhaman Bardhaman
ASIM BISWAS asim.biswasbbh@gmail.com SC Bardhaman Nadia
AVIJIT PAL. palavijit2006@rediffmail.com OBC Bardhaman Bardhaman
Ganesh Chandra Mahata ganesh.swagata@gmail.com OBC Bardhaman Bankura
Kusumita Pal akpal944@gmail.com OBC Bardhaman Hooghly
Ganesh chandra Mahata ganesh.seagata@gmail.com OBC Bardhaman Bankura
aparna kansabanik jccuttarpara@resifmail.com General Bardhaman Hooghly
ARUNDHATI PAL amarpalhooghly@rediffmail.com General Bardhaman Bardhaman
ARUNDHATI PAL palarundhati17@gmail.com General Bardhaman Hooghly
Mousumi Biswas raju.gentlmen@gmail.com SC Bardhaman Hooghly
APARNA KANSABANIK jccpradip@gmail.com General Bardhaman Hooghly
HARISH BALA balaharish2@gmail.com SC Bardhaman Nadia
Rezaul Hossain rezaul.mami@gmail.com General Birbhum Birbhum
Jayanta Kumar Banerjee banerjee.jayanta.kumar@gmail.com General Birbhum Birbhum
jolly joy jolly.joy1978@gmail.com General Birbhum Birbhum
Sujit Bonga bonga_sujit@rediffmail.com General Birbhum Birbhum
Anima  Das royali458@gmail.com SC Birbhum Darjeeling
MALLIKA NASKAR Zonezero.tula@gmail.com SC Birbhum South 24 Pgs
Asis De asisde85@gmail.com General Birbhum Bankura
PAYEL HAZRA shazra99@gmail.com SC Birbhum Kolkata
Manasi Roy r.manasi2011@gmail.com General Birbhum Birbhum
sangita majhi sangita.puchun@gmail.com General Birbhum Birbhum
Rahul Biswas rbiswas79@gmail.com SC Birbhum North 24 Pgs
sagar roy sagar.roy2009@gmail.com SC Cooch Behar Malda
sagar roy saha sagar.roy@gmail.com SC Cooch Behar Malda
samprikta biswas antariksha.ghosh@gmail.com General Cooch Behar Jalpaiguri
Manidipa Mandal icsrijit77@gmail.com General Cooch Behar Bardhaman
anindita chakraborty smileplz73@gmail.com General Cooch Behar Kolkata
Uttam Paul pauluttam83@gmail.com OBC Cooch Behar Jalpaiguri
kakali karmakar avikundublg@gmail.com General Cooch Behar Jalpaiguri
prasenjit saha sahawasprasenjit@gmail.com SC Cooch Behar Darjeeling
SUTRISHNA SARDAR sutrishnasardar@gmail.com SC Darjeeling Howrah
MITA MONDAL sudiptasardar1978@gmail.com General Darjeeling South 24 Pgs
Gayatri Roy mehek.roy3@gmail.com SC Darjeeling North 24 Pgs
Adwaita Kumar Maiti adwaitamaiti@gmail.com OBC Purba Medinipur Paschim Medinipur
Narayan Chandra Das Skm198@twitter.com General Purba Medinipur Hooghly
PRANAB KUMAR MAHATO pranabsindri@gmail.com General Purba Medinipur Purulia
NARESH SOREN rawal.gaate@gmail.com ST Purba Medinipur Purulia
swarup Jana Swarup.edu@gmail.com General Purba Medinipur Purba Medinipur
sukash das sirsukash@gmal.com SC Purba Medinipur Nadia
parvin khatun rakhikhatun@yahoo.co.in General Purba Medinipur Purba Medinipur
PULAK RANJAN NASKAR pulak_naskar.2008@rediffmail.com SC Purba Medinipur Kolkata
utpal kumar ray utpalrayutpali@gmail.com General Purba Medinipur North 24 Pgs
Kuheli Maity(Jana) krishnendu09@yahoo.com General Purba Medinipur Kolkata
Tarak Pal tarak_pal@rocketmail.com OBC Purba Medinipur North 24 Pgs
Dibyendu Ghosh dibyendu2mhs@gmail.com General Purba Medinipur Paschim Medinipur
Sutapa Ghosh subirghosh1982@gmail.com General Purba Medinipur Paschim Medinipur
Mitali Bhattacharjee mitalibanerjee1976@gmail.com General Purba Medinipur Purulia
Sourav Dey souravrok755@gmail.com OBC Purba Medinipur Bankura
Sovan Mandal msovan555@rediffmail.com General Purba Medinipur Purba Medinipur
MANTU DAS Mantudas268@gmail.com SC Purba Medinipur Nadia
Anup Mandal anup7mandal@gmail.com SC Purba Medinipur Kolkata
MONOJIT BISWAS monojitbiswas1984@gmail.com General Purba Medinipur Nadia
Rinku samanta palashpaul0705@gmail.com General Purba Medinipur Howrah
mithu maitra mri_kri@rediffmail.com General Hooghly Hooghly
Himadri Shekhar Mandal msubrata87@yahoo.in General Hooghly South 24 Pgs
RATNA MANDAL somasardar2@gmail.com SC Hooghly North 24 Pgs
Biswanath Metia mandal101sunit@gmail.com General Hooghly South 24 Pgs
JAYANTA ROY CHOUDHURY tanmoyrc.chem@gmail.com General Hooghly Birbhum
ANUP KR. BHAR anupkumarbhar2012@gmail.com OBC Hooghly Hooghly
SUSMITA MANDAL(DAS) sumondas27@yahoo.com OBC Hooghly North 24 Pgs
Mita Sinha mitasinha08@gmail.com General Hooghly Nadia
sonat kr. nath sanat84@gmail.com OBC Hooghly North 24 Pgs
ARCHANA HALDAR(SARKAR) archanahaldarsarkar@ymail.com SC Hooghly Hooghly
Tanushree Ruj tanushreeruj@gmail.com General Hooghly Kolkata
SAMIR SEN samirsn85@gmail.com SC Hooghly North 24 Pgs
subrata mazumder subratamazumder.110@gmail.com General Hooghly Nadia
Sanjib kumar saren sanjib_saren87@rediffmail.com ST Hooghly Purulia
Arjuman Banu Begam nurun1978@rediffmail.com General Hooghly Hooghly
Shibu Halder shibuhalder1985@yahoo.co.in SC Hooghly North 24 Pgs
Sandipan Pal sandipanpalbandel@gmail.com General Hooghly Hooghly
Nabanita Bannerjee utsavwilliams003@gmail.com General Hooghly Birbhum
AVIJIT KANRAR avijit69kanrar@gmail.com General Hooghly Hooghly
s.mondal avajit321@rediffmail.com General Hooghly Bardhaman
SANJIB KUMAR SAREN sanjibkrsaren19@gmail.com ST Hooghly Bankura
SANJIB KUMAR SAREN sanjibkumar.saren87@gmail.com ST Hooghly Purulia
SANJIB KUMAR SAREN sarensanjib6@gmail.com ST Hooghly Bardhaman
SANJIB KUMAR SAREN ssaren1987@gmail.com ST Hooghly Paschim Medinipur
Goutam Mondal goutam.soil@gmail.com SC Hooghly North 24 Pgs
Shilpi Das shilpidass90@gmail.com General Hooghly Hooghly
RINA MANDAL goutamenglish@rediffmail.com SC Hooghly South 24 Pgs
SWAGATA BANERJEE jayantagour123@gmail.com General Hooghly Birbhum
sanjib kr saren sanjibkrsaren87@gmail.com ST Hooghly Purulia
PRITI SARKAR(MONDAL) pritimondal51@gmail.com SC Howrah Kolkata
Rupali Banerjee rupaliban10@gmail.com General Howrah Howrah
Arjuban Khatun arjubankhatun@yahoo.in General Howrah Howrah
UTTAM K. BHOWMIK uttam.bhowmik2@gmail.com General Howrah Purba Medinipur
Chinmay Bar barchinmay@gmail.com SC Howrah North 24 Pgs
Prashanta Mondal rajonipam@gmail.com SC Howrah South 24 Pgs
Durbadal Bhaduri bhaduri.durbadal@gmail.com General Howrah Hooghly
UPTASI MANDAL mandaljagadish81@gmail.com SC Howrah North 24 Pgs
Afaz Uddin Mandal miltonmandal7861@gmail.com General Howrah Nadia
r dey rupak.dey2013@gmail.com General Howrah Bardhaman
BIKASH KUMAR LAHARI bikashlahari@yahoo.com OBC Howrah North 24 Pgs
Rupa Sadhu apdgde@gmail.com General Jalpaiguri North 24 Pgs
SOUVIK PODDAR souvikpoddar1@gmail.com General Jalpaiguri Murshidabad
Shampa Das Chowdhury shampa.hort@gmail.com General Jalpaiguri Jalpaiguri
Surajit Bhattacharjee bhattacharjeesurajit63@gmail.com General Jalpaiguri Murshidabad
soma banerjee paro.ps31@gmail.com General Jalpaiguri Bardhaman
dipankar roy dipankar198@gmail.com SC Jalpaiguri Nadia
Atanu Pal atanu1986@gmail.com OBC Kolkata South 24 Pgs
Sumanta Nag sumantanag@gmail.com OBC Kolkata South 24 Pgs
Sharmila Majumder dibakar_majumdar@yahoo.co.in General Kolkata Kolkata
ANINDITA M aninditamitra67@gmail.com General Kolkata Kolkata
Sharmila Majumder majumdersharmi03@gmail.com General Kolkata Kolkata
NITISH MANDAL nitishpbmti@gmail.com SC Kolkata Bankura
Ranu Mukherjee banerjees_ubkv@rediffmail.com General Malda Cooch Behar
Snigdhendu Bikash Sarkar snigdhendusarkar@gmail.com General Malda Murshidabad
BIKASH CH CHOWDHURY bikashmaster2012@gmail.com SC Malda Malda
Shampa Haldar shampa.haldar@gmail.com General Malda North Dinajpur
SUPRITA  DAS madanbasak.1465@rediffmail.com General Malda Cooch Behar
Priyanath Pramanick pramanick_priyanath@yahoo.com OBC Malda Nadia
Ranu Bandyopadhyay ranbahadur@gmail.com General Malda Jalpaiguri
Ranu Bandyopadhyay(Mukherjee) subhendu.ubkv@gmail.com General Malda Cooch Behar
Ujjwal Kumar Pandey pandeyujjwal1977@gmail.com General Malda Murshidabad
SAIKAT GANGULY saikattilak@gmail.com General Malda Darjeeling
Ranu Mukherjee ranbaahadur@gmail.com General Malda Birbhum
anik chatterjee chatterjeetutan2010@gmail.com General Malda Murshidabad
SHAMS AFROZ shamsafrozroo@gmail.com General Murshidabad South 24 Pgs
Rathindra Nath Ray Poddar rathin077@gmail.com SC Murshidabad Cooch Behar
CHIRADIP VIDYANTA chiradip.ruma@gmail.com OBC Murshidabad Nadia
RAKHI SAHA ishan98.babu@gmail.com General Murshidabad Murshidabad
RINA GHOSH swapankr2011@gmail.com General Murshidabad Nadia
Md.samsul johak samsuljohak76@gmail.com General Murshidabad Murshidabad
shefali mandal swachhamondal@gmail.co.in General Murshidabad Murshidabad
ASIM KUMAR SAHU sahuasimsahu@gmail.com OBC Murshidabad Murshidabad
Soma Ray sweettitas@gmail.com General Murshidabad Murshidabad
BOISAKHI MANDAL mrittikaroy111@gmail.com General Murshidabad Jalpaiguri
baisaakhi mondol mrittikaroy077@gmail.com General Murshidabad Jalpaiguri
SUSMITA MUKHERJEE barsha1983@gmail.com General Murshidabad Murshidabad
Archit Roy architroy@rediffmail.com General Murshidabad Nadia
pintu das pintudaspol@gmail.com SC Murshidabad Nadia
PULAK KUMAR SARKAR pulak007bond@gmail.com SC Murshidabad Malda
Miss Baisakhi Mandal akm123katwa@gmail.com General Murshidabad Jalpaiguri
pol banerjee polbnrj2013@gmail.com General Murshidabad Murshidabad
MD FIROJ AHMED firojbca@rediffmail.com General Murshidabad Darjeeling
partha pratim dey pdey950@gmail.com OBC Murshidabad North Dinajpur
Kakoli Sarkar sarkar.kakoli222@gmail.com SC Murshidabad Murshidabad
Arnab Kumar Sikdar Sumitsikdar1977@gmail.com SC Murshidabad Howrah
Satya prasanna chakrabarti satyachakrabarti27@gmail.com General Murshidabad Bardhaman
ATIN GOSWAMI adrish9278@gmail.com General Murshidabad Birbhum
Md. Anikul Alam atmdanikulalam@gmail.com OBC Murshidabad Malda
Laxmi Sarkar Roy rajarshi.chanda79@gmail.com SC Nadia Nadia
Sujata Chakraborty sujatchak@gmail.com General Nadia Kolkata
Sanjukta Bhattacharyya sganguly@gmail.com General Nadia North 24 Pgs
SUBARNA DATTA PRCD09@GMAIL.COM General Nadia North 24 Pgs
INDRAJIT BALA indrajit4bala@gmail.com SC Nadia Nadia
Rinki Saha bappadityasaha40@gmail.com General Nadia Nadia
Jesmeen Haque biplabdebnath3@gmail.com General Nadia Bardhaman
SANTANU PATRA patra85santanu@gmail.com SC Nadia North 24 Pgs
sayani sarkar sayanisarkar432@gmail.com General Nadia Nadia
suchismita kundu pkundu432@gmail.com General Nadia North 24 Pgs
payel__sarkar gggmutualtransfer@gmail.com General Nadia Nadia
SANGITA MANDAL deepkly_11@rediffmail.com General Nadia Nadia
JAYANTA CHAKRABORTY jchakraborty40@gmail.com General Nadia Nadia
jesmeen heron9276@gmail.com General Nadia Bardhaman
partha ghosh pgnaihati@gmail.com OBC Nadia North 24 Pgs
SANGITA MONDAL sangitamondal2014@rediffmail.com SC Nadia Nadia
RITA TARAFDER rajibgan@gmail.com General Nadia Nadia
Nandini Chakraborty chakraborty.nandini322@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs Hooghly
Malay Kanti Sarkar malay.sumi@gmail.com OBC North 24 Pgs Nadia
MITRA BASU sukantadas1970@yahoo.com General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
KARABI MANDAL mimi.noapara@gmail.com SC North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
sutama majumdar majumdarkar.sutama@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
subhas chandra ghosh subhas456@gmail.com OBC North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
SANTANU MITRA RAY mitraray.santanu@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
Riopn Mandal mandal.ripon@gmail.com OBC North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
RAMAPATI SAMANTA savhb2167n24@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
soma sadhu khan soma.choton@gmail.com OBC North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
AMBALIKA CHAKRABORTY chakraborty_tinni@yahoo.com General North 24 Pgs Kolkata
PARESH CH GARAI emcocyber2000@gmail.com OBC North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
Jayasri guha biswas Jayasriguhabiswas@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
HIDAYET ULLAH TARAFDER hidayet.tarafder183@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs Nadia
kousik basu kousikbasu1974@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
ananyagupta ananyaddsgupta84@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
Goutam Sarkar Sarkargoutam860@gmail.com SC North 24 Pgs Nadia
k. chakraborty anjan_bt@yahoo.co.in General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
Sima Chakraborty coolbluewaves@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
amal biswas biswasamal87@gmail.com SC North 24 Pgs Nadia
jolly sarkar jollymandal24@gmail.com General North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
kaushik das kaushik.ayushi@yahoo.com General North 24 Pgs Kolkata
BANDANA SAHA bandanasaha1984@gmail.com SC North 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
Swapan Ror Sarkar sapno.feri@gmail.com SC North Dinajpur Cooch Behar
Arup Saha binapanidebta@gmail.com General North Dinajpur Kolkata
Sujata Chakraborty bhaskorchandradutta@gmail.com General North Dinajpur North Dinajpur
SUPRIO CHAKRABARTI krabartisupchario@gmail.com General North Dinajpur Malda
SUPRIO CHAKRABARTY chakrabartisuprio@gmail.com General North Dinajpur Malda
Liton Sarkar litonsarkar30@rediffmail.com General North Dinajpur South Dinajpur
priya Roy bibekanandatmc@gmal.com SC North Dinajpur Murshidabad
Amit pal amitpal250@ail.com OBC North Dinajpur Murshidabad
NILANJANA RAY satya.coochbehar2011@gmail.com SC North Dinajpur Cooch Behar
pronomita Sarkar bibekanandaa@yahoo.com SC North Dinajpur Jalpaiguri
Poli Mondal polimondal1804@gmail.com General North Dinajpur Jalpaiguri
ASIS PRADHAN pradhanasis@ymail.com General Purulia Paschim Medinipur
BIKASH MANDAL subirmandal92@gmail.com SC Purulia Purulia
SONALI ROY SEN buri_bacchu@rediffmail.com General Purulia Paschim Medinipur
MILI BERA siddhartha.acharjya@gmail.com General Purulia Purba Medinipur
prasenjit pramanik prasenjit.pp@gmail.com General Purulia South 24 Pgs
swapan kumar mondal swapanbzr@gmail.com General Purulia Purba Medinipur
Raju das dasr96894@gmail.com SC Purulia Bankura
tanusree karmakar saswatk@gmail.com General South 24 Pgs Kolkata
Sudhansu Gayen sudhansu.gayen2015@gmail.com General South 24 Pgs Kolkata
saumen sarkar saumen.sarkar@rediffmail.com OBC South 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
JOYDEEP MUKHERJEE 1969ioydee@gmail.com General South 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
Mrinmoy Sarkar mrinmotsarkar.2012@rediffmail.com General South 24 Pgs Kolkata
arpita sen atanu_help@yahoo.co.in General South 24 Pgs Nadia
Rita Mukherjee somak_11@yahoo.com General South 24 Pgs Kolkata
sathi ghosh sathi691@gmail.com OBC South 24 Pgs South 24 Pgs
SOUMEN  DHALI soumendhali2@gmail.com General South 24 Pgs Kolkata
JAYA SEN sent3jaya@gmail.com General South 24 Pgs South 24 Pgs
Alankrita Mallick mail2alankrita@gmail.com General South 24 Pgs South 24 Pgs
Biplab Bhunre bhunre80@gmail.com General South 24 Pgs South 24 Pgs
SUKESH CHANDRA SAHA sukesh.chandra.saha@gmail.com SC South 24 Pgs South 24 Pgs
Satarupa Das satarupadas11@gmail.com OBC South 24 Pgs North 24 Pgs
M mitra achatterjee_bally@yahoo.com General South Dinajpur Howrah
Santimoy Mandal mandalsantimoy45@gmail.com SC Paschim Medinipur Bankura
Pankaj Das chaudhurisanjib@gmail.com OBC Paschim Medinipur Bankura
parimal ch das dasparimal45@gmail.co SC Paschim Medinipur Hooghly
KALYAN KUMAR MAHATA kkmsmailbox@rediffmail.com General Paschim Medinipur North 24 Pgs
DIPIKA MAHATA mathparimal@yahoo.com General Paschim Medinipur Paschim Medinipur
SOUMEN  BISWAS priyaranjan.de@gmail.com General Paschim Medinipur Bankura
Manasi Mandal manasimandal@gmail.com General Paschim Medinipur Paschim Medinipur
BABLI MONDAL bebo.mondal@gmail.com SC Paschim Medinipur Kolkata
sujit purkait purkaitsujit99@gmail.com SC Paschim Medinipur Howrah
Surajit NAYEK surajitnayek2@gmail.com General Paschim Medinipur South 24 Pgs
PAPAN RAY papanray@gmail.com SC Paschim Medinipur Nadia
Kousik   Roy kskroy46@gmail.com General Paschim Medinipur Purulia
SOUMITRA KUMAR MAJI maji.soumitra4@gmail.com General Paschim Medinipur Purulia
Anamitra Paul anamitraraju@yahoo.com OBC Paschim Medinipur Paschim Medinipur
BINOY KARMAKAR kmoubin@gmail.com OBC Paschim Medinipur Purulia
Mamata Das mamatadas.82.md@gmail.com General Paschim Medinipur Purba Medinipur
Manoj Kumar Halder madhabihalder18@gmail.com SC Paschim Medinipur North 24 Pgs
Tanuj Bairagi tanujbairagi@gmail.com SC Paschim Medinipur North 24 Pgs