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Online Mutual Transfer Solution

If you have already registered yourself then find a suitable match from the database from this link: Find Match. If you have not yet registered then please REGISTER here.

As per West Bengal School Service Commission (Mutual Transfer) Rules, 2012, an incumbent teacher shall be eligible for transfer under the provision of these rules subject to fulfillment of certain conditions.

Mutual Transfer shall be made between two teachers who have been appointed against the same category of vacancies and holding the same category of posts and teaching the same subject;

A male incumbent shall not be eligible for mutual transfer with a female incumbent of a girls’ school;

The Incumbents concerned opting for mutual transfer shall be from the same category of schools, having same medium of instruction i.e. Bengali or English or Hindi or Nepali or Oriya or Santhali or Telegu or Urdu or Bengali-Urdu;

Now to find a suitable match fulfilling the above conditions, WBXPress created a web interface to find your suitable partner.

The service is now closed. But the data collected so far is available here.