Pension related Govt. Orders

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Update: Pension related Circulars

Here is the important pension related orders issued by the Govt. of West Bengal in chronological orders.

  1. The Scheme for payment of pension and gratuity on the date of superannuation is explained in this order along with the procedures to be followed by the Head of the Office, Drawing and Disbursing Officer, Pay & Accounts Officer, Treasury Officer, Retiring Govt. employee, Pension Disbursing Officer, Principal Accountant General (A & E), West Bengal.
  2. Introduction of Single Comprehensive Form replacing Form 1 & 3 and Annexure III under West Bengal Services (Death cum Retirement Benefit) Rules 1971 in sanction of pension cases.
  3. Family Pension to unmarried daughters up to the age of 25 years or the date of marriage which ever is earlier is defined here.
  4. Extension of the benefit of the family pension of family pension for life to the unmarried/ widowed/ divorced daughter of State Government employee who has in receipt of ex-gratia pension or his/ her spouse was in receipt of ex-gratia family pension.
  5. Guideline to the Head of Office towards family pension for life to the unmarried/ divorced/ widowed daughters is depicted below.
  6. Revision of pension, family pension, gratuity, commutation of pension after 5th pay commission i.e. West Bengal Revision of Pay & Allowances 2009 is described.
  7. A guidelines for payment of family pension for life to the unmarried divorced/ widowed daughters of Government employees/ pensioners.
  8. Revision of pension/ family pension, gratuity and commutation of pension of post 01.01.2006 pensioners.
  9. Modification of Single Comprehensive Form in connection with the sanction of pension to the Govt employee.
  10. Implementation of the Government decision on the recommendations of the fifth pay commission  regrading Revision of pension for pre 2006 pensioners/ family pensioners.
  11. Simplifying the procedures of payment of revised pension to the pre 2006 pensioners/ family pensioners.
  12. Revision of pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners/Family Pensioners.
  13. Grant of Dearness Relief to State Govt Pensioners/ Family Pensioners w.e.f. December 1, 2010.
  14. Liberalisation of provisions for payment of additional quantum of Pension payable to the family pensioners of 80 years or above.
  15. Issue of Cheque Books and Accepting Standing Instructions from the Pensioners/ Family Pensioners.
  16. Ex-gratia grant to Pensioners @ Rs. 800/- per head.
  17. Revised Single Comprehensive Form as per Memo No. 398-F(Pen) dated 13.09.2012.