Reply To: Appointment of Primary Teachers by DPSCs


W.P.29606(W) of 2014
W.P.29607(W) of 2014
W.P.30510(W) of 2014
Mr. Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya
Mr. Bikram Banerjee
Mr. Sudipta Dasgupta………….for the petitioners in
W.P.29606(W)/14 &
Ms. Tanushree Roy……………..for the petitioners in
W.P. 30510(W)/14
Mr. Abhratosh Majumder
Ld. Government Pleader
Mr. Tapan Kr. Mukherjee
Mr. Bikash Kr. Mukherjee
Mr. Kishore Dutta
Ms. Chaitali Bhattacharya
Mr. Subrata Dasgupta
Mr. T.M. Siddique…….………….for the State
Mr. Ekramul Bari
Mr. Syed Mansur Ali…………for the respondents 5 & 6 in
W.P. 29606(W)/14 &
W.P. 29607(W)/14
Mr. Kamalesh Bhattacharya
Mr. Swapan Kr. Pal ……….for the respondents 5 & 6 in
W.P. 30510(W)/14
Ms. Asha G. Gutgutia……… for the respondents 4 & 7 in
W.P. 29606(W)/14 &
Mr. Majumder, learned Government Pleader
seeks time till Monday next to file a short affidavit-inopposition
on behalf of the State.
The prayer stands allowed.
Let affidavit-in-opposition be filed by the State
by Monday next (08.12.2014); the petitioners in the
respective writ petitions shall keep their replies ready by
Wednesday next (10.12.2014), when these writ petitions
shall be taken up for consideration once again.
Since I have substantially heard the parties,
these writ petitions shall be treated as heard-in-part.
It is submitted by Mr. Bhattacharya, learned
senior advocate representing the petitioners that
advertisement has duly been published in compliance
with the earlier orders of this Court.
Let such advertisements be placed on record
by the petitioners by filing affidavits by Monday next
Mr. Partha Sarathi Deb Burman, learned
advocate appears on behalf of 15 candidates who upon
noticing the advertisements that have been issued, wish
to contest W.P.29606(W) of 2014 and W.P. 29607(W) of
2014 on the ground that they are empanelled candidates
for recruitment as primary teachers by the District
Primary School Council, South 24-Parganas. Learned
advocate-on-record for the petitioners shall implead them
as additional respondents in the aforesaid two writ
petitions by suitably amending the cause titles of these
two writ petitions here and now. Upon such amendments
being effected, copies of the relevant writ petitions shall
be served on Mr. Deb Burman by tomorrow.