Subreply To: Appointment of Primary Teachers by DPSCs


I think it’s actually in our favor. this case being a case that affects many youths’ future, he has given us all a chance to speak up our plea, if you go through the notice, it’s clearly stated that “this Court desires
interested parties, who might be affected by reason of any order being
passed on these writ petitions in favour of the petitioners” to contest or at least tell the court what we are going through for no apparent flaw on our part. we fulfilled every requirement that this exam demanded, and we have waited for 4-5 long years, and still we are the ones that are being punished in the midst of all these political games.
i think we should speak up. i myself can’t go or do anything about it, but those friend who are able to go to court and proceed please see to it being done. i promise my full support to you guys. and i am sure many will stand beside you. thank you. :)