Subreply To: Appointment of Primary Teachers by DPSCs


W.P. 31563(W) of 2014 & W.P. 30744(W) of 2014 & W.P. 30811(W) of 2014 & W.P. 29606(W) of 2014 with CAN No.11636 of 2014 With CAN No.9016 of 2015 & W.P. 29607(W) of 2014 With CAN No.9809 of 2015 & W.P. 30510(W) of 2014 & W.P. 31824(W) of 2014 & W.P. 18325(W) of 2012 & W.P. 18609(W) of 2012 Himanshu Mondal & ors. Versus State of West Bengal & ors. Mr. Bimal Chatterjee, Sr. Adv., Mr. Soumen Dutta … for petitioners. Mr. Abhratosh Majumdar, ld. G.P., Mr. T. M. Siddique … for the State. Ms. Asha G. Gutgutia … for N.C.T.E. Mr. Ekramul Bari …. For DPSC, S-24 Pargns. Mr. Shamim Ul Bari … for DPSC, Malda. Ms. Sanghamita Nandy … for State (WP 31824(W)/14) Mr. Subir SanyalMr. K. Bhattacharya … for DPSC, N-24 Parganas.Mr. L. K. Gupta, Sr. Adv.,Mr. Ratul Biswas … for DPSC, Howrah.Mr. Ashim Kr. Halder,Mr. Mrinal Kanti Sardar … for applicants(CAN 9809/15)Affidavit on behalf of the Malda District PrimarySchool Council is placed on record with a copy to theappearing parties.Reply, if any, to be filed within a week by thepetitioners.List the matter after 10 days. ( Manjula Chellur, Chief Justice ) ( Joymalya Bagchi, J.)