Simple Superannuation Pension in Excel (SSP)

Update: Simple Superannuation Pension (New)

Here is a gift from wbxpress community to  the West Bengal Govt. employees. Preparation of Pension Papers is not only a Herculean task but also a time consuming factor. It has all the probability of  miscalculation as most of us are ignorant about the matter.

To remove this Headache, an excel utility has been prepared which can well be used in various departments. This excel utility is all in one with great looks and very simple to use. Don’t forget to enable macro to use this utility.

Features:- This  utility will calculate the  period of service, date of retirement, date of starting pension & family pension, date and amount of next increment, amount of pension & family pension, gratuity, C.V.P., and all related calculations for superannuation case only.  This  will also prepare Single Comprehensive Form + all other pension papers including forwarding letter.

This utility is prepared by Somnath Das, Katwa, Burdwan, works as a U.D.C. under Judicial Department, Burdwan. For any technical query please free to contact the author at

Download Excel Utility

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