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    I have recently heard that the AADHAAR card received from UIDAI (Planning Commission) against submission of application and biometric tests through Central Bank of India is NO MORE A VALID DOCUMENT unless such Aadhaar related works are carried out by the local authorities (Municiplity/Panchayat) who are appointed by the State Govt.! Some of the casual workers engaged by our Municipality are campaigning for re-enrollment for AADHAAR and, asking for resubmission of Forms through them. I am not at all convinced with this concept because the card issuing authority is the UIDAI and, NOT the Bank/PSU/State Govt., and it’s a ‘unique’ number which is final once it is allotted to a resident! I think there is no need for re-enrollment through another agency. Can any one please share information/knowledge/experience on this issue!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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