After recommendation, what lies next?

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    Our names have been published on the Psc site for recommendation as Junior engineers. Also we’ve been allotted deptts. Now, what is next in line to be followed…i.e. the general trend??? Will there be police verification too?


    you need to pass through medical examination and police verification before getting the final appointment letter with posting details.


    Congratulations ! Mr. A. S. Roy.
    Yes. Mr. Nemo is right !


    Thank You. :-) :) Salute AskWB!
    The fact is it is clearly stated in the recommended lists of both JE & Assistant Engineer(where few of my friends have also been selected):
    “N.B. :-Candidates are hereby informed that no separate individual “Intimation Letter” will be sent in this regard.”
    Hence there is some ambiguity among us on what we need to do after this.
    But like nemo said…even for medical examination, we should be intimated prior to that, shouldn’t we?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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