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Appointment Letter for General Transfer

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      After getting the privilege of General Transfer I joined another school as Assistant Teacher….
      Will the new school have to issue me an Appointment Letter or is the Recommendation letter of WBRSSC sufficient for the purpose…..
      Please guide me through…..


        During counter sign of Service book by the D.I., the following documents had to submitted :-
        1) Application from Candidate, 2) Updated Service Book with leave account, 3) 2 copies of L.P.C., 4) Approval Letter, 5) M.C. Resolution, 6) NOC from Bank, 7) NLC from School, 8) Release order from School, 9) Release order from the DIS (South 24 Pgs), 10) Joining Report of her new School, 11) B.Ed Certificate, 12) Recommendation letter from CSSC, 13) Validity of M.C.
        It (appointment letter from new school) may be needed at the time of submission of Pension Booklet. Normally, appointment letter is needed at the time of submission the Pension Booklet.
        It is good to collect an appointment letter (by hand) for future.
        Thanking You,


          @Anand Prakash Gupta You need not worry regarding your Appointment Letter during General Transfer. Last year the Commission instructed all the DI/s to issue an order to the concerned HMs to appoint the teachers (mentioning the name of the Particular Teacher/s) on the basis of the SSC’s recommendation letter and previous school’s release order and asked the HMs to treat this letter from DI/s as appointment letter. So no school issued separate appointment letters to the teachers for joining vide General Transfer.
          But in the new Rule for General Transfer, 2015 it is clearly mentioned that the new school will issue Appointment Letter. So the coming batch will have appointment letter during joining.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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