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    Appointment of head teacher in primary schools is done on which basis ,school senior or service senior. As one teacher is working in a school from last 8 yrs and his year of appointment is 2003 and other teacher applies from other school in that particular school whose yr. Of appointment is 2000.who will get the head teacher post


    Appointment of Head Teachers-
    The Council shall appoint head teachers in every primary school within the jurisdiction of the Council from a panel of senior-most primary teachers possessing requisite qualifications as laid down in sub-rule (1) and sub-rule (2) of rule 6 and who have obtained a Junior Basic Training Certificate or Primary Teacher’s Training Certificate or equivalent.
    Preparation of Panel-
    A Circle-wise panel of head teachers shall be prepared by the Council between January and April of every year on the basis of vacancies occurred or due to occur “within 31st” December of the said year:
    Provided that, if due to circumstances beyond the control of the Council, any teacher from the aforesaid panel is not appointed against the vacancies for that year, the panel shall continue in the following year in so far as such teacher is concerned and the name of such teacher may be placed at the top of the panel to be prepared in the following year.
    Head teacher may be posted in such primary schools where no head teacher is posted or the post of the head teacher is vacant.
    A head teacher shall join his post within a period specified by the Council, failing which his appointment as head teacher may be cancelled and his name may be struck off from the panel of head teachers without any further communication, and the person whose name appears next in the panel of head teachers, shall be appointed and posted as head teacher in that post.
    Appointment of Teacher-in-Charge-
    The Council may utilize the services of the senior most primary teacher in a primary school as the teacher-in-charge, temporarily for a maximum period of six months at a time, when a panel of head teachers is not ready or the post of a head teacher is lying vacant for a considerable period of time:
    Provided that such teacher-in-charge shall hand over the charge of the office to the head teacher from the date the head teacher assumes the charge.
    Primary teacher shall retire from the service on completion of his sixtieth year of age.


    Mihir sir,You have pasted the manual’s rule irrespective of the situation mentioned above.please throw some light on the given criteria.


    We can help only on the basis of RULES. TIC may selected by the SIS(PRIMARY) with VEC.


    as a pass graduate teacher,am i eligible for the post of head master after completion of 10years of service in high school?


    Only the citizens of India may apply for the post as referred to in sub-clause (iv) of clause (h) of rule 2 of the WB School Service
    Commission (Selection of Persons for Appointment to the Post of Teachers) Rules, 2007, i.e. the Headmaster/ Headmistress in High /Higher
    Secondary Boys’, Girls’, Co-Ed. Schools in a particular Region only in the prescribed form available from the website of W B School Service
    Commission i.e. http://www.westbengalssc.com. FEMALE CANDIDATES ARE ELIGIBLE FOR CO-ED. & GIRLS’ SCHOOLS & MALE CANDIDATES ARE
    Qualification Essential: (i) Master’s Degree from a UGC recognized University with at least 45% marks both at the Secondary Level and Higher
    Secondary Level, 40% marks in the Honours subject at the Honours Level or 45% marks at the Pass Level for a candidate without having Honours
    Degree and 40% marks at the Post-Graduate Level, with degree in Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Education/ Post-Graduate Basic Training from
    any recognized University or any training recognized by the State Government as equivalent to Bachelor of Teaching / Bachelor of Education / Post-
    Graduate Basic Training from a Teachers’ Training Institution duly recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) in the relevant
    academic session.
    Provided that the above criteria of marks shall not apply to a Headmaster/ Headmistress in approved service in Jr. High/High/Higher Secondary School.
    Ten years’ continuous Teaching Experience on the date of advertisement in approved service in a Higher Secondary School/ High School/ Jr. High
    School recognized by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.West Bengal Board of Secondary Education or equivalent.
    Age: Up to 55 years as on 1st January (YEAR OF ADVERTISEMENT).


    i have completed MA before my joining,but i joined as pass graduate teacher,is it possible for me to go Head Master post?


    If the others can fulfill, then may apply.


    others means ,marks bar in essential qualification?



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