Does a permannet employee get pension on resignation ?

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    Dear Sir
    I am working for the State Govt of UP. I have put up my request for sanctioning VRS wef 1.9.2017. I am a permanent employee and fulfill all the conditions for VRS on 1-9-2017 i.e. I am > 50 years and I complete 20 years of qualifying service by that date.
    I wish to know what should I do if I don’t get any official sanction or intimation wrt my VRS by that date ?
    Also I wish to know , if I tender my resignation , would I be getting payment of GPF, Gratuity, Leave Encashment and monthly pension .
    Is pension payable to a permanent employee who resigns after putting in the qualifying years of service ?
    If yes would you please provide me the relevant GOs or Court rulings to this effect .
    Thanking you
    Ramesh Kumar


    First of all, you would have to state the group of service you belong to…..such as, A, B , C or D. If you belong to group A or B and if you entered the service before the age of 35 years, then being over 50 years of age, you have the RIGHT i.e.privilege to retire voluntarily that means you need to serve three month’s notice only without any compulsion for waiting of its acceptance by the Government after completion of notice period. In other cases you have to serve notice of three months and without its acceptance you cannot retire. But, without any communication received from your employer regarding the acceptance of notice, you may take the advantage of the position i.e. silence tantamount acquiesce in. And in case of silence you would have to represent in that way.
    In case of resignation, retirement benefits are not admissible. However, half of accumulated leave encashment is permissible. In case of technical resignation, with the purpose for joining other autonomous body/PSU etc. pro-rata pensionary benefits are admissible if past service is not counted for pensionary benefits in new organisation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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