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      Dear all, please tell me,
      1) new teachers who came from last SSC if do not get approval then will they be considered for counting total teacher of the school?
      2) when will the vacancy list of schools for general transfer be released?
      3) will the teacher pay 2000/- before knowing the vacancy list of schools?


        dear Arup,
        1.who has been joined with the recommendation letter of the SSC would be regarded as the full time teaching staff(according to the help desk answer)
        2. after 25th Feb.(still known)
        3.you have to made a demand draft first.after putting the draft no the application would be complete and the list would be provided.If not matched the draft may be cancelled loosing rs 102/-
        4.probably the HM has enlisted those teacher as the secondary/HS(IX-XII) section .so tell him/her to contact with the concerned DI to correct the matter.


          when will the general transfer be start for non teaching staff ?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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