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Half Casual Leave for Asstt. Teacher

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      1. Is there any provision for half casual leave for asst teacher of school (Govt sponsored ) ?
      2. In case of any teacher leaving the school early for any particular reason (e.g. illness of own or of family members, Some important banking work etc.) then how the early leaving will be treated as?


        1. There is no such leave for Asstt. Teachers (Govt. Sponsored).
        2. As for leaving the school early for performing the works related to banking transactions pertaining to the concerned teacher/school, or visiting the offices of educational department, the day may be treated as ‘on-duty’ depending on the approval of the headmaster/school authorities. But for personal reasons there is no such provision of availing ‘on-duty’. In that case the nature of the early departure will solely depend on the mutual understanding and sense of cooperation among the staff.
        But there exists a certain G.O. that states that a CL may be deducted from the leave account on account of three days of late attendance. I am posting that G.O. for you.


          But my question is what will happen in any typical circumstance if a staff have to leave the school early for his/her important personal reasons without the approval of the headmaster/school authorities coz they are not convinced by the staff’s importance. Is there any disciplinary action can be taken by the authority against the staff?
          Actually we are facing this problem in our school. Our headmaster started this a month ago. According to him if you wanna go early write a application for HCL (half casual leave) to the headmaster and he clarified that he is doing this on the basis of ADI’s verbal order.
          It is quite disgusting. Plz help us.
          Thank you.


            If it comes down to that extent, the authorities may think of handing a show-cause letter. And, the concerned teacher will have to show reasons through official declaration. That’s it. That’s no big deal.
            As I’ve told you there exists no such leave rule that allows a teacher to leave school early. There also does not prevail any G.O. that enables any education authority (like ADIs) to issue ‘verbal order’.
            Remember one thing, emergency may arise any moment in one’s life. Who knows it may happen to your H.M. some day?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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