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    Since I was admitted to M.A in English through open distance learning from kayani university before i joined a school ,gave an application to H.M prior to my part 1 examination asking for the permission and after that I had asked H.M several times whether my resolution was done or not ,every time H.M told me it would be done on next M.C meeting .But after completion of my M.A part 2 exam got my result with success and demanded for higher scale but H.M told me that My resolution was still not yet done .So it is clear that no D.I approval was recieved.And by the way I want mention that I haven’t taken any study leave since exams were held on Sundays.Now my question is,what should I do for my higher scale ?will I get it or not ?whom I to approach ?how will I get solution?at the end can H.M be blamed for it?

    Where are the members ,not answering my question.your comments may be helpful to me.


    In which category (PASS/ HONS),you are appointed? What is your date of appointment ? If your appointed is in Pass Scale and after 2005, then you will not get Higher Scale. If you had been appointed in HONS SCALE before the publication of PART II result, then you could apply for the Higher Scale.


    I am in Honours category and year of joining is 2011. The part 2 exam was held after my joining.


    Please contact to your DIS (SE).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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