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    If an employee wants to get HRA rebate u/s 10(13A) then is it mandatory to show or submit receipt of rent payment to DDO ?
    Whether verification by DDO/Accountant of the receipt of house rent payment is mandatory ?

    plz treat us urgent to reply


    Yes, it is mandatory to submit the Rent Receipts from the Landlord is mandory to claim such rebate. If the annual Rent exceeds Rs 1,00,000/-, you need to submit the the Copy of the PAN of the Landlord or a Declaration from the Landlord in the prescribed format (if the landlord does not have a PAN)


    [USER=6632]@Achintya Acharjee[/USER] : you tag people, but the purpose of tagging is to add some keyword with which the question is related to.


    [USER=1]@nemo[/USER] Sorry ! have not understood what you are saying !


    Wrong Method: [attachment=2168]
    Right Method: [attachment=2169]


    Ok ! Sorry ! I did not havs this knowledge and I will keep it in mind in future !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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