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Increment has been Stopped

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      I am an asst. teacher joined on 16/10/2007. My increment already has been stopped.Again,there is problem in nomination in DI of school for doing B Ed through ODL mode,as there has many candidates whose names are not published in NSOU application website,sent via DSE from DI. DI of Howrah convinced all such candidates like me to update the list and to do for his level best to solve the problem.
      But, my question is -then
      1) if we fail to apply for B ed through ODL mode this year,how many increments will be lost by me?
      2)is there any provision/GO to continue as previously continued till march 2015?
      3) if not,then will we get the loss as arrear after having the Said Degree?


        Are u appointed in HS section? If not, i.e, you are in normal section then you will get the chance to pursue B.Ed through ODL. No teacher in HS section will be elligible for ODL.
        No one can give your answer that how many increments will you loss. It entirely depends on the fact that when you complete your B.Ed course(publishing of results)
        No G.O have been issued so far regarding the so called extention to enjoy incremental benefit beyond 2012 or upto 2015 etc.


          We should move to all possible corner collectively. Why will we loose so much?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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