Indian Railways Central Government or Not

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    Sir,I am working in Indian railways (Ministry of Railways) production plant in Rail Wheel Factory and my wife as a Assistant teacher in Government of Karnataka Education Department.
    Hence my wife applied transfer sought
    to under “Both couple working in Government” priority along with my service/employer certificate,but Karnataka education department not considering the both couple working in Government priority. Regarding that I enquired the same education department,they were replied indian railways not a central government that’s a corporation/enterprise’s and controlled by railway board,similarly equal to universities/state corporations/PSU etc,your not a central government employee or not a departmental employee because not considar in this priority.
    But Income tax,Sales tax, Indian Postal employees are considered in this priority. Regarding the above quiries please give me the clarification/Suggestion for what next ?
    Thanking you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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