Leave Rules for Night Guards, Day Guards & Farash under Courts

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    I request to all and sundry whoever knows regarding the leave rules ( leaves they are entitled to take )of Night Guards , Day Guards and Farash working in various courts under Judicial Department. I am stuck with a peculiar case as mentioned below.
    An employee appointed as Group-D joined service on 13/01/2017. He was transferred and posted as Night Guard with effect from 21/01/2017. But being absent on 21/01/2017, he was released from his previous place of posting on 24/01/2017. Although he has applied for Casual Leave on 21/01/2017, my question is if he is rejected C.L for the said date, will his salary be deducted for 1day or proportionate Extra Duty Allowance be deducted from his date of appointment to his present post?
    An expedite reply will be highly obliged.


    If CL is rejected, then it is unauthorised absence to be treated as dies non for which one day’s salary be deducted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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