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M.C (T.R), Finance, Deputed for B.Ed

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      To All,
      I am facing a problem.I am giving the details and seeking opinion and guidance from all of You. I am an Asst. Teacher in a school,appointed through SSC on 2008. At the end of last year,in the month of December a new M.C formed and I have been selected as a Teacher Representative and also chosen as a Member of Finance by the newly constructed M.C. Now I am an untrained teacher. I got the chance to pursue my B.Ed course on full time deputed basis for one year,starting from 19th August. Now my question is that after taking release from my school can I hold the post of M.C (T.R) along with member of Finance of the school. Our H.M is telling that there is no problem because I am giving you academic release not administrative release and asking me to attend M.C meetings and signed on the papers accordingly. Please suggest what is the actual way for me. If there is any G.O in this regard please supply me the same.
      Sandip Chandra


        Your headmaster has given you correct opinion.
        If you will resign from your post , then the school will opted a new teacher from the staff and filled the vacant.
        Thanks a lot.


          Deputation e thaka obosthay M.C member thakte kono ainoto badha nei. Tobe college kamai kore kotodin M.C meeting e aste parben seta dekhun. R B.Ed to matro ek bochhorer byapar. Resignation dile kau k co-opt korte hobe.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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