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No trace of Arrear document (after B.Ed.) at A.I. office. What to do?

Home Forums Grievance No trace of Arrear document (after B.Ed.) at A.I. office. What to do?

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    Want to know:-
    1) Is salary of the school submitted on line by the school authority?
    2) What was your last date of examination?
    3) In which date you received your pass certificate?
    4) It is not possible to give answer details – Date of joining, date of stopped increment, last date of B.Ed examination, Mood of B.Ed, If O.D.L.
    5) You will not get previous arrears. ( For exam.- due to lack of B.Ed degree, your increment has stopped 2 years, and your result published within 2nd January to 28th February,2015, then you will not received arrears for last 2 years.
    If you passed in O.D.L Mode, and your last date of examination is 18/1/2015 then, then you may claim your arrears from March, 2015. Your school will calculate and submit the same on line. But the previous amount ( from 19th Jan. to 28th Feb.15, will be claimed by manually.
    Thanks a lot.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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