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Opening of RMSA A/C

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      An ORDER has been published regarding
      opening of RMSA a/c.


        No notification on behalf of D.I. south 24 pgs has been served yet.We are waiting fr the order


          Notification on behalf of D.I. south 24 Pgs. has been served. Here it is.
          Bank AC by D.I..pdf
          I have seen that most of the D.I. of Schools (SE), in W.B. served the circular and order to all schools under their jurisdiction to open new Pass Book as early as possible.
          Good News.
          But, I have a few question(s) and I am in confusion. I want discussion from our fellows including our nemo about this matter.
          The tenure of the most M.C. is no more. By the order of conversion, we have not yet been received order to reconstruction of the M.C. according to the management rule of the sponsor schools. Then who will be the President. No name of the President from the Govt. has not yet been received by the schools.
          Most probably we all know that the first condition, to receive different grants from RMSA , the schools will run as Govt. Sponsor.
          And then, we are converted from Govt.Aided to Govt. Sponsor on 30/09/2013. If the present President of M.C. ( who was elected by the Management rule-1969), is one of the operators of the said bank account then if he/she is eligible for bank transition of RMSA?
          Here the management rules -1972.
          Pls. discuss.


            Pl. look through this attachment which is RMSAMannual

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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