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    1st appointment with grade pay rs.5400. On completion 8 yrs service got grade pay rs.6600. Now getting promtion with Grade pay rs6600. Is the officer getting promtional increment( 3% basic) ?


    *** According to ROPA-2009, when an employee got Promotion then there so many conditions. By the by generally an employee got 3 % increment at the time of PROMOTION.

    Dear, we are not experts of every department or section. We only try to solve the questions.
    From now, when you are going to post, then you all should mention the name of department, date of appointment, Pre-revised Basic Pay, Basic pay on 01/01/2006 mentioning the Pay in pay Band and Grade Pay, In which year avail 8/10/18/20/25 etc years benefit. Please mention the date of promotion and then Pay in pay Band and Grade Pay. Not only that, it is necessary to know about EOL statements.
    Thanks a lot.
    I upload the ROPA-2009, see to get your answer.


    As per Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme prevalent in Govt. of India services, the financial benefit allowed under the scheme is final and no pay fixation benefit will accrue at the time of regular promotion at the same grade pay.


    This is a case of functional movement after getting non-functional movement…As the pay of the concerned has already been fixed at GP 6600 (possibly at the PB-4A) in terms with the Modified Career Advancement Scheme for rendering 08 years of service without movement to next higher scale so the concerned is not entitled to get further benefit of pay fixation for promotion to the same scale, i.e PB-4A, GP 6600 but he/she is entitled to get one increment due to promotion.Even in case of promotion to a post having the same scale as that of the feeder one, one promotional increment is allowed.Therefore, the concerned officer is entitled to get 3% increment due to promotion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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