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Position in L.D.A gradation list.

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    Appointing Authority- P&AR Dept, W.B.; Post-L.D.A.;Recruitment Exam-WBPSC Clerkship-2003. PVR & Medical completed. My Apptt. letter was issued in2007. But I could not join within due date. Later I prayed for joining in 2009 and considering my prayer I was allowed to join in 2010( date-10.12.2010.).During the period candidates of WBPSC Clerkship 2006 were joining to the same post under the same Authority. Now at present candidates of WBPSC Clerkship 2006 have already been promoted to the post of UDA. But unfortunately I have neither been allowed promotion nor my name has been included in the LDA gradation list of the cadre controlling authority.
    In respect of above I would like to know my position in the L.D.A gradation list.


    You are a candidate of 2003 batch and I guess your batch mates are already promoted to UDA. Now, the candidates of 2006 batch are also being promoted to UDA.
    Now my question is what is the joining dates of 2006 batch? Is it prior to your joining date i.e. 10.12.2010?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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