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Query regarding taking release order and join in the new place in the SAME DAY.

Home Forums Service Rules Query regarding taking release order and join in the new place in the SAME DAY.

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    Dear all,
    Kindly note that if a Govt. Employee, on promotion and on thus having Transfer Order issued in the interest of public service, takes Release Order from his previous office (under P&RD Deptt) on 08.12.17, Friday (Afternoon) and Joined in his new assignment (which is incidentally in the same office for training purposes, but under administrative control P&AR & e-Governance Deptt.) on 11.12.17, Monday (Forenoon) without availing any joining time, then, as per Rule-82 of WBSR Part-I, he has 01 EL which will be credited to his Leave Account as per Rule 81(3)(i) and he is also entitled to draw Leave Salary for the month of Dec.17 upto 10.12.17 (i.e. including Saturday & Sunday) in the previous scale as per Rule 93(a). Now, I would like to know, that, (i) who will be the controlling officer for such an employee on 09.12.17 & 10.12.17 when his previous office released him and he is yet to join in his new office ? and (ii) was it possible for the said employee to take Release Order and Join in his new office on the same day (i.e. on 11.12.17, Monday in the Forenoon) as both the offices are in the same premises and the employee resides in the Govt quarter adjacent to the office ? Is there any violation of WBSR if his previous office give him release order on 11.12.17 (FN) and his new office allows him to join on 11.12.17 (FN) ? Plz opine.
    Snehasis Dutta

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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