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  • July 6, 2013 at 6:36 am #68993

    Will anyone clarify whether we should still hold our ration cards! By the word ‘We’; I mean those of us belong to middle class; and don’t need to buy anything from ration shop as there is nothing available to us at subsidised price. The shop owneers misbehave for any lapse of visit to their shop i.e at least once in a month. I am senior citizen and my son lives abroad; when I visit him obviously there is none to collect the unwanted items what ration shops sell. WHAT’S TEH SOLUTION?
    I find my Ration Shop under Kamarhati Rationing Office, under Barrackpor division, District 24 Parganas (N) with shop no AR -244; never displays stock board; when asked they simply retort what’s my business for their stock board! Visiting local Ration Office at Kamarhati ( It’s lacated at Ariadaha , Kolkata – 700057), barring few “Dalals” , you find none! They have telephones, the numbers available with thier site; but none to attend. Irionically the toll free number 1800 345 5505 , that flashes the web site on public grivance page is difunct!
    This our state and it’s ever sleeping Govt.

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