Refund of past Gratuity for Full Pension benefits

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    Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am a Professor of Mathematics, in stateUniversity of Wes Bengal since 2003. Before joining the Univ., I had worked as Lecture and Assistant Professor (equivalent to Reader) at a Deemed University under MHRD, for about 12 years. Presently, I have superannuated from the post of Professor on 26th January 2017.

    Unfortunately, my service in the present University was not continued from that at Deemed Univ; under the pretext that a state-run University has no such provision. No communications or remainders had ever been sent to me with regard to service continuation and transfer of ex-service benefits as well, during the past 11 years of my service.

    In the mean time the past employer had transferred to my bank account the amount of CPF (around the year 2006) and other service benefits including the proportionate Gratuity in the year 2010. This was recently clarified in response to an official inquiry regarding past service benefits from the Registrar’s office of the univ. on my request to provide me full Pension for my entire service at both the Central Govt., and State Govt. , autonomous Institutes.

    Now, the Univ. administration (Finance and Registrar’s offices) is of the opinion that I am not eligible to get the full pension as I have already received all the past service benefits including Gratuity form the past employer. I am entitled to get pension the service of about 11 years only to be treated as new service.

    I would be most obliged if you would kindly let me know of any GO/case history/decision that confirms entitlement of full pension and pension benefits if the past service benefits in the form of CPF and Gratuity, along with specified interest thereof, should be deposited by the concerned person into the University account.

    I would be extremely obliged for your very kind perusal of the matter and valued judgment as soon as possible.

    Thanks and regards


    This post does not yet get a response.
    In the meantime I have noticed the new Govt order of 29 Nov 2016

    Conditions for Counting of Past Service in Govt. Employment | WBXPress

    Can any one tell me the precise status of this order in regard to my message on “Refund of gratuity ……..” of 30 Jan. ?

    Thanks very much.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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