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    I had worked in a h.s school for four years in additional post.At that time my h.m showed no urgency for retention.now when I have come to a new school through SSC he is threatning me that as my retention is incomplete it would create problm at the time of retirement. My question is will it create any problem? What should I do now? I have reminded him several times about this through application and I have all the receive copies?


    I think you are appointed in new school with service continuation. Don’t anxious. You write an application to your previous DI/S with the xerox copies of receiving application. After 2 years satisfactory continuous service the school authority automatically took resolution and send to the DI for retention. The teacher has not responsible for this. You have informed again and again to do this. You have no fault. There is another question. At present school your post in which category- permanent or additional? If you are appointed in an additional post in your new school, then this post should be retained after 2 years. And you will not get any kind of leaves without CL for 2 years.


    thank u very much sir. where from i get d.i ‘s contact?


    Generally, the HM retained the post(s) ( in case of addl. vacancy) showing students enrollment and submit required documents of the employee, resolution etc. to the DIS (SE) to retain the post(s). After retention, your approval no. will be changed. If any HM fails to do it, and he releases the same teacher, that vacancy should be deleted. I want to say, this school will loss a post. But you have released after 4 years. So, you should inform to your previous DIS about the matter and keep a received copy for further (future) references. Thank you.


    I have joined my school in a created post in hs section. Now after 6 years of service the tic proceeded for my retention and told me that, the DI is not confirming my post due to inadequate student strength. Now, the retention will depend on the decision of DSE.
    In this situation, what will be the fate of my service? Please enlighten me in this issue.


    student strength may vary from time to time but the retention of post generally depends on the continuous existence of the post for considerable period….and it seems you are holding the post continuously for 6 years, so as per established norm you ought not to have any problem..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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