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Rounding of Salary

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      Dear Friends
      Doctors of non-practising post under GoWB get NPA @25% of the Basic Pay.
      On Basic Pay of Rs.25210 NPA stands: Rs. 25210×25%=Rs. 6302.50
      What is the actual amount to be Paid. Whether Rs.6302.00 or Rs.6303.00
      DA is applicable on NPA. There is also a difference of Rs1.00 in DA on NPA Rs.6302/Rs.6303
      A total difference of Two Rs. which also affects Retirement Benefit.
      Can any one say what is the actual rule of rounding salary: ROUND, ROUNDUP or ROUNDOWN
      Please supply GO if any have it. Thanks


        As I know Rs 6302.50 is rounded up to Rs.6303.


          While calculating allowances the resulting amount should always be rounded up to the next one Rupee if the fraction is 0.50 or above and it should be rounded down if the fraction is 0.49 or below.
          But this is not applicable in calculating basic pay.
          I hope I could clarify.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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