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School Administrartive Matters and Rules

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      Dear Sir and Madam, I want to know some information regarding administrative matter of secondary school under W.B. Govt. If possible then plz reply with associated g.o.
      1. How to constitute finance committee under M.C.of school? Who will be the members and what will be their duties and power.
      2. What is the minimum and maximum cost for preparing audit report of a school. What is the procedure of preparing audit report. Is it possible that cost of preparing audit report could be rs 50000 for 5 yrs? Is it possible to make audit report for 5 yrs at a time? Also is it possible to prepare audit report without intimating secretary and other members of M.C. of school. Please provide details.
      3. What are the powers and duties of T.R.
      There are many discrepancies in our school. I am a TR, but no any intimation was given to any member of the MC while preparing audit report and other financial transaction. In our school the new managing committe was consituted in november 2013 but still no finance committe is constituted. The TIC claimed a bill of rs. 50000 (fifty thousand) for preparing audit report for 5 yrs. I was shocked, I opposed it and intimated to the secretary too. This is just one example. There are so many such cases. Tomorrow is MC meeting and now what should we do ? What are the actions which may be taken against him?
      Please reply soon. Its very urgent.


        Here is the details of Charges Auditor can claim from a school
        For more details about school audit see: School Audit for 2011-12
        Yes its possible to conduct audit for 5 years at a time, if it remains pending.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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