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Special Leave in Exceptional Circumstances

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      Respected Sir
      I am Prasenjit Das is an assistant teacher in a govt. aided higher secondary school in west bengal. I am suffering from brain tumor. Operation has been done and doctor suggested to take rest for long time. I can’t attend the school last 4 months and unable to attend next 6 months also. so as a whole total 1year(Aprox). I want to know whether i can avail special leave in exceptional circumstances with full pay. or how this leave will be treat?
      I will be grateful to you if you give me some suggestions.
      Thanking You,
      Your’s Faithfully
      Prasenjit Das


        Dear friend,
        You can avail a total 12 months Medical Leave and this leave will be sanctioned by the School authority. During this medical leave you will get full pay.
        So, you don’t need “Special Leave in Exceptional Circumstances”. If your medical leave exhausted i.e. if you need further leave beyond this 1 year span, then you need to apply to the Board for such type of leave. Special Leave in Exceptional Circumstances is granted upto 18 months. You are also eligible to avail this leave.
        Ref: Medical Leave: 1541-Edn (S) dated 15.12.1977
        Special Leave in Exceptional Circumstances: No. 79-Edn. (s) dated 28.01.1994
        I humbly submit my prayers to God, almighty for your complete recovery. May God bless all of us.


          An incumbent may be permitted “Special Leave in Exceptional Circumstances”up to 18 months with the approval of Board (WBBSE) under the following conditions.
          a) When there is no leave in the leave account of the incumbent.
          Special leave on medical ground may be granted to a teacher or non-teaching employee of a school for a period not exceeding eighteen months, provided the case is reported to the Board with a concrete proposal which shall have to be approved by the Board. Leave under this rule may be granted with the approval of the Board to a teacher or non-teaching employee of any school suffering from prolonged illness such as tuberculosis, injury to limbs requiring plastering, cancer, heart trouble or any other serious ailment making him or her bed-ridden for a long time, when he or she has exhausted all other leave admissible to him or her under these rules.
          b) MC allow pay half or full for this leave with the permission of the Board.
          Note For the purpose of sub-rules (1) and (2) determination of leave salary, namely, half-pay or full pay, shall be made by the Managing Committee with the approval of the Board.


            I am also in same opinion with what nemo and mihiracharya explained above. If you have already taken up all of your ML, you are eligible to apply to the board for Special Leave in Exceptional Circumstances. And I think in your case you have enough concrete evidences to apply for such leaves.
            Rest are in the hands of sanctioning authority, i.e., the Board.
            Lets hope for the best, both your rapid recovery and getting sufficient leaves with full pay to recover.


              I have no more to add to what gpgarain, mihir Acharya and nemo have already explained. Frankly speaking I am not much aware about leave rule of a high school teacher. I just can pray for our dear friend Prasenjit. We are all with you in your struggle for quick recovery and leave hazards.
              Now I was just thinking is there any change in the leave rule as most of the schools have been converted to govt. sponsored school- i.e. is there a separate leave rule for govt sponsored schools?
              Here I want to share another story-
              I know a high school teacher who stopped going to school for at least five years due to illness yet he rejoined school. I don’t know the details of the kind of leave he joined. But I share my memory if it comes to any help.


                Yes, according to Leave Rule for Secondary School Teachers No. 1541-Edn (S) dated 15.12.1977, a permanent staff can remain absent from his/her duty for a maximum period of 5 years. Here is the extract….
                No permanent teaching or non-teaching employee shall be granted leave of any kind for a continuous period exceeding 5 years. Where such an employee does not resume his or her duty after remaining on leave for a continuous period of 5 years or where such an employee, after the expiry of his or her leave remains absent from duty, otherwise on ground of suspension for any period, which together with the period granted to him or her exceeds 5 years, he or she shall, unless this Board on reference from the school authorities and in view of exceptional circumstances of the case otherwise determines, be deemed to have resigned and shall accordingly cease to be in the employment of the school.


                  There is a little difference between “Special Leave in Exceptional Circumstances” and “Extraordinary Leave”
                  1) “Special Leave in Exceptional Circumstances” is granted for a maximum period of 18 months with Full Pay or Half Pay with the approval of the BOARD. ( suffering from prolonged illness such as tuberculosis, injury to limbs requiring plastering, cancer, heart trouble or any other serious ailment making him or her bed-ridden for a long time , study leave of any kinds of examination etc.)
                  2) “Extraordinary Leave” is sanctioned for maximum a period of 2 years / 5 years with NO PAY,
                  3) For 2 years of EOL can be approved by the MC.
                  4) For 5 years ( in special case ) of EOL ( Elected for President of Payanchayet Sammittee / Vice- President of Sammittee / President of JELA PARISAD / Vice- President of JELA PARISAD / Karmadhakshya / Member of Legislative Assembly / Member of Parliament or to take Higher Study in abroad) which is granted by the BOARD.
                  5) “Lien” will be consider as “Extraordinary Leave” for 2 years ( 1+1 year).

                  Thanks a lot and best wishes for SARADIA to all my followers.

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