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SSC appointment – what should I do now

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      I am Madhushri , got the recommendation for the post of Asst teacher based on 12th Regional Level Selection Test (AT) at Karatberia High School,Uluberia,Howrah
      I had appeared at the first counselling and got the appointment letter on 21st Nov’2013 from SSC board. I had also received the appointment letter from the respective school also.

      Now I am already a Teacher in a school at Kanchi D.N balika Vidyamandir,Purba medinipur and currently I am on maternity leave. I was planning to join to the new school on 1st Feb’2014
      (which is within 90 days of appointment i.e 16th Feb’2014.There is a different story that I haven’t got any extension of my joining to complete my maternity leave upto 28th March’2014, even though I had contacted SSC board .).
      Now I came to know that Kolkata High Court had issued a stay order on SSC recommendation and I contacted with school and ADI office also to know whether I can join to the new organisation on 1st of Feb. I haven’t got any clear answer from anyone.And they are not ready take any new appointment. I have checked with SSC board ,they are also confirmed that no order has been issued to them to hold any appointment,
      The below is the order from HC
      “The respondents‐School Service Commission is further directed to take immediate
      steps for keeping those recommendations in abeyance which have already
      been made on the basis of the Combined Merit Lists but those have not yet
      been reached to the selected candidates and/or the District Inspectors of
      Schools concerned and/or the school concerned till February 14, 2014 or until
      further orders, whichever is earlier.”
      Can you please let me know what I should do now ? am I under the stay Order ?
      Should I need to wait 15th Feb keeping in mind that 16th Feb’2014 is the last date for me as per 90days of my appointment ?

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