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Types of ROSTERS

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      Dear Members,
      In schools of W.B, there are mainly two type of staffs- Teaching & Non- Teaching. Non- Teaching staffs are divided in two categories- Gr. C (Clerk) & Gr. D (Peon,Matron, Lab Attendant). In W B state act- reservation of SC/ST it is stated that the roster should be maintained separately for permanent & temporary vacancies.Then how many rosters is required to be maintained ? i.e 1 (teaching-permanent) +1(non-teaching—permanent) = 2 OR 1 (teaching-permanent) + 1 [ Gr. C (Clerk)—permanent] + 1[ Gr. D (Peon,Matron, Lab Attendant)—permanent] = 3 . Next I think that there should be as many roster for temporary vacancies as many are there for permanent vacancies . Kindly post your views with G.O attached if possible.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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