Unavailability of buses which are running from Dhulagarh / Santragachi to New Town via Park Circus

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    Bus between Santragachi / Dhulagarh to New Town via Park Circus, Science City have very low running frequency. Most of the buses in this route are running from Dhulagarh to Dharmatala which is a completely different route.
    Also lots of buses with route permit from Santragachi to New Town via Park Circus, Science City are not at all running this route, instead of their permitted route they are running between Santragachi to Exide.

    Is there any way to resolve this problem, because lots of people who wants to go at Santragachi / Dhulagarh area from Science City, Topsia, Park Circus at evening time after office hours are not able to on-board on existing running buses as the buses frequency are very low and buses are overloaded with people.


    I can understand the problem. Sorry, you have placed your question in wrong route. Here we only try to help and share about education and service matters with each other. We have no power to resolve yours problem. You may apply with a group of followers to TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT (SHRI SUVENDU ADHIKARI)
    Mobile 9013180183
    Phone 011-23093924,03220-289020,03220-259500
    Fax 03220-255577
    Email address [IMG]https://nocorruption.in/email.php?mpnm=23[/IMG]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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