Transfer Rules of Primary Teacher incl Head Teacher

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    West Bengal Primary Education (Transfer of Teachers including Head Teacher) Rules, 2002 shall apply to Teachers incl. Head Teachers for the purpose of transfer from one primary school to another within the jurisdiction of a Council.


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    Only after two years of service you can apply for transfer.


    Sir, as per this order 'no teacher shall be eligible for transfer after the age of 57 yrs'.
    one D.P.S.C.taken a resolution it will be applicable after 58 yrs. Some of teachers have affected for that. Is it legal?


    7: DPSC is responsible for teacher recruitment, transfer, promotion, leave, salary/ benefits disbursement, etc of the primary school teachers. Now DPSC may take said resolution but DPSC must seek approval from the WBBPE. Then its legal.


    6: As per West Bengal Primary School Teachers Recruitment Rules, 2001, Head Teacher means the teacher of a Primary School appointed as Head Teacher of the primary school by the Council.
    The Council may utilise the services of the senior most primary teacher in a primary school as the teacher-in-charge, temporarily for a maximum period of six months at a time, when a panel of head teachers is not ready or the post of a head teacher is lying vacant for a considerable period of time.


    It is heard that a female teacher will get preference in transfer after completion of 2 yrs of her job. Is it true?


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    i am a A.T in Sarakdihi pry. School.the role strength of the school is above 230 and we have only 4 teachers.H.T told the fact to s.i.but he did not take any action.so i want to know that in what process we get teachers!!!


    I am a primary teacher under Jamuria || circle of DPSC Burdwan. I have applied for transfer to asansol hirapur circle according to DPSC norms. Unfortunately when list was published I see that I have transfered in a school under Durgapur circle. My sl no. is 355Vide memo no.37561420 dt.9.11.2011.Then I prayed to DPSC Through S/I of schools for correction. But till today Ihave got no response from them. How can I get its good judgement as early as possible? Otherwise I will be a surplus teacher in my school. Please give me advice.


    please furnish your address and phone no to contact you for mutual transfer


    My wife is a primary teacher in Nadia district I my job location is in Kolkata. She applied for inter-district transfer to Ndaia District Council. There was a mistake in the application for which, instead of forwarding it to Kolkata District Council, NDPSC forwarded it to South 24 Pgs. council and they rejected it as the circle was not in their jurisdiction and handed over the original application to us.
    Would you please advise me what to do next to get transferred to Kolkata.
    Can we proceed for a correction in the previous application or the entire process needs to be initiated one again?


    As the application is rejected and returned in original to the incumbent, the process is to be initiated once again with necessary correction.


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    Would you please let me know the act/rule/notification currently followed for the Teacher-Pupil ratio for primary schools in Kolkata.
    Also, if I (being a common people) need some official declarations regarding current T/P ratio of any school, then whom I should approach to?

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