Transfer Rules of Primary Teacher incl Head Teacher

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    Presently serving at konnagar(uttarpara cicel,near howrah).want to get transfer
    in near about chinsurah(chandannagar to bandel).E mail-roybanani80@yahoo.com


    help me soon


    I am an Assistant Teacher in Kolkata district ( circle 8 in day session). I am interested to get mutual transfer in the same district circle 1 (one) preferably in morning session. Interested teachers may contact in my Email Address: mrsarkarmr@gmail.com


    Dear friend Mr. Subir Saha,
    After opening this website after many months, I saw your mail just now. I don’t know whether your wife is transferred to your desired location or not. If she is already transferred, it’s fine. If not, please tell her to put-up an application again to the DPSC, COB through the Sub Inspector of Schools of concerned Circle. All problems must be written in the application in details and it may be supported by relevant documents such as Medical Certificate, Certificate from MLA/ MP etc. I hope that the concerned authorities will consider your case favourably and your wife will be transferred to desired area at the earliest. I can give you surety that (now-a-days) DPSCs are very transparent and credible in this regard. Best wishes for both of you.


    I am a primary teacher in purulia district, sadar (II) circle. I want to go any where of north 24 parganas, barrackpore circle. Interested person please do rply. My email id is mithumahanty5@gmail.com


    I arkanarayan biswas , a primary school teacher of Mirdanga g.s.f.p., I am a 80 % physicaly hanficaped person, in that case I am noticed a surplus transfar, now I want to stop it beacause the new school is far from my old school, in that case is it posible to cancel it? I have 1 mnth time.thank you.


    its year been pass waiting for da transfer order why none get transfer from kumargramduar circle?is this bcoz its one of da backward area or is it due to political reason?i m applying 4 transfer since 2 008 but not succeeded till now.pls sir have a look into our matter.dont neglect us.plz plz plz giv me a transfer to kalchini circle.i cant travel 190 km every day to conduct my duty.


    are you interested to transfer in sonamukhi ,bankura.it is nearest to durgapur.pls contact

    mail id papan_info@rediffmail.com


    No sir, my mutual transfer pospond for same reason
    . It is better. to wait for some time and then submit ur application when u complite ur 2year continuous service in ur school.


    Utpal sir, U are lucky that ur DPSC is simpathetic. But I am not so. My 1st joining was 123 km away from my home. I continue there 7years. Then I get transfer .Now the distance is near about 42km.
    DPSC Burdwan do this jjoke to many other teachers also….
    we continue enjoy this joke………


    Hi Mr Utpal thanks for your comment, i have completed the process from COB no i am looking for action that will be initiated from DPSC 24 PGNS and APC bhawan.
    Can i have your number?


    amar wife sonamukhi,Bankura theke kolkata aste chai,ekjon teacher pawa geche jini durgapur theke sonamukhi,bankura aste chan.Apnar wife kolkata theke durgapur aste chan.onara tin jon e inter district mutual transfer karte parben.


    Mr. Raju Das,
    I feel pity on you. I think you could not achieve your target in your life what you wanted to be. Thats why you are jealous on me (or may be on others who are in better position than you). I am proud to be a Sergeant of Indian Air Force. Now I am a Primary Teacher. I am also proud for my present occupation. What is the wrong to project my identity? I advise you to acquire higher education and knowledge and be something extra-ordinary. (I doubt about your qualification. Because your comments are full of spelling-mistakes and grammatical mistakes). Don’t feel jealous on anybody. It will neither fetch happiness to you, nor you will become a “HERO” for making such a foolish comment. Try to give respect to others if you want to get respect.


    Mr. Utpal Mukherjee has given appropriate reply to Raju Das. I salute Mr. Mukherjee that he was a Sergeant of Indian Air Force. I too feel proud for our Defence Personnel and Ex-Servicemen. Raju Das should ask apology from Mr. Mukherjee.


    To Raju Das, Before pointing out anybody or giving advice to anybody just think what are you. From where did you learn English ? This platform is to be used for solving our problems. I have seen many comments made by Mr. Utpal Mukherjee and I feel he (Mr. Mukherjee) has a positive attitude to help others. What is your problem? It will be better if you oil your own machine. Understood ? I congratulate Mr. Mukherjee for a heavy slap on your face with a very descent language.

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